(A-Radio) B(A)D NEWS – Angry voices from around the world – Episode 37

August 22nd, 2020

Welcome to the 37th edition of Bad News. This is your Angry Voices From Around The World for August, 2020.

In this episode you will hear contributions from:

1. A call for the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners (23.-30.8.2020)
2. Radio Fragmata (Athens):
* Updates from so-called Greece
3. Anarchist Assembly Valparaíso (Chile)
* Statement on the current imprisonment of two comrades
4. FrequenzA
* An interview about the Coordinating (prisoner support) group 18th of October in Chile.
5. A-Radio Berlin (Germany)
* A summary of the ongoing Mapuche hungerstrike in Chile

(Length: 35:40 min)

Other audios from A-Radio Berlin in English here.

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August 19th, 2020

作者:CONTRA TODA NOCIVIDAD, March 2020 译者:晚霞

原文刊于 325 新发布的小册子 ‘Against the Fourth and Fifth Industrial Revolutions’ (ACN)



我们日常生活中存在的数百种化学物质改变了自然进程,从而导致了数百种“灾难”(流行病、气候变化等)。这些产品在中国每年造成150万人死亡,而且没有在新闻中报道,既没有引发社会担忧,也没有被限制,也没有导致恐慌状态。在西班牙,每年有1万人死于污染,但并没有恐慌——他们只是工业世界继续运转所必需的受害者的一部分,因为重要的是进程和它的贪婪不会停止。 Read the rest of this entry »

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‘¡Manos a la pólvora!’ de Gustavo Rodriguez

August 19th, 2020

EN | ‘Hands to the gunpowder!’ – By Gustavo Rodriguez

FR | ‘C’est le moment de la poudre noire!

Solidaridad directa con lxs anarquistas presxs

—A Gabriel Pombo Da Silva, Dinos Giagtzoglou, Alfredo Cospito, Anna Beniamino, Nicola Gai, Marco Bisesti, Christos Rodopoulos, Lisa Dorfer, Michael Kimble, Eric King, Mónica Caballero, Francisco Solar y, todas las compañeras y compañeros anarquistas en prisión alrededor del mundo.

«Para mí elegí la lucha […] Enfrenté a la sociedad con sus mismas armas, sin inclinar la cabeza…»

Severino Di Giovanni
«La quema de los ateos, la reprobación de los homosexuales o incestuosos,
la segregación de los “locos” y el encarcelamiento de los forajidos son
sólo formas diferentes de integrar y reprimir a cualquiera que vaya más allá
de los límites establecidos por la norma […]
Las prisiones, los asilos, las terapias democráticas y los tratamientos ortopédicos
son sólo diferentes maneras de aplicar la misma fe en un modelo.»

Canenero, número 3, 11 de noviembre de 1994.

La semana internacional de solidaridad con lxs anarquistas encarceladxs es fruto de varios grupos de la Cruz Negra Anarquista (CNA) resueltos a establecer una fecha en el calendario en solidaridad con nuestros compañeros y compañeras secuestradas por el Estado. Desde el verano de 2013, esta loable iniciativa nos ofrece la oportunidad de reafirmar nuestro incondicional apoyo y, de enviarle un contundente mensaje al enemigo, corroborando que nuestros hermanos y hermanas no están solas. Este año, además, podremos dedicar este esfuerzo al compañero Stuart Christie, que recién nos deja.

Incansable difusor de la lucha anárquica y artífice de la resurrección de la CNA en los años sesenta del siglo pasado, Stuart impulsó la solidaridad con nuestrxs presxs en aquel escenario adverso que les invisibilizaba mediante la imposición hegemónica de la vulgata marxista, reprobando sus luchas desde una poderosísima maquinaria de amplificación ad infinitum –con sede en Moscú y sucursales en La Habana– que solo reconocía a sus aliados estratégicos como «presos políticos»1 o «prisioneros de guerra»2 y condenaba al ostracismo cualquier otra acción que no se ubicara en la lógica de la «Guerra Fría» y las operaciones financiadas desde las oficinas de contra-inteligencia del llamado «socialismo realmente existente». Read the rest of this entry »

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‘Hands to the gunpowder!’ – By Gustavo Rodriguez

August 19th, 2020

ES | ‘¡Manos a la pólvora!’ de Gustavo Rodriguez

FR | ‘C’est le moment de la poudre noire!

