Bath, UK: Solidarity Burn for the Six Arrested 5G ‘Orange’ Arsonists in France

September 28th, 2020

FR | Bath (UK) : Incendie en solidarité avec les six inculpé.e.s de l’attaque d’une antenne 5G en France

We torched an Orange mast in the South West; a few miles outside of Bath (UK), to show that we too despise the dodgy technology that promises to enhance our futures, while imprisoning our minds. Solidarity with the six comrades who were arrested for an arson attack on an Orange relay 5-SFR antenna that was burnt in the industrial zone of Douai-Dorignies, France.

Act locally, give solidarity globally….

….especially solidarity with those on the streets across the world who have resisted lock-downs, and pushed beyond the mediated options of social media, to physically attack the racist police, and all the structures that support them.

See you on the streets. Stay safe, stay rowdy.

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XVIII Encuentro del libro Anarquista de Madrid – España

September 28th, 2020

Un año más y ya van 18!!!
Nuevamente se realiza el encuentro del libro anarquista de Madrid, consideramos necesario fomentar espacios donde acercar las distintas posturas anarquistas tanto entre nosotros como de cara fuera… Ya que nos hayamos en la sociedad más interconectada y sin embargo es el periodo en el que más desconexión hay.
Vivimos tiempos donde la profundización y el debate se han convertido en frases de 200 caracteres y textos que de forma individualizada se leen siempre y cuando no sean demasiado largos…
Por esto y mucho más continuamos forjando espacios donde debatir, conocerse y profundizar en la lucha.
frente a la una cultura infantilizadora que fomenta el individualismo y nos condena al aislamiento mediante el miedo y la justificación tecnocratica sanitaria, ahora que nos condenan al distanciamiento social es cuando mas necesario es conocer difundir y poner en practica la cultura libertaria, solidariad, apoyo mutuo y horizontalidad.

El evento tendrá lugar los días 4,5 y 6de Diciembre

+Info en: encuentrodellibroanarquista.org

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ES/EN – Santiago, Chile: Barricadas previo a octubre y en memoria del compañero Javier Recabarren

September 28th, 2020

Santiago, Chile: Barricades before October and in memory of comrade Javier Recabarren

On the eve of October – when the protests against Piñera’s government are expected to resume – and at the end of Black September, barricades were erected in commemoration of all those who were arrested, disappeared, murdered, mutilated and imprisoned before and during the revolt that began almost a year ago.

Pamphlets were thrown and a canvas was hung in memory of the young fighter Javier Recabarren, who lost his life after being run over by a Transantiago bus. Javier was a vegan, hooded, anti-species, animal lover and a fellow fighter who fought tirelessly until his death.

Recorded by the comrades of Photographic Front

Some date, some places.
Santiago, Black September/Antispeciesist 2020.

Santiago, Chile: Barricadas previo a octubre y en memoria del compañero Javier Recabarren

En vísperas de octubre -en el que se espera que se retomen las protestas contra el gobierno de Piñera- y términos de Septiembre Negro. Se levantaron barricadas en conmemoración por todos/as lxs detenidxs desaparecidxs, las asesinadas, lxs mutiladxs y las encarceladas antes y durante la revuelta que se inició hace casi un año.

Se lanzaron panfletos y se colgó un lienzo en memoria del joven combatiente Javier Recabarren, que perdió su vida tras ser atropellado por un bus del Transantiago. Javier era vegano, encapuchado, antiespecista, amante de los animales y un compañero que luchó incansablemente hasta su muerte.

Registro por lxs compas de Frente Fotográfico.

Alguna fecha, algunos lugares.
Santiago, Septiembre Negro/Antiespecista 2020.

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My Pestiferous Life – Claudio Lavazza

September 25th, 2020

Claudio Lavazza, rebel, anarchist, bank robber and gentleman. During the 70s in Italy he participated in the struggle against State and Capital, arms in hand. Contrary to the grave-diggers of subversion, after this experience, he never traded his desire to overthrow the existent for a political career. He never resigned, nor sought refuge in any State, which could have granted him a controlled freedom. He kept fighting, against winds and tides.

