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Barcelona: Claim for various actions in solidarity with Greek comrades on hunger strike (Catalunya)

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

From liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety, communique:


Metropolitan area of Barcelona.

Maresme Av:
– We claim the arson of two FedEx vans at 10:30 PM on February 4, 2011.
– We belatedly claim the arson of two luxury cars in the early hours of September 7-8th, 2011 at 10:50 PM.
– Also, on March 7, 2012, we claim the arson of a van of the Presegur security company.

(Some videos captured by the neighbors: 1, 2, 3)

Mare St, deu de Lorda:

– We claim the arson of an ATM on March 18, 2012 with a small molotov cocktail at 4:30 AM.

Poblenou – Work office attacked.

On March 21, 2012, in the Poblenou neighborhood, a work office was attacked, breaking the windows at 2:30 AM. Against wage torture, direct action.

Verneda – Two banks hit.

On March 22, 2012, a group of comrades at 11 PM broke the windows of two banks, one La Caixa branch and one of Sabadell Bank. Afterwards, a molotov cocktail was thrown at the ATM.

Camp de l’arpa – Church attacked.

On March 27, 2011, a church was attacked with paint bombs on the exterior, and its windows were broken with rocks at 12:40 AM.

Deeds during the general strike – March 29.

– After the riots, at around 11:40 on Balmas St, 4 trash bins were set on fire to then try to block the street.
– At 12:30 AM near Urquinaona Plaza, 3 trash bins were tipped over and set on fire to block off a nearby street.
– At 1:15 AM a La Caixa bank branch was attacked, setting fire to an ATM and breaking the windows, near Sant Jaume Plaza.
– At 2:50 AM on Joaquim Costa St, two trash bins were set on fire to block off the street.
– At 3:20 AM silicon was used to sabotage various places that remained open on the day of the strike.
– At 4 AM a Caixa Laietana bank branch was attacked near Catalunya Plaza, afterward the street was blocked with a burning trash bin.

La Sagrera – insurer attacked.

On April 2, 2012, at 3:20 AM, a group of hooded comrades busted out the windows of a bank branch, then threw a red flare inside. Then the street was blocked off.

Raval – Trash bins burned.

On April 3, 2012, at 4:50 AM, we claim the arson of 8 trash bins in the Raval neighborhood, on l’Aurora St. Seconds later, a large “WE ARE AN IMAGE OF THE FUTURE” was painted.

Hospitalet del Llobregat – CCTV attacked.

The night of April 4 from 12:30 to around 3:20 AM, in Hospitalet, specifically in the Torrassa neighorhood, various CCTV systems were attacked with poles, rope and cobblestones.

La Mina – Street blockage and attack on bank.

On April 6, at 7:20 PM, Tessàlia St was blocked off with burning trash bins and then two traffic signals were attacked to impede the normal functioning of traffic. Then, at around 12:20 AM at the same spot, a nearby bank branch was attacked and “We want Stella Free” was painted.

Nou Barris – Schools sabotaged.

The night of April 5 in the Nou Barris area, paintings were made on public institutions at around 11:50 PM; later, around 3:30 AM a private school was sabotaged with windows broken and paint bombs and also with various paintings on the outside walls.

The paintings read:
– For a self-managed, voluntary and anti-authoritarian school. Death to the bosses’ world.
– Against the domestication of the individual, resistance and direct action.
– Youth, if you do not fight, no one will fight for you.

Brief communique:

As anarchists of nihilist tendency, we vindicate revolutionary action as a tool for our political-emancipatory project, we propose subversive urban guerrilla war as a form of struggle in the streets spaces, likewise for gain territory in our lives, in the face of the control of the authoritarian State.

We are revolutionary anarchists who reject and disregard the ranks of classic anarchism, likewise we reject the ancient strategy (end in itself) of accumulation of forces. We break with the old schemas and -isms, and we function by means of our inquietude and our personal I (which we temper with collective labor in order to accomplish according to vital goals, this being a false problem and not a contradiction at all).

