Out Now! 325 #7 – An Insurgent Anti-Prison Zine of Social War & Anarchy

September 30th, 2009

Fresh from the frontlines and hot off the press, the seventh issue of the rebellious and anarchic zine known as ‘325’ is out now. For 5 years this publishing project has existed and thanks are due to all those who have contributed a letter, article, report, stone, barricade, molotov and flame of insight.

The second issue produced by the Anti-Copyright Network since the start of 2009, clocking in at 88 pages of photocopier friendly black & white, the PDF is listed here for your reading, consideration and replication.

325 #7 Features “International Resistance News”, “Conversation on Affinity Groups, Intermediate Struggle and Insurrection”, “Texts from the Greek Insurrection”, “Why a Vanguard? The Organisational Question”, “Insurrectionalist Anarchism – Informal Organisation”, “Letter from Francesco Gioia”, “Germany 2009 – An Overview”, “Agitations in Italian Prison”, “Attack the Arms Factories – Solidarity with the EDO defendants”, “About the Prison Revolt in Caxias, Portugal”, “Letter from Vigo”, “A Tale of Sand, & Those Who Feed From It”, “Black Bloc Communique, Strasborg anti-Nato”, “In Gaza Like Everywhere”, “Secrets & Lies”, “Repression & Reports” + an extensive section about the anarchist resistance in Chile, an exclusive excerpt from the new Elephant Editions book, “Adios Prison” by Juan Jose Garfia (as spoken by Xose Tarrio) and much, much more.

Available from switched on people, groups, social centres and squats across Europe and Beyond! If it doesn’t appear in your area take the initiative to copy some up from the PDF or contact us to arrange distribution – We mail out individual copies and bulk, there is no minimum order, you’ll also get a few stickers, posters and whatever other free publications we have to hand.

Our new website is online and beginning to gather steam, keep an eye fixed for updates, new PDF zines, reports, communiques and articles coming soon…

Anti-Copyright Network (Nameless Hardcore Unknowns)

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Statement from Greek Anarchists

July 19th, 2009


Insurrection is permanent, everywhere, and inevitable.

Insurrection does not wait for the masses, the vanguard or the moment.

Though December will come again every year, nothing will ever be the same. It is war; paths of ashes leave the past behind, towards the total dismantlement of this old dead world, against which the attack accelerated in the past months, that will never be over; there is no going back from it. This war knows no innocence, while living in this reality makes us all a hunter for life: the ones that cry; the ones that sleep, the ones that sigh; the ones that spit in its mouth, the ones that build; the ones that break out. Once ignited the revolt continues in a dynamic of tension, recuperation and attack, by many, by few, by dark, by light; for as long as our time, our bodies and our freedom remain stolen from us. There is no counting on where the revolt begun or where it will go to, the open unknown is in the hands of the ones with the eternal youth, the stones, the passion and the gasoline. It will all continue.

Smelling the fire, the state took hundreds of people off the streets in a fearful attempt to maintain its fragile power, to weaken the attack. But rebellion cannot be outnumbered, cannot be softened.

As long as the prison society holds a grip on lives inside and outside, there is no desire to wait for a “second December”, because if waiting in the streets takes long; waiting in the prison takes eternally, while the state, the capital and their dominion find their space to root in the normality of apathy ever more. With an increasing amount of security and surveillance measures, they try to alienate reality more and more from its rebels in high speed and it speaks proudly of clean streets and sweet dreams, of law and order.

But nothing is over,
Everything continues.

As long as the world of authority and exploitation builds roads of dialogue and content, there will be holes smashed in them. As long as they hand out candy of dependence and devotion, it will be poisoned. As long as they build their high walls of separation and punishment, they will be burnt down. As long as we are all prisoners; nothing is over, and the insurrection will continue.

6 People were taken out of the negation in practice during December, and now, 5 months later, the state is trying to use their freedom as an example for its revenge on all those revolted.

Not one fitting key coming from the politicians, the judges, or the guards will be able to unlock the door of their confinement.

Only a sledgehammer will be able to liberate by tearing down the entire façade of the prison. Therefore we will not make any demands to those in power, nor will we put any pressure on them to do “the right thing”. We are simply digging holes in its fortress, undermining its vests, until we’ve reached our beloved rebels.