After 16 years on the run, never renouncing his anarchist coherence, nor the joy of living as a free man, he was arrested after a bank robbery in Córdoba, Spain, in 1996. On this occasion, three comrades, including Claudio, were seriously injured and two policewomen lost their lives. Claudio was subsequently locked up in the special prison regime FIES, where – even in this toxic place – he continued his battle with firmness and perseverance.
After serving twenty-two years in the Spanish dungeons, he was temporarily extradited to France – since his sentence in Spain is not yet finished – in the summer of 2018. Here he would stand trial for a bank robbery of the National Bank of Saint-Nazaire, which took place in 1986. For this robbery he had already been sentenced in absentia to thirty years of prison.

Going to take money where there is plenty is always a possibility, as a refusal of the blackmail of work and exploitation, to seize the necessary means to carry out a struggle against the State. However, back then in Saint-Nazaire, “the tightrope robbers” did not just touch any safe. They expropriated the State’s vault, emptying the pockets of those who oil the gears of power of almost twenty-six million euros.

Even when faced with the most adverse conditions, when everything needed to be rebuilt and re-imagined, Claudio beat his own path, with countless smiles and struggles. As an anarchist, his passion is freedom; his enemy is power. There is no time to waste when one is armed with this conscience.

It is up to each one of us to forge our own journeys, to undermine, harm, expropriate and destroy everything that belongs to power, its structures and its servants.

Claudio Lavazza, My Pestiferous Life
300 pages / 8 euros
Printed May 2020

Compass Editions

via Actforfreedomnow.

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Statement by Alfredo Cospito – Operation Scripta Manent Trial (Italy)

September 25th, 2020

IT | Dichiarazione di Alfredo Cospito letta in aula il 9 settembre 2020 per l’appello del processo Scripta Manent

ES | Declaración del compañero Alfredo Cospito

Statement by Alfredo Cospito read in the courtroom on September 9, 2020 for the appeal of the Scripta Manent trial

I would have liked to be silent and let only my lawyer speak (who is more than capable), but seeing that my ideas have been torn to shreds and that words that I have never said have also been put in my mouth, I am forced to intervene directly in the first person.
For us anarchists the end does not justify the means, we firmly believe in the ethics of the means we use, for us it is the means that justify the end, not the other way around.

That is why I must reiterate that I have never made an apology for massacres or mass murder (as stated by – the prosecutor – Sparagna in a previous hearing). The prosecutor is confused, deliberately confusing “terrorism” with “massacre.”

Two ugly words (without a doubt): one belongs to me, “terrorism”, the other is totally foreign to me, “massacre.”

(I open a brief parenthesis on “terrorism”)

Sparagna, in order to create the monster (“the bloodthirsty anarchist,” myself, so we can understand each other), has fished in the context of many of my writings, extrapolating phrases at random. Phrases that are the result of a diatribe (from one of the many debates) that our movement is going through, “the legitimacy of the use or not of the term ‘terrorism’ in an anarchist sphere.” For those who are not anarchists, it is difficult to understand the passion with which we anarchists collide on certain issues. Read the rest of this entry »

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France: Vincennes (Val-de-Marne) – Fire at night in front of Vincennes Castle – EN/FR

September 24th, 2020

The world has heard, through their direct consequences and through worried voices in the media, of a large number of arson attacks on communication infrastructure. Independent and biased demands have long since drawn the image of clandestine rebel activities, not only on French territory, against a society of organized putrefaction. These activities are always thought of as complementary, never as a substitute for more visible, more reachable and yet equally radical struggles.

And now the state is trying, with a repressive blow against a few revolutionaries, to lighten the darkness a little. 14 people are accused of having organized themselves to systematically sabotage the relay antennas (https://attaque.noblogs.org/post/2020/09/10/haut-rhin-quatorze-mises-en-examen-pour-neuf-incendies-dantennes-relais/). We are far from giving credit to the information from the police, because it is a common practice of the oppressors to project their fantasies and fears onto a few officially elected ones and to brand them with the violence of justice. This is done in order to make examples at any cost. This method is called terror.

Although we may not believe in the propaganda of the State, we are sure that the practice and organization of violence from below has once again become a reality and a necessity. Mass gatherings of people in the struggle against the state and capitalism and their dynamics are necessarily subject to fluctuations. We have seen how the state apparatus as a whole can be shaken by a wave of collective rage when it underestimates its enemies. And we have seen and experienced in our own flesh and blood what this state has done when it has observed the problem and tackled it with scientific precision: it has invested money in its forces of law and order and freed them from almost all control, until they are once again in a position to massacre the population. Many of them have, unfortunately but with good reason, been taken off the streets for the moment. Read the rest of this entry »

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‘The Rebellions of Misery’ by Gustavo Rodriguez

September 24th, 2020

The rebellions of misery

“All control systems are based on the punishment/award binomial. When punishments are disproportionate to rewards and when employers no longer have any rewards left, uprisings occur.”

