Austria: Two cop cars in Vienna go up in flames

June 10th, 2020

Smash the police state!

Vienna. In the night from June 7th to June 8th two cop cars were attacked, flambéed and devitrifyed.
It was a pleasure to demolish these cars.

For us this was an action against repression and harassment.
Against the constant fear of violence by the agents of the state.
Against racist motivated violence and murder.

For us this is an action against the daily swallowing of this reality, against the constant fear.

This time we stroke back. May the act empower us and everyone else in our struggles!

We don’t want the cops and we don’t need them – neither in our city nor anywhere else.
Cops don’t serve our society. They aren’t our friends. They are not neutral because they serve the ruling order, capitalism and the ones who own the goods. Armed with the monopoly of violence they have the right to chase everyone who can’t or won’t obey: the homeless, the youth, punks, people without papers, refugees, migrants, activists, addicts, revolutionaries, …
Examples for the just mentioned institutionalized violence are many – e.g. the climate strikes 2019 (where copes tried to drive over the head of an activist) or the just happened racist murder of George Floyd in the USA.

The biggest thefts are made by rich entrepreneurs, states, banks, housing agencies, mass-farming companies and renters. The ones who get imprisoned are folks who tried to find a way out of their situations.
The cruel violence is started daily by police, military, prisons and border regimes who are legitimized by the state to keep the current local and global hierarchy in place. On the other hand people who act in solidarity with each other, who fight for freedom, for climate protection, against exploitation and oppression are being surveilled and chased as terrorists.
We are sick of being oppressed and harassed and maybe the absence of these cars will prevent some actions from the police!

Corona made once more clear the circumstances under which we are living. The ones who were hit the strongest by the measurements are those who already suffered under “normal circumstances”. Folks had to work even more over-hours, couldn’t pay their rent, got stuck at borders, lost their jobs, got locked up in mass-quarantine or got harassed from cops in parks. This new-gained power was instantly misused against everybody randomly. This is nothing new. It is never safe to be alone with cops!

Everyone has their reasons.
There is no such thing as a good cop.
Let’s solve our problems ourselves instead of calling the police.

For a life in freedom – for a society without police and their cars.

Folks who randomly met, kept 1 m distance and were all wearing face masks.

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Three Days Against Techno-Sciences / 24-25-26 July / Second International Meeting (Italy)

June 10th, 2020

PDF: Second meeting program

PDF: Programma secondo Incontro

24-25-26 July 2020
Second international meeting
At Altradimora, strada Caranzano 72, Alessandria (AL), Italy


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Estallido Antisocial / Publicación (Chile)

June 10th, 2020

PDF: Estallido Antisocial


Desde la iniciativa autónoma como individualidades ingobernables propagamos la anarquía sin esperar que el progreso de las “luchas sociales” nos lleve a un futuro e ilusorio estado de “progreso y bienestar”.

Agradecemos la difusión de esta publicación que busca ser un espacio de comunicación para conectarnos con otrxs afines y no afines colectivizando ideas, tensiones y propuestas que nos alejan de la comodidad y del estancamiento.

Por la tensión permanente contra el Estado, el poder y la sociedad que le da vida.

Contra toda forma de autoridad, seguimos procurando que viva la anarquía.

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“You’re not radical enough”: Reflections on Philippine Leftist Exclusionism

June 10th, 2020

Original article by Adrienne Onday.

When I was an undergrad, I had to fight so many people to allow my voice and opinions to be heard. The central point of my struggle as a young activist then was to get formally organized activists to realize that speaking up is a form of action, too; that not being part of any organization or not being as physically and publicly active in political struggles as they were didn’t mean you weren’t one; that just because someone isn’t doing activism and radicalism the exact same way the established Left does, doesn’t mean they aren’t activists or radicals.

