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Birmingham: First demo against Skanska, AstraZeneca building contractors (UK)

Sunday, March 15th, 2015

On Monday 9 March, there was a demo in Birmingham by the Birmingham Against AstraZeneca crew. Around 25 people over the course of the day joined the protest. This is the first demo against a Skanska office in the UK, Skanska are the builders of the Cambridge AstraZeneca global HQ and animal lab. AstraZeneca uses around 300,000 animals in pointless experiments each year; that’s over 800 animals every single day! 500 leaflets brought by the activists were distributed within the first hour and a half of the protest! Support from the public was overwhelming. Shut down the animal torturers-murderers!

Please do a demo against your local Skanska office, without Skanska no lab can be built. The animals need YOU!


Upcoming demo in Yorkshire against Skanska and AstraZeneca:

Friday, April 10 at 12:00pm
Bentley House, Jossey La, Doncaster DN5 9ED


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Bombscare at AstraZeneca – London (UK)

Friday, November 18th, 2011

From Biteback:

9 November 2011

“AstraZeneca hasn’t quite learned the lesson like Novartis and Roche, that dealing with HLS is bad for business. So we decided to disrupt their day for them on 9th Nov.

While AstraZeneca use HLS to inflict great suffering and deaths on animals and humans with their unscientific wholesale abuse, there will always be those that will act for those with no voice. The countless victims of their genocide against creation must end and we will seek justice for those that have been blighted by the corp pharma machine.

We hope you ‘enjoyed’ your extra break from the offices at 2 Kingdom Street, London and we will never back down from our task. Expect much more AstraZeneca, you are firmly in our sights and you will stop your abuse and cruelty or face the consequences of your actions. Maybe next time it will be more than just a scare…

Until every cage is empty and HLS is closed”


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