As youth uprooted with expectations of wanting to free ourselves, we not only see our enemy in capitalism and the State, we also see it in the humanizing values of society, in its defense of the indefensible, therefore, we also seek to dis-articulate it. We are the uncontrollables, those who give free reign to socio-political destruction, those who see in the precarious and wild youth, in the immigrant youth and and youth of lower social class, the destabilizing explosion adequate for dismantling the bosses’ world and to entomb the State, we see adequate capacity for creating a tension of civil-revolutionary war by means of the tactic of the anarchist urban guerrilla and the conflict between the oppressive State and the revolutionary youth. We are working for the articulation of a constant influence in our spaces of the streets, that can create the situation of socio-political war against civilization, of razing to the ground capital’s schemas without any consideration.

We want to forge a generation of wild youth, disposed to destroy the city and the capitalist economy. From the Barcelona suburbs, we make a call to the rest of the youth for you to assume the nihilist branch of anarchism, to investigate your perceptions and to unite, under a black anti-authoritarian fist, let’s subvert the old order. Let’s go beyond.

Reciprocal solidarity:

Although at the time the actions did not have a concrete spirit of solidarity from the start and only sought to spread revolutionary action and revolt, we want to change the initial plan and to dedicate all of these actions (except the solidarity of April 6 with Stella Antoniou) to Gerasimos Tsakalos, Panagiotis Argyrou, Christos Tsakalos, Giorgos Karagiannidis, Alexandros Mitroussias, and Kostas Sakkas who at this time have started a hunger strike. Comrades, we send you a raised fist and a fervent revolutionary greeting.

Death to social peace!

For the return of terror to its gears!

Anarquistas nihilistas.

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Communiqué for bombing at ESADE business school in Barcelona (Catalunya)

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

From Liberación Total (March 27, 2012) via This is our Job:

Street protests against the attacks of capitalist States on our living conditions have recently spread throughout Europe. Despite the strikes, actions, and massive demonstrations, and despite the broad movements that haven’t even expressed any grand revolutionary aspirations beyond the mere defense of minimum basic necessities, the States have responded with indifference.

Appealing to confusing economic formulas, numbers, statistics, and abstract concepts, those States have tried to locate the problem’s origin in inaccessible, metaphysical realities. However, the origin and causes of our daily problems have no metaphysical foundation whatsoever. Poverty, exploitation, repression, and systematic abuse are the results of very concrete structures, of specific decisions taken by specific people who have specific interests.

One such structure is called the College of Business Administration and Management (ESADE). Nestled in the middle of the wealthy Pedralbes neighborhood, this school produces a stream of executives who—day after day—order, manage, and benefit from the destruction of the lives of the great majority of the population. Each year, the school propels social predators into the world, and for the rest of their lives they dedicate themselves to plundering and trampling on this country’s exploited from their institutional (like the presidency of the Generalitat itself, occupied by Artur Mas) or corporate positions.

Facing a context of intensifying exploitation and instability, and facing the new, deeply serious attack brought on by the recent Labor Reform, we have decided to respond by pointing out those responsible for the situation we are suffering through. Therefore, last Wednesday, March 21, we decided to carry out an attack that forced the interruption of the school’s functioning and caused its evacuation. The action was specifically designed (through the location of the device’s placement, the quality and quantity of explosive material used, etc.) to not cause injuries. Our goal, apart from singling out an entire social network of exploiters, was to sabotage the offensive, insulting social peace prevailing in the wealthy neighborhoods, which are totally hermetic and oblivious to the anguish and suffering generated by their decisions and privileges.

Having reached this point, we pose a question for reflection. Since the press have noted that students, professors, and area residents got away unscathed, how can we describe the everyday experience of those who live in poor neighborhoods? If being evacuated from your school for a few hours means getting away unscathed, what should we presume to call what thousands of evicted people feel—those who sleep in the street, those who are psychiatrized for not bearing the pressure, those who are brutally beaten for protesting, even peacefully? What do we call the suffering of the excluded, tortured in prisons and Immigrant Detention Centers? What do reporters call what the families of people murdered by the police have experienced, experience, and continue to experience?

If we have given them a “scare,” what are they doing to us?

We, and more people every day, know full well who the real terrorists are. They are the ones whom the press define as honorable people, the ones who have their luxurious offices on Plaza Sant Jaume or Avenida Diagonal, the ones who live in mansions in Pedralbes and Sant Cugat and send their sons and daughters to ESADE. They are the ones who, even though they have it all, dare to overstep their own legal limits and steal more of what they theoretically get according to their own rules.