At the time, I was a middle-class kid tied to my meager-for-a-middle-class-kid allowance, my home life, and my mental health struggles. I couldn’t leave our house as much even if I tried because I didn’t have the money to, nor did I have parental permission to go to faraway (anything beyond Quezon City was far to my Marikina-based family) political events that typically last into the night. I also had to deal with crippling anxiety—I used to have attacks at least once a week, and having an attack in public where I knew no one well enough who could help me or send me to safety would not have been a good situation for me. These attacks, growing frequent around 2013 when I started university, lasted well into 2016-2017, when I started becoming more visible at protests and the general political sphere. Read the rest of this entry »

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‘Lenguaje: Origen y significado’ – John Zerzan

June 10th, 2020

Una considerable parte de la antropología actual (ej: Sahalius, R.B.Lee) ha eliminado virtualmente aquella vieja y dominante concepción que definía a la prehistoria de la humanidad en términos de escasez y brutalidad. Como si las implicaciones de esto no fueran ampliamente entendidas, pareciera que esta creciendo una percepción de lo vasto de esa época como una de plenitud y gracia. Nuestro actual momento en la tierra, caracterizado por algo muy opuesto a esas cualidades, se encuentra en la profunda necesidad de revertir la dialéctica que arrancó esa plenitud de nuestra vida como especie.

La vida en la naturaleza, antes de que la abstrajéramos, debió haber envuelto una variedad de contactos y percepciones que apenas y podemos comprender debido a nuestros altos niveles de angustia y alienación. La comunicación con todo lo existente debió haber sido un exquisito juego de todos nuestros sentidos, reflejando las incontables e innombrables variedades de placeres y emociones a las que alguna vez tuvimos acceso.

Para Levy-Bruhí, Durkheim y otros, la diferencia cardinal y cualitativa entre la “mente primitiva” y la nuestra es su falta de separación al momento de la experiencia; “la mente salvaje totaliza”, como Levi-Strauss señaló. Desde luego se nos ha enseñado por mucho tiempo que esta unidad original estaba destinada a desmoronarse, que la alienación es la provincia del ser humano: la conciencia depende de eso. Read the rest of this entry »

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Imprisoned deported Sardinian anarchist Davide Delogu was transferred to Caltagirone prison (Italy)

June 10th, 2020

On June 8, 2020, the imprisoned deported Sardinian anarchist comrade Davide Delogu was transferred from the prison of Palermo Pagliarelli to that of Caltagirone.

To write to him:

Davide Delogu
Casa Circondariale di Caltagirone
Contrada Noce S. Nicola Agrò
95041 Caltagirone (CT) — Italy

Update translated from sardegnaanarchica.wordpress.com via malacoda.

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Greece, Thessaloniki: Support the 2 comrades released on bail accused for their anarchist identity and alleged action

June 9th, 2020

The 2 comrades were arrested on 27/5/20, at Thessaloniki, Greece. They are accused of attempting an explosion, possession of explosives, violence against employees, disobedience and criminal conspiracy according to a made-up indictment. At 1/6 they were released on the following terms:

1. To give presence 3 times a month at a police station,
2. Prohibition of leaving the country and
3. to pay a guarantee-bail of € 10,000 for each one (a total of € 20,000) by 15/06.

In order to ensure that the required amount is covered, so that the comrades are not remanded in custody, we use every means available for financial support. Thus we created this firefund campaign.
Solidarity is our weapon against state’s repressive tactics.

The announcement of the 2 persecuted comrades:

In the early hours of Wednesday 27/5, I am being persecuted and arrested by undercover cops (wearing civilian clothes) and OPKE (special police forces for crime prevention and suppression), in the area of Kalamaria, Thessaloniki. I was thrown on the road and the cops handcuffed me. For a long period, more than ten cops were beating me up with kicks and punches. Only when some neighbors from the adjacent apartment buildings came out, they were ordered to stop and called an undercover car to transfer me to the general police department. At first, they took me to the first floor and then to the third. They kept transferring me to different rooms-offices -amid constant humiliations, intimidations, and beatings. I ended up in the office of the head chief of the operation, who initially didn’t deal with me, focusing his interest on his colleagues, by giving his congratulations on the success of the operation.

After that, the well-known game began. He became the good cop who just wanted to help. He gave me “advice”, encouraged me to speak, and admit the actions that they were attributed to me and to cooperate in order to facilitate my position. He also played the card of the “squealer comrade” who had turned me in exchange for some money.

I remained silent to their questions, as I had to and I didn’t give any information beyond those which were written on my identity, which I had anyway. Until 9 a.m. neither the arrest nor the indictment had been announced to me, expect that they will conduct a home search in a house I had never declared, but which according to the file they had already opened for quite some time, I lived in Tsinari in a block of house-squats.