In the second decade of this century, urban revolts are becoming more frequent throughout the global geography, with subtle variations in duration and intensity. Hong Kong, France, Algeria, Iraq, Haiti, Lebanon, Catalonia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Sudan, Chile, Belarus, and now the United States of America, have been the sites of massive protests widely reported in the means of mass domestication. As I have pointed out on other occasions, these demonstrations have very particular motivations that explain them; however, it is indisputable that they all possess an intangible link that serves as a common denominator of most of these mobilizations: the weariness and rage of despair.

Far from the leftist rhetoric that insists against all evidence that “as long as there is misery there will be rebellion”, what has really motivated the recent rebellions has not been “misery” but the conjunction of weariness and despair. These two factors – which drive the nostalgia for the “devil you know” and yearn for the return to the welfare state, to industrial capitalism and to the society of labour – are the causes of the widespread unrest that has led to the global revolt of our days.

It is increasingly axiomatic that “misery” only produces “misery”. That is to say, servitude, begging and even the loss of all dignity. As the proverb goes, “hunger is a bad counsellor”. She is the mother of all those specimens that hang a sign around their neck that says “I will do any work” (even for the SS, as George Steiner reminds us). Therefore, instead of creating rebels and refusers, misery breeds disease, malnutrition, mortality, fear, sexual exploitation, corruption, soldiers, police, informants and voters: human misery. Read the rest of this entry »

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Poster: Fire to the Cybernetic Prison

September 24th, 2020

PDF to print (11 x 17)

Poster text:

Fire to the Cybernetic Prison
It’s never too late to resist

Artificial Intelligence
AI labs, recipients of several $100M in government funding, are working to put “machine learning” algorithms in the service of a long list of industries. Under an “ethical” facade, some applications will simply allow well-placed capitalists to further enrich themselves. Others aim to reinforce repression, whether detecting shoplifters at the supermarket with automated video surveillance, developing facial recognition tools that work even on partly covered faces, or “predicting” crime or the probability of a prisoner re-offending.

5g Wireless Networking
The unprecedented bandwidth of 5G technology enables the deployment of AI on the scale of a city in real time. Every movement becomes trackable thanks to thousands of cameras integrated into a centralized surveillance apparatus. This vision is already in practice in more than one European “smart city”. Countless sensors dotting public spaces, in businesses, cars and public transit, and worn on our bodies aim to make every action the object of calculation, prediction and control, all under an eco-friendly label. By its pervasiveness, a web of algorithms is made invisible and therefore impossible to resist.

Robotics and Automation
Self-driving cars. Robotized warehouses. Cashierless stores. Delivery robots that call the cops when they are attacked. An infrastructure is being deployed that will change the world of work and our living environment permanently. We don’t mourn the disappearance of back-breaking and boring jobs. A dehumanizing pace is imposed on the remaining workers, who must keep up with the machines and productivity software or be shown the door. Meanwhile, what measures of social control and what exploitative schemes await the new excluded masses of an age of technological unemployment?

Life in Front of a Screen
Possibilities for authentic relations between humans and with our surroundings are increasingly erased in service of a virtual hyper- connectivity. Understanding, discovery, and the search for meaning are reduced to production of data. Attention deficit, memory problems, loss of emotional skills and imagination, disrupted sleep, musculo-skeletal pain, anxiety, loneliness, depression: the symptoms of addiction to online technologies are worsening as the proportion of the population that has spent their entire lives immersed in touch screens grows.
For free and full lives, open to the unknown

Be the outage in their network!

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

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È in uscita il numero 5 del giornale anarchico Vetriolo – Speciale edizione murale (Italia)