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Letter from Anarchist A.Kiriakopoulos from Koridallos prison (Greece)

July 13th, 2009

Five months after the explosive events of December, the mass arrests and the prosecutions that took place, six of us remain captives in the claws of the state.

Recently, the so called “justice state” and its servants decided to extend my pre-trial detention (remand) stating that what should come first is the extermination of my person and of my “criminal” activity and the protection of society. According to their characterization, I am a reckless and fanatical person. To sum it up they characterized me an enemy of society. But the enemies of society are all those who after the cold-blooded murder of comrade Alexis Grigoropoulos tried to repress the social phenomenon of the violent insurrection in December with the reckless and mass use of teargas to the extent of torture, the beating of protestors, and their swift imprisonment. Read the rest of this entry »

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Attack against DHL in Berlin (Germany)

July 13th, 2009

Firefighter looks on as several DHL vehicles burn brightly in the night

10 June 2009 : Unknown autonomous group burns company vehicles.

Claim sent to directactionde:

„In the night of the 10.06.09 we let disappear a few DHL cars in Berlin – Tempelhof.

This action is our contribution during the WBA (We All Stay) action days to the DHL (German Army Logistic) campaign under the slogan „war to the war“.

The DHL campaign was born in connection to the mobilization against the Nato summit 2009 which took place in Strasbourg.

Therefore enflamed greetings to the prisoners after the Nato summit in Strasbourg“

Afterwards follows a call to the anti-DHL campaign which you can find under the address: www.dhl.blogsport.de

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Anarchist prisoner Thodoros Iliopoulos on hungerstrike (Greece)

July 9th, 2009

Thodoros Iliopoulos is an anarchist and the last prisoner of December’s revolt still in pre-trial detention. He has been in prison since 22 December 2008 and is now the only prisoner of the revolt to be denied bail – still. On July 9 the court of appeals made explicit, in rejecting Iliopoulos’ application, that it did so on the grounds that Iliopoulos is an anarchist and therefore a “danger for democracy”. Thodoros is detained at the Court Prisons of Koridalos (in Athens, Greece) after the refusal of his appeal for freedom and the decision to continue imprisonment for 6 more months in prison, Thodoros begins a hunger strike, Friday 10 July.

What follows is a translation of Thodoros’ letter from prison, dated July 9. Read the rest of this entry »

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Attack against British educational institute, Thessaloníki (Greece)

July 8th, 2009

15 April 2009 : From Greek mainstream media (Newspaper Makedonia):

Masked group attacks an information engineering college

A masked group caused chaos in the center of Thessaloniki yesterday afternoon. About ten people smashed the windows of an information engineering college and damaged computers without being traced by the police. The foray by the masked group took place at the junction of Tsimiski str. and Ethnikis Aminis str. a bit after 3pm in the afternoon, at the school that is on the ground floor of the building which accommodates the British Council. Police deems that the college became a target because of its collaboration with a private english institution.
The fact that makes impression is that the police that were patrolling the city’s center saw the moves of the anti-authoritarians before they arrived at the college but only after the damages were done they mobilized to chase them without catching them, since they managed to disappear from the surrounding narrow streets of Ippodromiou and Navarinou square.”

Communique from Hit and Write (Greek direct action blog):

Attack against British educational institute, Thessaloníki (15/4)

The return to normality will never ever exist

Daily life in the metropolis gains a meaning. It’s the daily life of the new city-guerrilla warfare. The attacks follow one another, the whole city and its symbols are mapped as targets, the plans are alternated, sabotages are organized, and promises are given that nothing will remain the same.

The strategy of tension now passes on to our areas. There is no time to lose, never there was, silence and indifference will now take position. Or they will deny their selves and become an attack, or they will remain dull on the couch of their living room being passed on to the enemy’s camp.

The opponent from its side realizes that right across there is not simply the reflections and the leftovers of December’s insurrection, nor dissected moments of optional riot as an expression of youthful dispute. The opponent begins to distinguish more and more clearly the permanent threat of direct action in all its dimensions.

The new measures, the anti-mask laws, the employment of thousands of new cops, the re-function of cctv cameras, the much advertised Delta group, the cooperation with the secret services of Scotland Yard are for us pleasant reasons to hit them again and again. We are not complaining about the scarcity of freedom, nor we are claiming for rights against repression. We decided to form the domestic enemy front against their system, undertaking whenever needed the price of our choice. For now, the enemy will pay the price of its position.