Direct solidarity with imprisoned anarchists

Gabriel Pombo Da Silva, Dinos Giagtzoglou, Alfredo Cospito, Anna Beniamino, Nicola Gai, Marco Bisesti, Christos Rodopoulos, Lisa Dorfer, Michael Kimble, Eric King, Monica Caballero, Francisco Solar and, all the anarchist comrades in prison around the world.

“For me, I chose the struggle […] I faced society with its same weapons, without bowing my head…”

Severino Di Giovanni
“The burning of atheists, the reprobation of homosexuals or incestuous people, the segregation of “madmen” and the imprisonment of outlaws are just different ways of integrating and repressing anyone who goes beyond the limits established by the norm […].
Prisons, nursing homes, democratic therapies and orthopedic treatments are just different ways of applying the same faith in a model.”

Canenero, number 3, November 11, 1994

The international week of solidarity with imprisoned anarchists is the fruit of the efforts of several groups of the Anarchist Black Cross/Cruz Negra Anarquista (ABC/CNA) who were determined to set a date of solidarity in the calendar for our comrades who have been kidnapped by the State. From the summer of 2013, this laudable initiative offers us the opportunity to reaffirm our unconditional support and to send a strong message to the enemy, confirming that our brothers and sisters are not alone. This year, moreover, we will be able to dedicate this effort to comrade Stuart Christie, who has just left us.
A tireless disseminator of the anarchic struggle and architect of the resurrection of the ABC/CNA in the 1960s, Stuart promoted solidarity with our prisoners in that adverse scenario that made them invisible through the hegemonic imposition of the Marxist vulgate [trans. Latin version of the ‘Holy Bible’], condemning their struggles from a very powerful machinery of amplification ad infinitum -with headquarters in Moscow and branches in Havana- that only recognized their strategic allies as “political prisoners “1 or “prisoners of war”2 and condemned to ostracism any other action that was not located in the logic of the “Cold War” and the operations financed from the counter-intelligence offices of the so-called “really existing socialism”. Read the rest of this entry »

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Some things never change… About university researchers and repression (UK)

August 19th, 2020

PDF: Domestic Extremist Criminal Damage Events: Behaving Like Criminals or Terrorists?

Analysing relationships between the professional careerists, universities, security industry, policing and repression, we can get an overview on how the authorities intend to implement repression, by which means, and the individuals responsible for certain decisions and strategizing. The recent document which came to our attention “Domestic Extremist Criminal Damage Events: Behaving Like Criminals or Terrorists?” by Paul Gill and co, of the ‘Department of Security and Crime Science’, University College London, tries to comprehend the many acts of property damage and arson done in Bristol by a wide range of groups and, presumably, individuals. A mere look at the title gave us an appreciation of the mindset behind this paper of those who equate anarchist/activist vandalism and sabotage to terrorism.

This document is for sale in certain places on the internet but is being circulated here so comrades can see how through analysis of the documents of the enemy, -as they try to put us under the microscope-, that we can also do the same. To collect information, to view their prejudices, weaknesses and mental limits, and to see their conclusions and what kinds of thinking and methodology end up influencing their investigations (which never seem to be going particularly well… even if some comrades end up in jail, many more remain free, and the current growth of new anarchy remains as prevalent and needed as ever). Read the rest of this entry »

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‘We will not pay for what has been stolen from us’ – Magpie Project (Czech Republic)

August 19th, 2020

Lukáš Kalina, Zdeněk Vítek, Lubomír Sogel, Tomáš Tichánek, Václav Šupka and many others. They all took goods in the shops without payment, and the courts imposed severe penalties on them.

This perverse practice cannot go unanswered. That is why the MAGPIE PROJECT starts. Other goods will disappear from stores and the capitalists will not get money for it. People will use expropriated goods to meet their needs. We will explain why this is happening. We will encourage others to participate as well.