September 24th, 2020

Il numero 5 del giornale anarchico “Vetriolo” uscirà in un’inedita edizione murale, online e cartaceo. Una scelta, la nostra, che non rappresenta un mutamento editoriale definitivo, rispetto alle solite lunghe analisi critiche, di attualità e teoriche. Con ogni probabilità, “Vetriolo” tornerà nel consueto formato. La scelta di una edizione murale nasce nei mesi di prigionia di massa disposta dallo Stato con il pretesto dell’emergenza Coronavirus. Abbiamo sentito in questi mesi l’esigenza di una comunicazione in grado di rompere il distanziamento che le autorità vorrebbero interporre tra ciascuno di noi. Abbiamo sentito il desiderio di vedere appesi nei muri nelle nostre città le nostre e le vostre «grida» contro la repressione, tanto più in un momento a nostro avviso importante per l’anarchismo tutto, rappresentato dal processo d’appello dell’operazione «Scripta Manent», nonché dalle innumerevoli inchieste che le procure d’Italia continuano a indirizzare contro il movimento anarchico. Un’edizione murale vuole anche essere uno strumento in mano a quei refrattari che volessero sfuggire a futuri scenari autoritari, come l’antico gesto di appendere un manifesto. Divulghiamo, come anticipazione, il nostro articolo sul processo «Scripta Manent». Un contributo in vista del prossimo fine settimana di mobilitazioni.

A breve gli altri scritti e il manifesto murale. Per richieste di copie e contatti: vetriolo[at]autistici.org.

* * *

Un contributo per il processo d’appello dell’operazione «Scripta Manent».

In alto la mente e i cuori!

Quanti esseri hanno attraversato la vita senza mai svegliarsi!
E quanti altri si sono accorti che stavano vivendo solo per il monotono tic-tac degli orologi!
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[Difundir] Sale Rebrote nº 06 (septiembre 2020) – $hile

September 24th, 2020

Palabras previas

Compañeres, luego de un par de meses llenos de actividad y contratiempos, con gusto podemos compartir con ustedes un nuevo número del boletín anticarcelario Rebrote.

Con un estado de «excepción” extendido hasta el mes de diciembre, una vez más el gobierno y empresariado en Chile pretenden contener la rabia y el carácter que lleva impregnado desde hace muchos años el mes de septiembre. Un mes lleno de memoria y lucha, que históricamente se ha visto marcado por la acción subversiva e insurrecta en las calles, y que desde hace ya un buen tiempo no se vivía con un toque de queda ni la presencia de miserables militares.

Además de tener excusas para la vigilancia durante este mes en particular, entendemos que parte de la estrategia del poder también es poder prever lo que ocurra en el próximo octubre, cuando se cumpla un año del inicio de la revuelta y se realice también el circo constituyente. Read the rest of this entry »

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Chile: A 1 año de la revuelta ¡todxs a la calle!

September 24th, 2020

A todes/a/o.

La lucha subversiva autónoma contra el capital, el estado y todos sus órganos, continúa. Han sido años de conflicto y violencia política con distintos niveles de intensidad, marcando un precedente con la revuelta que inició en octubre de 2019.

Actualmente en tiempos de pandemia la lucha sigue viva, sigue la organización, siguen activándose grupos y sigue habiendo acciones múltiples con los autocuidados que amerita la situación -pero es inevitable- queremos ver arder nuevamente la ciudad, sus símbolos y queremos seguir atacando con fuerza a lxs bastardxs que defienden con sus armas a lxs ricxs y poderosxs de este país, queda mucho por cobrarles a lxs pacxs, milicxs, ratis, gendarmes, etc.

Sabemos que la lucha es cotidiana y que cualquier día es propicio para la acción, pero aquellas fechas que han quedado marcadas en las conciencias de todxs son también instancias para seguir practicando lo curtido.

Por eso es importante que conspires, que te organices y salgas a la calle con tus afines, tus vecinxs, en tu barrio, en la pobla, en el centro de la ciudad, cuidándote y cuidando a lxs tuyxs, siempre atentx, sal a la calle con todo lo que puedas y quieras este 18 de octubre a 1 año de la revuelta en el territorio chileno.

Por todxs lxs muertxs, desaparecidxs, mutiladxs, violadxs
Por lxs compañerxs en prisión de ayer y hoy que resisten dignamente
Por una vida distinta y mejor
Sal y prende la calle
Mientras exista miseria habrá rebelión

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Ahora se ha liberado: 325 #12 – ‘Contra la Cuarta y Quinta Revolución Industrial’ (ACN)

September 24th, 2020

ES | PDF: 325 #12 – ‘Contra la Cuarta y Quinta Revolución Industrial’

EN | PDF: 325 #12 – ‘Against the Fourth and Fifth Industrial Revolutions’

Descargue la portada de alta resolución aquí.

Presentando 56 páginas de anarquía anti-organización, insurrección y anti-civilización del siglo XXI. Una colección de textos y cartas críticas desde el punto de vista anarquista que examinan los nuevos cambios en la producción y el control social provocados por las nuevas tecnologías que están marcando el comienzo de un mundo carcelario totalizante y el avance de máquinas más inteligentes que las humanas.