We warn that if the State isn’t willing to withdraw its attacks, then we won’t be willing to withdraw our resistance. If they are prepared to bring back the policies and living conditions of the last century for us, then we will be prepared to revive the weapons and tactics of that era for them. And if they believe they will go right through us—not just our group, but all of society—without resistance or rebellion, then they don’t know the history of our people.


—Barcelona (The Rose of Fire), Spanish State, March 2012

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NO TAV: Solidarity Demo in Barcelona (Catalunya)

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Italian Consulate in Barcelona
(C/Mallorca, 270)

Today Luca Abbá of the Val Susa is seriously injured in hospital after falling from the tower of a high voltage power lines, during the protests against the new expropriations on the morning of 27th februrary. The police attempted to forcibly bring him down, and he received an electric shock. He is in a critical condition as a result of the electric shock and the fall from over 10 metres, made worse by the fact that the ambulance was prevented from arriving for up to 50 minutes by the forces of “order”. (more…)

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Barcelona: Múltiples acciones de Columna de Nihilistas (Catalunya)

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

English translation available here, via war on society.

325 recibe y transmite:

La ciudad de las bombas volverá a arder.

Reivindicación de ataques contra la autoridad, el capital y por la propagación de la revuelta.

Dia 28 de Noviembre: A las 15:00h de la tarde en el municipio de Montcada i Reixac se atacó la CCTV atacando con martillos y con cuerdas gruesas varias cámaras de (in)seguridad.

Día 6 de diciembre: A las 7:30 de la mañana un grupo de compañerxs cortó la calle Tessàlia en el precario barrio de La mina, seguidamente se atacó una sucursal bancaria cercana en solidaridad con el compañero Alexis Grigoropoulos.

Día 12 de diciembre: Se cortó la calle Mercé Rodoreda a las 8.00h,después se arrojó pintura y se golpearon con piedras las vidrieras de diversas tiendas de cadenas de moda. Horas más tarde en vísperas de las 21:30h después de que finalizara la marcha en recuerdo del compañero Roger se atacaron diversas sucursales bancarias en Vila de gràcia.

Día 19 de diciembre: Fueron atacados dos cajeros autómaticos de Caixa Catalunya en la calle Mare de Déu de Lorda con dos Cóctel Molotov a las 2:30h de la noche.

Dia 20 de diciembre: A las 23:00h aproximadamente, se colocó una simple bomba de ruido en las afueras de la comisaria del barrio de Glòries de lxs Mossxs d’Esquadra.

Horas más tarde y cerca de la 1:32 se atacaron diversas oficinas de seguros con martillos y palos de madera anchos.

¡Si desde pequeñxs nos oprime el capital, desde pequeñxs lucharemos contra el capital! ¡Por una insurrección autónoma y salvaje!

Estamos asistiendo a una etapa muy confusa e interesante a la vez. Las largas colas del paro, las decenas de paradxs esperando en las lonjas y obras que les den un puesto de trabajo a las 8 de la mañana, el canibalismo social, la miseria y podredumbre, la marginalidad de los suburbios y barrios satélites son ya una evidencia innegable. Sin embargo, ante las nuevas condiciones político-económicas que se dan o más bien, se radicalizan, todxs adquieren una posición dentro del conflicto social permanente. El sistema decide radicalizarse, perpetuar y aumentar el control total. La presencia de cámaras que convierten a paradas de metro o supermercados en bunkers se extiende y se extrapola al campo de las manifestaciones anticapitalistas.

El sistema se radicaliza, nosotrxs también. Al contemplar los exagerados dispositivos policiales, la omnipresencia de cámaras CCTV y demás peculiaridades de un sistema autoritario, entendemos que la única alternativa posible es la creación de un nuevo paradigma basado en las relaciones humanas afines. La proliferación de disturbios y acciones contra la autoridad y el capital son más necesarias que nunca.

¡Radicalizarse pues el sistema se ha radicalizado! Un soplo de aire fresco y un cambio generacional amplio, una forma de lucha basada en el ataque difuso, en la organización antiautoritaria y asambleas autónomas ajenas a organizaciones burocráticas. Saltarse las leyes pues solo así podremos conseguir el cambio que queremos.