When we got to the houses – the only clue of where I lived in was a piece of anonymous information- they invaded the squats, one after the other. OPKE units, accompanied by undercover cops, broke down doors and windows, woke up my comrades, and demanded that they facilitate their “work”. The comrades showed quick reflexes and from the first moment they stood next to me with a word, a touch, by just saying “strength”. It’s worth noting that during my transfer from one house to another, they had me wear a black hood so that on the one hand I could not be recognized by other comrades who had gathered outside the squats and on the other hand I could not have eye contact with the comrades who lived there. I guess the rest is already known-their wanton adduction to the general police department for a few hours.

Then, returning to the general police department, in the same offices as before, I saw comrade Ρ.Ζ. who had been arrested and brought in a few hours after me. They left us in the same place for a few seconds and then they separated us again while giving us the case file asking us to sign it. We both denied any signature on the forged indictment as well as the process of fingerprint checks and photographs (a process that many times in the past has led anarchists to trial-parodies resting on clues of DNA mixtures and fingerprints).

Twelve hours after my arrest and after several “yellings”, they allowed me to contact my lawyer and they placed the handcuffs in the front. When we were taken to the detention cell, according to “orders from above”, they did not allow us to be in the same cell and to be in touch within the first 24 hours. On the second day of my detention, when I was taken to a medical examiner to record the injuries, the doctor who was supposed to be acting impartially, all he had to say to the escorts-cops was that “these things happen in a pursuit” and that “he can’t be sure what caused the injuries”.

On 27/05, at 8 a.m., I was arrested right at the entrance of my apartment building. Three undercover cops rushed from different directions, leaving me no time and space to react, and immobilized me.

While I was standing still on the ground, they handcuffed me, and pressed my head with their knees, and confiscate my house keys. Only when my screams incited the passers-by and the inhabitants they stopped pressing me with their knees and asked me to stop. In return, they promised not to touch me. They are probably ashamed of their practices. And they should actually. Then they took me to the general police department of Thessaloniki, in a room in the basement, where I was completely alone. After about half an hour, they picked me up again and announced to me that we were going for home research. In the presence of a prosecutor, they broke into my house, after tragic situations, as they were not sure about the floor or the apartment, they disturbed the neighbors and created tension. From inside the house, they confiscate all the electronic devices as well as a computer that I use exclusively for my work. From my personal belongings, they confiscate also my handwritten notes, unrelated to the case, as well as personal documents, and documents that happened to be in my house, such as family files that do not belong to me. Then we returned to the general police department with the confiscated items. So far I had no idea what had happened or if there were other arrests. I had no contact with lawyers nor allowed to talk to any of my people. They took me up the corridor and there I saw my comrade Δ.Σ. who was beaten and tied up. They immediately separated us so that we had no contact and led me to an empty room, handcuffed, guarded by a jailer.

After hours and after I was still tied up, I started protesting loudly.

In response, I got threats by the cops and then, after their vain attempts failed, they sent an undercover cop to “reassure” me. This episode demonstrated the essence of the claim. Defeat and vanity offer space to the enemy.

The procedures after the incident went smoothly. Two undercover cops came and showed me the case file and I refused to sign anything without the presence of a lawyer, except my rights. After that, they started the marking procedure. We both refused it.
Late in the afternoon, they took us to the detention cells, handcuffed us, and placed us together in a cell. After half an hour, the guards separated us again telling that “they had orders from above”.

The next day we went to the prosecutor and the interrogator. We were informed about the indications and asked if we had anything to say. We both asked for a deadline. Footnote: Throughout the arrest and subsequent proceedings, the undercover cops had hidden their faces and features carefully.

All of the above are not reported so that we will victimize ourselves.

It’s just a recording that can be taken into consideration for future repressive actions. Because the only purpose of the state is to repress.

What every comrade needs to do is not be afraid, not be intimidated by being targeted, and keep fighting. We don’t have anything to say about the case at the moment other than that we deny the false accusation.

For the fact that we are being targeted because of our anarchist identity, we have to say that despite the repressive mechanisms, the apathy of society and its stupefaction, we will continue to fight for a world free of bonds and guards, without laws and prohibitions, without oppression and exploitation, without humiliation and indignity.

We will continue to fight for a world of equality, solidarity, and freedom.

For a world without dominion.
For anarchy.
Solidarity will win!


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$hile: Album in memory of Mauricio Morales – ‘Maurico Andrés del Ghetto’

June 9th, 2020

We share with you this album in memory of Mauricio Morales Duarte, who died in May 22,2009 when he tried to attack the Escuela de Gendarmería de Chile (Chilean jailer’s academy).