CONTENIDO : 325#12

3. Editorial
4. Automatización, robótica y mano de obra en la 4ta y 5ta revoluciones industriales
8. Desde la revuelta a la insurrección – Extracto
9. Una pequeña crítica a la ciencia y su mundo
10. Mundo COVID-19: Las epidemias en la era del capitalismo
12. Las fracturas del Dominio
13. Ataques incendiarios coordinados contra antenas de retransmisión en Grenoble, Francia
14. La cuarta y quinta revoluciones industriales
17. La reproducción artificial de lo humano: El camino del transhumanismo
24. Psicología de la máquina: una ley de desaparición
26. Mirada oblicua
30. Teléfonos inteligentes, tonos, Capital
31. Sociedades sin dinero en efectivo y criptomonedas: fin de la era tradicional de la banca y las finanzas
34. Contribución a la reunión internacional contra las tecnociencias del anarquista encarcelado Dino Giagtzoglou
40. La sociedad cibernética y su mundo
52. Contra starlink
54. Espacio : parte 1
55. Pronto, cerca de tu casa
57: Cronología de acción directa


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$hile: Desde algún lugar: Programa número 6 de Negras Tormentas Radio

September 23rd, 2020

Programa #6 de Negras Tormentas Radio

Programa internacionalista realizado el martes 25 de agosto del año 2020 como especial de música en el marco de la “Semana Internacional de Solidaridad con lxs Anarquistas Encarceladxs”. En este se compartieron textos del compañero Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda (prisionero de la guerra social) y se destaca la participación de manera conjunta con la Red Solidaria Antikarcelaria con Juan y Marcelo.

Para ver más visita: //www.facebook.com/sinfronterasninaciones/

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September 22nd, 2020




Para descargar el texto para imprimir, pincha aquí.

Viernes 2 de octubre.

18:30h. “Actualización de los casos represivos del estado e internacional. Caso Bankia.”

19:00h. Charla: “Herramientas de control social que nos ha traído la COVID-19, la distancia social y el confinamiento.”

Local Anarquista Motín C/Matilde Hernández, 47 Vista Alegre u Oporto.

Sábado 3 de octubre.

13:00h. “Presentación de la revista “Libres y Salvajes”, n.º 5.

17:00h. “Actualización de casos represivos a nivel estatal e internacional. Operación Arca.”

18:00h. Mesa redonda: “La anarquía frente al Tecnomundo: Debate sobre cómo afrontar la situación actual.”

EOA La Emboscada, C/Azucena, 67. Tetuán.

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An update from the No TAV campaign and thoughts on its relevance for Stop HS2 (Italy/UK)

September 22nd, 2020

The No TAV campaign in northern Italy has been fighting an expensive, unneeded and corrupt high speed railway link for over three decades. The proposed mafia-linked freight train service from Turin to Lyon has been repeatedly exposed for its fantastical predictions and is slated by local people who see no reason to leave their homes for a white elephant. If you are already thinking about the similarities to HS2 here in England then you are in the right place. I will start by giving a very brief history of No TAV, then an update on recent events. In the second half, I will concentrate on what the Stop HS2 movement can learn from No TAV.

For those who have never heard of the No TAV movement, it is a campaign born thirty odd years ago to resist the construction of a 270 kilometre long high speed railway (Treno di Alta Velocita) between Turin (in Italy) and Lyon (in France). There is widespread opposition on both French and Italian soil, since the railway is a corrupt scheme proposing to transport freight based on fantasy figures and the people who live along the route see no benefit (the train won’t be stopping there). They argue that the already existing railway infrastructure should be improved instead. The resistance is greatest in the breathtakingly beautiful Val di Susa (Susa Valley), which stretches from Turin to the Alps for fifty kilometres. In summer, the valley is bright with colours, the blue sky and green grass bisected by the snow on the mountains. It has a unique environment, since one side sees the sun and the other does not. The train line would rip straight through it before entering a tunnel of 57.5 kilometres to France. This tunnel would be longer than the Chunnel and in fact would just squeeze in as the longest rail tunnel in the world, if it ever gets built. Local people are concerned that drilling into the mountains will disturb uranium and asbestos deposts, that mafia construction will lead to health hazards and that the overall economic case for TAV no longer stands up. Read the rest of this entry »

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