No atacamos solo al capital como venganza de nuestra situación económica, lo atacamos por que simplemente, no nos gusta. No nos gusta esta vida condenada a puertas automáticas y rejas, a la calificación continua y al pensamiento único mercantil impuesto desde las escuelas, la religión y el arte moderno burgués. No nos gusta el urbanismo que solo busca aumentar la productividad de la explotación de lxs individuxs. Como jóvenes precarixs nos vemos perdidxs en el entorno de la exclusión social. No tenemos futuro laboral posible, se han cargado nuestro futuro antes siquiera de que tuviéramos conciencia. Por eso, no nos queda nada salvo que proliferar los enfrentamientos contra lo que no nos gusta, seguir con las acciones, ser irreductibles, agarrarnos a un clavo ardiendo y no dejarnos arrastrar por un país cada día más pobre.

Estamos del lado de lxs inmigrantes, de lxs sintecho, de lxs aprecariadxs, de lxs invisibles, estamos del lado de lxs que okupan y roban. Ante un mundo basado en construcciones sociales autoritarias no nos queda más que destruir y acabar con la certeza de la rutina, okupar y expropiar.

¡Un saludo a la gente subversiva de los suburbios y de los ghettos! ¡A lxs que conspiran! ¡A lxs que rompen los pivotes de las aceras y atacan a los bancos! Nos vemos en las barricadas, en la rebelión.

Viva Exarchia y la resistencia en los barrios.

¡Abajo el capital, el estado y el poder adulto!
¡Por la libertad del individuo!
¡Por el ataque difuso anónimo e incendiario!
¡ Por la resistencia armada del lumpen y de la clase aprecariada!
¡Por la resistencia combativa de las barriadas contra las políticas neoliberales!
¡Abajo el trabajo!
¡Viva la Acracia!

Alexandros, Mustapha, Roger, Patricia heras, ni olvido ni perdón.

Columna de Nihilistas.

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Barcelona: Anti-election attacks claimed by Anti-authoritarian Insurgency of Action / FAI (Catalunya-Spain)

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

November 17-20, 2011Coordinated actions by Anti-authoritarian Insurgency of Action / Informal Anarchist Federation

– translated by war on society:


We always ask ourselves why in the Spanish state the strategy of a unified international federation has not been proposed. Instead of waiting and continuing to ask questions, we offer a small step.

After about one year of small anonymous actions of sabotages, failures, and small victories, we have decided to contemplate Anarchy from another perspective, thus we have made the decision to form part of the Informal Anarchist Federation and of the International Revolutionary Front. We want to experiment with the feeling that comes with adhering to this project, to study new forms of understanding Chaos* and participate in all fields of struggle. Anarchism is a movement of liberation, a weapon of struggle, a form of life and/or action, or at least many understand it as such. We want to have an opportunity to have a crucial role in the social war and beginning with the daily practice, we will be steadfast. Likewise, we intend to ‘open the can’ or raise from self-criticism new forms of direct action and animate informal, horizontal and combative organization. We believe in anti-authoritarianism, in chaos and in a strong anarchist praxis, likewise the constant reproduction of sabotages, boycotts and attacks that trouble and could undermine capital’s projects and capital itself. Also in this form of struggle we opt for and accept the direct attack against Nazi-fascism; in the struggle against authority and against the system, the powerful attack against Nazi-fascism is another front, and the direct and from-behind struggle to crush those who believe themselves racially or politically superior to the rest is fundamental. We seek the creation of a continual situation of tension and conflictuality against power.

“In the face of a system of control and domination, only the combative struggle can prevail”

We understand attacks and the destruction of the social order as a very valid and decisive tool, however, we do not make it a revolutionary dogma nor a fetishism, and depending on the situation its application, reproduction and deployment can vary. Following reflection, thought and analysis, we believe that in attacks a certain quality is required, in effect, without leaving the quantitative aside.

We consider it clear that the qualitative is essential, we must look to harm the system and its functioning at the root; that is, for example seeking some way of striking the consumption of commodities such as the attack on WalMart in Mexico, sabotaging an election day and making its normal functioning impossible, destroying the machines and possessions of some despot, and aggressions and direct attacks that provoke true fear in those responsible for governmental terror. Also it can be very effective to saturate the metropolitan media with subversive propaganda or propaganda in solidarity with imprisoned comrades. Actions and attacks against capitalism as an effective MEDIUM.