Compilado por la memoria del Punky Mauri.

Recopilación musical con la colaboración de compañerxs de distintos territorios y generaciones, como también de hermanxs cuyas valiosas vidas fueron arrebatadas en la acción.

A la memoria del compañero Mauricio Morales Duarte, caído en combate hace 11 años, cuando decide atacar la Escuela de Gendarmería con un artefacto explosivo de fabricación casera.

Este disco en su mayoría se basa en el libro “Mauri, la ofensiva no te olvida. Textos del compañero anarquista Mauricio Morales”, editado en Septiembre del año 2009; y en audios re-encontrados de pensamientos y posiciones hechos música, es decir, es el propio Mauri quien expone sus ideas y sentires.

Si bien el “Panky Mauri” al final de sus días defendió ideas individualistas y antisociales, eso no quiere decir que no deambulara por distintas iniciativas territoriales o inclusive populares, en barrios y bibliotecas en donde se desenvolvió como sujeto crítico y activo.

Con Mauricio Morales Duarte y Pelao Angry en la Memoria, presentes en la Acción Anárquica; entre Libros, Foros, Fuego y Pólvora Negra.

Released May 22, 2020

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Fascist group ‘Casapound’ addresses and telephone numbers (Italy)

June 9th, 2020

Fascist group ‘Caspound’, their locations… Veneto region:


Tel.: 393.9097447


Il Mastino
Via Nicola Mazza 61


Il Bivacco
Riviera Paleocapa 20/B

Portogruaro (VE)

Prora Adversa
Via Pio X 20

Thiene (VI)

La Vedetta
Via del Parco 11

Vittorio Veneto (TV)

Il Tumulto
Via Manin 118

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Fuego y disturbios en diversas ciudades de México contra la represión policial

June 9th, 2020

EN | Fires and Riots Across Mexico Against Police Repression

Reporte anarquista de lo que ocurre en México en estos momentos con movilizaciones antipolicia.

Asesinato de Giovanni y protestas en Guadalajara (4 de Junio)

Haciendo suma al clima internacional ocasionado no solo por la pandemia, sino a una crisis sistemática y civilizatoria que utiliza el covid-19 como pretexto para recrudecer la dominación social, y a solo unas semanas de la conmoción por las revueltas estadounidenses provocadas por el asesinato del afroamericano George Floyd a manos de policías supremacistas, se difunde por las redes uno de los tantos casos de violencia policial a los que estamos acostumbrados en México. Se trata de un video que muestra la detención de Giovanni López, un albañil que fue golpeado y asesinado por policía mientras se encontraba sentado en la calle sin portar cubre bocas, en el municipio de Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos en Jalisco, el 4 de mayo del 2020. El jueves 4 de junio el centro de Guadalajara se vuelve escenario de una ardiente protesta que terminó con dos patrullas incendiadas, pintas en las paredes, destrucción de propiedad gubernamental. La policía atacó con gases lacrimógenos a las multitudes y la jornada terminó con más de una veintena de detenidxs. La opinión pública ciudadana saltó de indignación cuando uno de lxs manifestantes, embozado roció con gasolina a un policía motorizado y le prendió fuego con un encendedor.

Hay que aclarar que el gobierno de Jalisco, decidió optar por medidas policiaco-administrativas contra la población so pretexto de cuidar a la ciudadanía; esto se va sumando a un clima de militarización camuflada como optimización de los cuerpos policiacos en todo el país. Read the rest of this entry »

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U$A: Joe Biden’s, a few senators and a few congress person’s home address and home phones

June 9th, 2020

We published Joe Biden’s, a few senators and a few congress persons home address and home phones.



Leaked info:

No Justice No Peace

Comrades, until we can once again gaze upon the flaming buildings of the enemy.

The day will come when the crash of this world will dance to the rhythms of our attack.

For the trumpets of anarchist war to sound again!

Because it was worth a try




Stay safe and strong… Our day will come!