It is not a crime to take goods from the capitalists without paying. They themselves act criminally when they accumulate commodities by exploiting employees. They let them work hard, but they give them only a small part of what they have created with their work. They capture the rest and invest in the next cycle of exploitation. This is theft! This is a crime! Remove the stolen values ​​from these thieves is not a thievery. Contrary to the preachers of Christian-bourgeois morality, we argue that expropriation is a legitimate form of reaction to a world where the path to one’s wealth is paved with the poverty of the other.

Judges and guards imprison human beings. The hypocrites are mumbling about the theft, but they are stealing people’s lives and destroying interpersonal relationships.

Capitalists throw away tons of food and other things every day and do everything they can to prevent people from getting them without paying.

They are unlucky because, even if some are punished, many disobedient people will continue to expropriate. Many of these will never be caught. And if so, they won’t curb them anyway. From the malls it is possible to move to greater goals: to the banks, accounts, settlements and equipment of the bourgeoisie. Just do it!

The MAGPIE PROJECT needs another accomplice. Get involved! Send your stories, videos, photos to publish. Don’t forget safety and don’t get caught!


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Chile: Words from Comrade Juan Aliste Vega on the Arrest of Mónica and Francisco

August 19th, 2020

ES | Juan Aliste Vega, sobre la detención de Monica y Francisco, Chile

A little less than a month after the arrest of our comrades Monica and Francisco at the hands of the state police apparatus, guardians of power and custodians of the interests of the political bourgeois caste of this territory.

Monica and Francisco in prison and hostages of this capitalist state that judges and sentences them from the first moment in which the fascist administration mediatically installs its servile legal machinery in their consequent lives.

They are comrades who hold a position of walking freely and have fertile convictions.

I embrace them with unconditional strength and tenderness with a heart full of complicity.

As an enemy of this state I raise the writing for the beautiful way of recognizing ourselves in the word transformed into acts and thinking into subversive action.

United in the embrace of war that transcends walls and frontiers, a tireless heartbeat that flows for the elimination of all forms of submission. Read the rest of this entry »

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Chile: Words from Comrade Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda on the Arrest of Mónica and Francisco

August 19th, 2020

ES | Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda escribe sobre Monica y Francisco, Chile

Ours is the conviction!!!

Indestructible our desires and-

Infinite the reasons and motives for continuing in this war to the death against the state, capital and prison.

21 days ago we woke up with the news pounding in our ears. Monica and Francisco were arrested. This time accused of being the direct authors of various explosive attacks in Santiago last year.

Clearly the State’s permanent offensive through its repressive apparatus, its penitentiary legal fabric and its servile and business press draws the caricature on our brother and sister as the perfect culprits for those who expect all the rigor of the law of domination.

The decision of the power is the exemplary punishment that seeks to serve as an example and to eliminate the offensive resistance as an insurrectionary practice of attacking the existent. Read the rest of this entry »

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Chile: Words from Comrade Joaquín García Chanks on the Arrest of Mónica and Francisco

August 17th, 2020

ES | Comunicado de Joaquín García Chancks/ Santiago Chile

It seems that Denial does not give rise to any unshakable Truth, Reason or Logic, that from the fight against the falsehood of the existent, only a path sown with doubts results, in which the present and the future are blurred, with a diffuse tinge, a dense fog in which it will always be difficult to navigate, but there is something that brings clarity back to this path; It is the compass of confrontation that appears as the reason behind the inseparable notion of a symbiosis of theory and practice, the point of view of an existence, sometimes errant.

The dynamic of the combat shakes existence to bring it back to life, endowing it with the Fieriness that boredom and monotony often extinguish; the construction of an antagonistic existence then brings with it the capacity to live far from the virtuality imposed by a normality dictated life, the blow by blow of the joyful attack, impeller of the mythical creative destruction and the suffering of when we are not the ones who attack, of prison, death, which flirts with subversion, are the flavors of life, real life, bitter drinks and ambrosia.