“But it is interesting to ask oneself if now, little by little we are learning from our past, little by little we are widening our dream of an Informal Anarchist Federation / International Revolutionary Front. If now our affinities in the Iberian Peninsula will also remain in the medium of anonymous crowds, or on the contrary will join the revolutionary effort.”Gabriel Pombo da Silva

In the Spanish state (may its flag burn!) we have experienced harsh periods of repression, since armed groups and resistance in the 70s and 90s were very forceful, the system and the state became especially repressive against any organized dissent and any insurgent cell. The prisons and the prison system are especially repressive and the conditions of the prisoners (and more so of political prisoners) are bad, very bad. Thus it is understandable that up to this moment actions have been anonymous. However, in the face of new political situations and new revolutionary processes, some have seen the necessity of forming part of a common project, of extending the revolutionary family through more horizons and raising their fists against the old dogmas, seeking new fronts and trying to operate as an antagonist cell. Gabriel Pombo da Silva (a salute to him) is right, from our own experiences we must continue searching, studying and acting to aggrandize our experience and the wounds against the new phases of capitalism each time more and more monopolistic. That is, to join the revolutionary effort. However, the FAI/IRF is an option for anyone who wants it, for anyone who wants to use that medium as a tool of struggle and how to approach other comrades who unfortunately live farther away.

“To defend oneself by saying that the political context in the place one lives is not adequate for the struggle, is just an excuse for not breaking the tranquility of the everyday.”
Silvia Guerini

It is easy to be a mere spectator of the social war from the computer screen, but just because it is easy does not mean it is valid. We believe that not everything depends on the context and the situation, like something external that floats in the air. Situations are made by us, by creating for ourselves, working hard and creating our own projects, being protagonists of the social war and having an active role, being the protagonists of our own reality and struggle. The ecological problems and what creates them–nanotechnology and biotechnology–not to combat them only, but exactly the contrary. It is necessary to create spaces of practice and counterpower for escaping from the established, but above all if these have a direct role against the state and the view it creates, a role destructive of the hypertechnological system. Ground work is indispensable, as is participation in social struggles and involving oneself in many causes, but always recognizing the root problem and seeking its total destruction. If we do not hurry in the creation of a consolidated and strong resistance, an active opposition, within a few years we will be obliged to give thanks to work entire days in the trenches until the age of 67. Thus, from now on we associate ourselves in the Informal Anarchist Federation and the revolutionary front as a way and contribution to expanding the federation and the development of the true revolutionary movement (either as part of the federation and the front, or in autonomous and anonymous groups).

“This is what has happened, what we have. If anything scares us it is the return to normality, because in the streets in the actions, the expropriations, etc, in our cities of light and death, we do not see only the consequences of our rage, but rather attempts to be able to live again. We have nothing to do but turn it into a living reality, to halt the field of everyday life, our power to materialize our desires, our power to not contemplate but rather transform the real–that is our vital space, everything else is dead.”

“Those who want to understand will understand, now is the moment to shatter our invisible cages and to transform our small and pathetic lives.”

We escape from the networks and structures of capital created by sociopaths, we escape from the substitution of the social networks that make us avoid ourselves for a better world in which we only speak with the wall, developing the cancer that presupposes [also entails, signifies – transl] appearances, and we do not want to appear [as in to seem, to feign – transl] but rather to attack. We unite with the insurgents. That it’s no use from the start, the critique of this–our actions and struggle–does not have a political expression, our struggle is our political expression.

Our struggle is the only thing we have. We are not for making a fool of anyone, we are precarious youth at war against domination.

To part with the appointed times: we consider that during and after an action or demonstration a series of things happen; first we gain–that is, we achieve the objective thereby concretely sabotaging the objective, and then we lose since we return to adhering to spectacular normality, we abandon the subversive role and we go on to exist within the networks again; thus and so far as it is possible, actions should go on extending themselves, perpetuating themselves and making themselves daily and habitual until–together with words, solidarity and every type of anarchist practice–they can create some subversive social fabrics and some strong bases of counterpower.

We did not want these words to just be dead words.

Coordinated actions:

Mailing of envelopes that simulated explosive letters:

On November 17th and 18th, two envelopes that simulated explosive letters we sent to the headquarters of the PSC and the PPC in Barcelona.[1] The same day of the 18th, notes were left at the door of both headquarters reading: “The domination, abuses, terror and control do not go unnoticed; expressions of rage will not be mere simulations next time. Death to capital and the politicians. Long live anarchy.”