Presidential Candidate

firstname lastname homeadd2 homeadd1 homezip homecity homephone homefax
Joe Biden Suite 2000 1105 North Market Street 19801 Wilmington 302-573-6345


firstname lastname homephone homefax homeadd2 homeadd1 homezip homecity
Tammy Baldwin 608-258-9800 608-258-9808 Suite 405 10 East Doty Street 53703
Roy Blunt 417-889-1800 417-889-4915 2740-B East Sunshine 65804
Sherrod Brown 440-934-5100 440-934-5145 5201 Abbe Road 44035 Elyria
Richard Burr 336-631-5125 336-725-4493 2000 West First Street 508 Piedmont
Plaza Two 27104 Winston-Salem
Benjamin Cardin 410-433-8886 410-433-2110 Suite 230 600 Wynhurst Avenue 21210

Congress Persons

firstname lastname homeadd2 homeadd1 homezip homecity homephone homefax
Robert Aderholt 1710 Alabama Avenue 247 Carl Elliott Building 35501 Jasper
205-221-2310 205-221-9035
Michael Bilirakis Suite 1600 1100 Cleveland Street 33755 Clearwater
727-441-3721 727-442-8180
Sanford Bishop 235 Roosevelt Avenue, Suite 114 Albany Towers 31701 Albany
229-439-8067 229-436-2099
Earl Blumenauer Suite 115 729 Northeast Oregon Street 97232 Portland
503-231-2300 503-230-5413
Kevin Brady Suite 304 200 River Pointe Drive 77304 Conroe 936-441-5700
Steve Chabot 441 Vine Street 3003 Carew Tower 45202 Cincinnati 513-684-2723
Danny Davis Suite 130 3333 West Arthington 60624 Chicago 773-533-7520
Peter DeFazio Suite 400 151 West Seventh Avenue 97401 Eugene 541-465-6732
Diana Degette Suite 202 600 Grant Street 80203 Denver 303-844-4988 303-844-4996
Rosa DeLauro 59 Elm Street 6510 New Haven 203-562-3718 203-772-2260
Lloyd Doggett 300 East Eighth Street 763 Federal Building 78701 Austin
512-916-5921 512-916-5108
Mike Doyle 11 Duff Road 15235 Pittsburgh 412-241-6055 412-241-6820
Eliot Engel 3655 Johnson Avenue 10463 Bronx 718-796-9700
Anna Eshoo 698 Emerson Street 94301 Palo Alto 650-323-2984 650-323-3498
Kay Granger Suite 407 1701 River Run Road 76107 Fort Worth 817-338-0909
Mark Green 700 East Walnut Street 54301 Green Bay 920-437-1954
Steny Hoyer Suite 310 6500 Cherrywood Lane 20770 Greenbelt 301-474-0119

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MPLS police union head Bob Kroll home address (U$A)

June 6th, 2020

White supremacist apologist and president of Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis (police union) Bob Kroll is attempting to get charges dropped and reinstate the four murderers of George Floyd to their former positions on MPD.

He could use a house visit!

His home residence is :
6589 145th Circle N
Hugo, MN 55038

Verified with tax parcel id records:

WashPost already tried visiting, but ‘no-one home,’ pulled over by cop and intimidated after leaving residence:

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Call for financial support for anarchist comrades persecuted by Operation Scripta Manent (Italy)

June 4th, 2020


On the 1st July the first hearing of the Italian Appeal Court for the Scripta Manent trial will be held. We are asking comrades for financial support to help us face the legal fees as it has been very difficult to organise benefits during the lockdown.

Bank details below:

IBAN: IT56M0567617295IB0000592586
Account name: Omar Nioi

for any information email: cassamanent@anche.no

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Basel: International Call against Deportation Camps for Migrants (Switzerland)

June 4th, 2020

Basel, Switzerland / Violence against refugees is systematic: A call

Recently it became publicly known that systematic violence is perpetrated against refugees in the federal asylum camp in Basel (Switzerland). Obviously this violence is neither an isolated case nor is it limited to the asylum camps in Switzerland.

This violence is systematic and the system has names. Those responsible are internationally represented and operate in many different places. Let’s name them and show them that their actions bear consequences.

The spread of the coronavirus has highlighted the violence of the European migration regime – both at the EU external border as well as in local asylum camps and prisons.

This call wants to continue the intensified struggles against it.

What are federal asylum camps?

Since the spring of 2019, asylum seekers in Switzerland are being administered in so-called federal asylum centres. The accelerated asylum procedues related to the erection of these new structures do not result in fairer procedures for most of the persons affected, but in faster deportation. The federal asylum camps are often geographically isolated. The type of constuction, the location, as well as the rules imposed are reminding of prisons and other instituions that deprive people of their freedom. They are contributing to the racist constructs of the nation state and borders. Read the rest of this entry »

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