That’s why we claim responsibility for the attack against the British educational institution D.E.I. in the center of Thessaloniki on the evening of Wednesday 15/04. D.E.I. is one of the many businesses that are aiming to train the new think tanks of participation sovereignty in the sectors of science, technology, economy, marketing and repression. Thus, by producing the new images and models of shining smiles and happy faces, of much desired objects and of the professional success of graduates, they consist the proper motivation for the lamentable imitators and the equivalent bait for most of the excluded in order to mortgage their lives for their kids future. We are attacking not only the top british foundations but also the educational institution on a whole which disappears any sense of substantial knowledge and multi-shape growth of the individual by repressing every personal initiative.

Also, behind our idea for the attack against a company of british interest is the fact that few weeks ago in heavily-policed London the G20 summit took place. Thousands of people protested and some chose to attack. During the clashes, the pigs beaten and brought to death protester Ian Tomlinson.

Furthermore, on 14/04 in Nottingham, police raided a camp against climate change where 114 people were arrested facing charges of destruction of electricity power units.

The only substantial solidarity is the continuation of revolutionary action everywhere and always. Also, with our attack, we send our greetings to the sleuths of Scotland Yard, notifying them that from now on they are on our list. The many recent attacks, either in the darkness of night, either in the shadow of day, prove that the military supremacy of the state, orchestrated with consent of society and with the propaganda of fear, remains vulnerable. Because we are watching out and are searching for passages to attack the order and the ethic of this world. Even if we don’t find the path of denial, we are convinced that with violence we will engrave them in the new map of city-guerrilla warfare, like the deepest scar in the face of captivity.”


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To end with the image of the anti-prison struggle

June 19th, 2009

It’s a well known topic. Revolutionaries have always been confronted with it and will probably always be. It’s about the tension between the analysing of the reality of the struggle and the methods of organisation and struggle that you make your own. And about the evidence that almost every method of organisation that is not based on reciprocal knowledge, affinity and informality ends with producing a caricature and stimulating certain detrimental behaviours. Even more, it is impossible to separate the question of organisation from the content of a specific project or perspective. Read the rest of this entry »

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Car burned on the worker’s parking place of the JSA Plötzensee prison (Germany)

June 1st, 2009

20 March 2009 : A car burned yesterday evening in the Friedrich-Olbricht-Damm in Charlottenburg, Berlin.

Two workers of the JSA Plötzensee (which is a prison of Berlin) noticed two men around 9pm, who were close to an Opel car parked on the parking place of the prison workers. Shortly afterwards they heard a loud noise and the car was in flames. The two alleged authors could escape in direction Saatwinkler Damm. The car got completely burned, criminal police investigates.

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‘Managing challenging behaviour’ – spreading the control unit regime throughout the prison system (UK)

June 1st, 2009

The abuse of prisoners who refuse to co-operate with intolerable conditions and regimes is common in British prisons and for decades the use of control units, long-term solitary confinement and continuous transfers (ghosting) have been standard weapons of repression against prisoners who have questioned, challenged and resisted abusive regimes. John Bowden reports on the most recent manifestation – the Managing Challenging Behaviour Strategy (MCBS). Read the rest of this entry »

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Prison militant Vaggelis Palis at Larissa court (Greece)

June 1st, 2009

On 16 / 3 /2009, Vaggelis Palis, long time prison rebel, was presented in front of the court in Larissa, known for its conservative and hard convictions (still quite a lot of the prisoners of the December insurrection are being kept there, a lot of them minors, 15, 16 years old, under the anti terrorist law, and facing a possible 20/25 years…). He is accused of participation in a prison revolt in 2006, for destruction, riot and attempted outbreak/escape. Read the rest of this entry »

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DHL – Olive underneath a yellow camouflage

June 1st, 2009

This text introduces a proposal for an action related mobilization towards the NATO-festivities in Strasbourg and Baden-Baden in the beginning of April 2009. The idea is to turn into practice the critique on NATO and the new NATO doctrine (with its core “comprehensive approach”) by focusing on the postal service and war logistics company DHL. This 100% subsidiary of the Deutsche Post today shows its true colour, which is best expressed in its new name “Deutsche Heeres Logistic” (German Army Logistics). Read the rest of this entry »

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