Barcelona, November 20th, 2011:

In the late night to early hours of November 19th-20th, the locks of 15 polling stations were sealed, some cameras located in the same centers were obscured and attacked. Later, at 1:30am, the street was blockaded at Av. Meridiana and Ruben Dario (around #460), later at 2:15-2:30 the street was blockaded between Claramunt and Serós.

On November 20th, 12:30pm, Barcelona: bomb threat in the city of (in)justice.

On November 20th, 7:50pm, Badalona: bomb threat to the courthouse of Badalona.

On November 20th, no one votes, active abstention, They do not represent us!

Anti-authoritarian Insurgency of Action / Informal Anarchist Federation

For the comrades of other countries who don’t understand:
1. PPC and PSC are the Cataluña branches of the (un)Popular Party and the P$OE — parties that represent in the $tate the major political forces enacting and coordinating cuts and privatizations.

* Translation notes: The Spanish language, in addition to ‘anarchism’ and ‘anarchy,’ has a third related term–acracia–which can be translated as anarchy. It has the most apolitical connotation of the three, so we translate it here as ‘chaos.’ We generally translated its adjective form as ‘anarchic.’

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Barcelona, sabotajes anti-electorales por Insurgencia Antiautoritària d’Acció / Federación Anarquista Informal (Catalunya-España)

Monday, November 21st, 2011

– English translation here.

325 recibe y transmite:

17-20 Novembre 2011 – Acciones coordinadas

por Insurgencia Antiautoritaria de Accion/Federación Anarquista Informal


Siempre nos preguntemos por que en el estado español no se planteó la estrategia de una federación internacional unitaria. En lugar de esperar y seguir con interrogantes, damos un pasito.

Después de un año aproximadamente de pequeñas acciones anónimas de sabotajes, de fracasos y de pequeñas victorias, se ha decidido contemplar la Anarquia desde otra perspectiva, por eso hemos tomado la decisión de formar parte de la Federación Anarquista Informal y del Frente Revolucionario Internacional. Queremos experimentar de cerca la sensación que conlleva el hecho de adherirse a este proyecto, estudiar nuevas formas de entender la Acracia y participar en todos los campos de lucha. El Anarquismo es un movimiento de liberación, un arma de lucha, una forma de vida y/o accionar, o almenos muchxs lo entendemos así. Queremos tener una oportunidad de tener un papel crucial en la guerra social y a partir del trabajo diario, vamos a ser constantes. De la misma forma, se pretende abrir la lata o plantear desde la autocritica nuevas formas de acción directa y animar a la organización informal, horizontal y combativa. Creemos en el antiautoritarismo, en la acracia y en u na fuerte praxis anarquista, asi como la reproducción constante de sabotajes, boicots y ataques que dificulten y puedan mermar los proyectos del capital y al capital en si. También en esta forma de lucha optamos y aceptamos el ataque directo contra el Nazifascismo, en la lucha contra la autoridad y contra el sistema, el ataque contundente contra el Nazifascismo es un frente más y es fundamental la lucha directa y posterior aplastamiento de quien se cree superior racial y políticamente de lxs demás. Buscamos la creación de una situación continua de tensión y conflictividad contra el poder.

“Ante un sistema de control y dominación solo la lucha combativa ha de prevalecer”

Entendemos los ataques y la destrucción del orden social como una herramienta muy válida y decisiva, sin embargo, no lo hacemos un dogma revolucionario ni un fetichismo, y depende de la situación su aplicación, reproducción y desempeño puede variar. Después de reflexionar, de profundizar y de análisis, creemos que en los ataques se precisa una cierta calidad, en efecto, sin dejar de lado lo cuantitativo.

Dejamos claro que lo cualitativo es esencial, debemos mirar de perjudicar al sistema y su funcionamiento de raíz, es decir, como ejemplo buscar alguna forma de perjudicar el consumo de mercancías como el ataque al Wall Mart en México, sabotear una jornada electoral entera perjudicando y haciendo imposible su normal funcionamiento, destruir las máquinas y posesiones de algún cacique, vamos, agresiones y ataques directos que provoquen un miedo de verdad a lxs responsables del terror gubernamental. También puede ser muy efectivo empapelar media metrópolis con propaganda subversiva o en solidaridad con compañerxs presxs. Las acciones y los ataques al capitalismo como un MEDIO eficaz.