Today we are drinking from that bitter drink; two dear brothers and sisters are arrested and charged with placing multiple explosive devices, including the one sent to former Interior Minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter and one sent to the fifty-fourth police station in Huechuraba. It is undeniable that both beautiful attacks speak of historical continuity, of the blow of memory that does not forget. The Power disrupted and fearful with the arrest of the alleged perpetrators, who remember, that the revolt was not the culmination of a rebel ecstasy, it is the creation, the turning point of hundreds of lives in combat.

A big hug from afar, full of love, affection and strength for you, Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar.

Long live Anarchy.

Joaquín García Chanks.
Cas. Santiago Chile
14 August 2020

Translated by AWW.

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Stuart Christie 1946-2020 : Anarchist activist, writer and publisher

August 16th, 2020

Stuart Christie, founder of the Anarchist Black Cross and Cienfuegos Press and co-author of The floodgates of anarchy has died peacefully after a battle with lung cancer.

Born in Glasgow and brought up in Blantyre, Christie credited his grandmother for shaping his political outlook, giving him a clear moral map and ethical code. His determination to follow his conscience led him to anarchism: “Without freedom there would be no equality and without equality no freedom, and without struggle there would be neither.” It also led him from the campaign against nuclear weapons to joining the struggle against the Spanish fascist dictator Francisco Franco (1892-1975).

He moved to London and got in touch with the clandestine Spanish anarchist organisation Defensa Interior (Interior Defence). He was arrested in Madrid in 1964 carrying explosives to be used in an assassination attempt on Franco. To cover the fact that there was an informer inside the group, the police proclaimed they had agents operating in Britain – and (falsely) that Christie had drawn attention to himself by wearing a kilt.

The threat of the garotte and his twenty year sentence drew international attention to the resistance to the Franco regime. In prison Christie formed lasting friendships with anarchist militants of his and earlier generations. He returned from Spain in 1967, older and wiser, but equally determined to continue the struggle and use his notoriety to aid the comrades he left behind. Read the rest of this entry »

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Text by anarchist comrade Dinos Giagtzoglou: For the day of agitation and propaganda in solidarity with Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar

August 16th, 2020

ES | Texto anarquista de Dinos Giagtzoglou – Para el día de la agitación y la propaganda en solidaridad con Mónica Caballero y Francisco Solar

Just like today, 10 years ago, the Chilean State carried out an extensive repressive operation against comrades and anarchist operations in response to the dozens of bombings against symbols and institutions of the State and Capital. This operation, which led to the arrest of ten anarchists and became known as the “Bombs Case”, ended in a fiasco, as the five who were eventually prosecuted were completely acquitted, and were described by the press as the biggest defeat of law enforcement authorities in court history. Today, two of our comrades, Monica and Francisco, who were among those arrested at the time, are again imprisoned in a State that a few months ago slaughtered a massive social uprising that shocked us all.

Arrest and imprisonment are nothing new for our siblings, since in 2013 they were found in the cells of the Spanish State accused of an attack on a cathedral in Zaragoza by the Insurrectional Commando Mateo Morral. The comrades are once again accused of a series of bombings against representatives of the rich, powerful and their defenders in Chilean territory. The attacks included the shipment of two booby-trapped parcels, one of which exploded, leaving eight cops injured (3 of them seriously) at a Santiago police station and the other being located before hitting its target at the subsidiary offices of one of the largest business consortia in Chile (owned by the fourth richest family in Latin America) having as a recipient the head of the legal department, who had served as Minister of Defense and Interior during the crackdown on anarchists known as the “Bombs Case”.

After so many years of persecution and imprisonment, relentless struggles inside and outside prisons, they remain steadfast and convinced of the right of the liberation struggle. It is such examples of combatants that have motivated me too to take subversive initiatives and make choices of resistance to domination and exploitation. In such paths of struggle we want to and must walk constantly with love for life and freedom and without fear for death or prison.

With the undimmed memory of Mauricio Morales,
With passion and determination,
With stubbornness and commitment,
With my heads high,

From the bottom of my heart I send a rebellious signal and a big hug to Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar.


