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FinFisher: UK spy tech used against Bahraini activists

Monday, May 13th, 2013

A UK-based company’s surveillance software has been used by the Al Khalifa regime to spy on Bahraini activists, London High Court documents show.

According to the witness statement of Ala’a Shehabi, a British-Bahraini activist and a founding member of Bahrain Watch organization, she received emails containing a product called FinFisher (or FinSpy), distributed by British company Gamma International, causing her computer system to be under secret surveillance.

British technology firm’s FinFisher suite of software products are believed to target individuals’ devices and relay information back to the sender, including the contents of emails, Skype conversations and address books. (more…)

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First London Securities attacked in solidarity with Bahrainis (UK)

Monday, March 28th, 2011

26 March 2011

“Autonomous action in solidarity with Bahrain uprising. Last night in Mayfair, activists attacked the offices of the multinational investment bank, First London Securities plc, damaging several of its windows.

This target was singled out for having recently acquired Bahrain Capital International plc. It was attacked by ordinary people in the UK acting in solidarity with the Bahraini people in their struggle for social and economic justice and freedom from their oppressive, Saudi-backed monarchy.

We are sickened by the brutal repression of protestors, in particular the assaults on hospitals and medical workers and reports that ambulances were used by security services to fire on Bahraini citizens.

If we see a similar response to future protests in Bahrain we will react with a sustained and uncompromising campaign against Bahraini and Saudi Royal investment companies.”


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