Special underground section of Koridallos prison


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Tensions with Reformism & the Constituent Process in the Midst of Fire & Rioting in Chile

August 16th, 2020

The following text is a translation by Anarchists Worldwide of an article from Estallido Antisocial / Antisocial Outburst, a new anarchist publication from Chile. You can download a copy of the publication HERE.


The idea and practice of anarchic insurrection in the Chilean region and the world is enough to make us forget who we are and to uncritically join social revolts in which diverse and sometimes contradictory interests are involved.

For us, insurrectionists and antisocial anarchists, it has been a great joy to share moments of generalised rebellion between like-minded people and sometimes with circumstantial accomplices united by the desire to bring out the rage against what oppresses us.

However, when we go deeper into the visions about the struggle and what we want to destroy and build, the differences usually come out and we are not interested in this going unnoticed just to be socially accepted. On the contrary, the fire of our indomitable hearts calls us to propagate the idea and practice of confrontation against all forms of social order. Read the rest of this entry »

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Repression Against Anarchists in Belarus – Call for International Solidarity

August 16th, 2020

From AWW:

Repressions against anarchists in Belarus!

On August 12, anarchists Alexander Frantskevich and Akihiro Khanada were detained in Belarus. Frantskevich is a former political prisoner, in 2010-2013 he was imprisoned on charges of attacks on government facilities. The police call him “the leader of the most radical group of anarchists, “Revolutionary Action.”” At the moment, Alexander is accused of organizing mass riots (sanctions – from 5 to 15 years in prison). It is currently unknown what the second detainee, Akihiro Hanada, is accused of.

Anarchists have been the most radical and one of the organized forces opposing the regime of Alexander Lukashenko for a long time. They actively participate in all mass protests of Belarusians against the dictatorship, and have long been the object of persecution by the authorities.

Now, with the start of unprecedented protests for Belarus, the authorities are concerned about the popularity of anarchists, and they are beginning another round of repressions. State TV channels directly accuse Russian and Belarusian anarchists of “coordinating the riots,” and Frantskevich and Akihiro, apparently are suitable candidates for the role of “organizers of protests.” Now our comrades are facing long imprisonment for fighting against the dictatorship, and we call on everyone don’t be indifferent. Conduct actions of solidarity, demand the release of Frantskevich, Akihiro and all the detainees, translate and disseminate this appeal in all languages ​​of the world. Belarus is a country very sensitive to global pressure. By drawing as much attention as possible to the case against the anarchists, we can influence its positive outcome.

We also remind you, that anarchist Nikita Yemelyanov is still imprisoned in Belarus, sentenced to four years in prison for symbolic attacks on court buildings and an isolation ward in Minsk.

You can send reports on the conducted actions to our Belarusian comrades from “Revolutionary Action” to revolutionaruaction(AT)riseup(DOT)net

Or you can send us news about the conducted actions
Mail media_ns(AT)riseup(DOT)net
Telegram bot: @Anarchotheory_bot

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West Java, Indonesia: New Crackdown on Anarchists Following Anti-Omnibus Law Protests

August 16th, 2020

From AWW:

15.08.2020: Police have announced that they are investigating 6 anarchists or anarchist affiliated protesters – however, 7 people were put on display at the cop press conference. This follows national protests against Jokowi’s neoliberal Omnibus Law (see video) and is occurring in the context of a government crackdown on anarchists. Updates to follow when more information is known.

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Italy: Anarchist comrade Anna Beniamino has been transferred to Rebibbia prison in Rome

August 16th, 2020

via ilrovescio.info:

Anna Beniamino [sentenced in the « Scripta Manent » trial, whose appeal is currently taking place in Rome], has been transferred from Messina and is now in AS in Rebibbia prison.

To write to her the address is now:

Anna Beniamino
C.C di Roma Rebibbia
via Bartolo Longo 72
00156, Roma ,Italy

Actforfree notes:

And to write to the other anarchist comrades in the same case:

Marco Bisesti
C.C. di San Michele
Srada statale per Casale, 50/A
15121 – Alessandria (Italy)

Alfredo Cospito
Nicola Gai

Alessandro Mercogliano
Via Arginone, 327
44122 – Ferrara (Italy)

Translated by Act for freedom now!

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