“Pero es interesante preguntarse si ahora.. que poco a poco se va conociendo parte de nuestro pasado, que poco a poco se va ampliando nuestro sueño de una Federación Anarquista Informal/Frente Revolucionario Internacional. Si ahora nuestrxs afines en la Península ibérica también se van a quedar en el medio de las multitudes anónimas o por el contrario se suman al empeño revolucionario”
Gabriel Pombo da Silva

En el estado español (¡que arda su bandera!) hemos vivido duros episodios de represión, pues los grupos armados y resistentes en los 90 y en los años 70 tuvieron mucha fuerza, el sistema y el estado se volvió especialmente represor contra cualquier disidencia organizada y con cualquier círculo insurgente. Las prisiones y el sistema carcelario son especialmente represores y las condiciones de lxs presxs (y más si son presxs politicxs) son malas, muy malas. De esta forma se hace entendible que hasta el momento, las acciones hayan sido anónimas. Sin embargo, ante nuevas situaciones políticas y nuevos procesos revolucionarios, algunxs han visto la necesidad de formar parte de un proyecto común, de extender la familia revolucionaria por más horizontes y levantar los puños contra los viejos dogmas, buscar nuevos frentes y tratar de trabajar como un círculo antagónico. Gabriel Pombo da Silva (un saludo para el) está en lo cierto, a partir de las experiencias propias debemos seguir buscando, estudiando y actuando para engrandecer nuestra experiencia y los daños contra las nuevas fases del capitalismo cada vez más y más monopolista. Es decir, unirnos al empeño revolucionario. No obstante, la FAI/IRF es una opción para quien lo quiera, para quien quiera usar ese medio como herramienta de lucha y como acercamiento a otrxs compas que por desgracia, viven más lejos.

“Escudarse diciendo que el contexto político en el lugar donde se vive no es el adecuado para la lucha, es solo una excusa para no romper la tranquilidad de la cotidianidad” Silvia Guerini

Es fácil ser un mero espectador de la guerra social desde la pantalla del ordenador, pero por que sea fácil no significa que sea válido. Creemos que no todo depende del contexto y de la situación como algo que flota en el aire y es externo. Las situaciones las hemos de crear por nosotrxs mismxs, trabajar duro y crear proyectos propios, ser protagonistas de la guerra social y tener un papel activo, ser lxs protagonistas de nuestra propia realidad y lucha. Los problemas ecológicos y lxs que lxs provocan, la nanotecnología y la biotecnología, no se combatirán solas, todo lo contrario. Se necesita crear espacios de trabajo y de contrapoder, de escapar de lo establecido, pero sobretodo si estos tienen un papel directo contra el estado y a la vez que creativo, destructivo contra el sistema hipertecnológico. El trabajo de base es imprescindible como el participar en luchas sociales e implicarse en muchas causas, pero reconociendo siempre el problema de raíz y buscando su total destrucción. Si no nos apresuramos en la creación de una resistencia consolidada y fuerte, de una oposición activa, dentro de unos años deberemos dar gracias por trabajar jornadas enteras en zanjas hasta los 67 años. Por eso, a partir de ahora nos aglutinamos en la Federación Anárquica Informal y en el frente revolucionario como una forma y contribución de ampliar la federación y el desarrollo del verdadero movimiento revolucionario (sea como parte de la federación y del frente, o en grupos autónomos y anónimos)

“Esto es lo que ha pasado, lo que tenemos. Si algo nos asusta es el regreso a la normalidad por que en las calles en las acciones, las expropiaciones, etc en nuestras ciudades de luz y muerte, no vemos solo las consecuencias de nuestra rabia, si no, intentos de poder volver a vivir. Ya no tenemos nada que hacer salvo convertirlo en una realidad viviente, parando el campo de la vida cotidiana, nuestro poder de materializar nuestros deseos, nuestro poder de no contemplar si no transformar lo real, ese es nuestro espacio vital, todo lo demás es muerte.”

“Lxs que quieran entender entenderán, ahora es el momento de romper nuestras celdas invisibles y de transformar nuestras pequeñas y patéticas vidas.”

Escapamos de las redes y estructuras del capital, confeccionadas por sociópatas, escapamos del sucedáneo de las redes sociales que nos hacen evadirnos a un mundo mejor, mientras que hablamos solxs con la pared desarrollando el cáncer que supone el aparentar y nosotrxs no queremos aparentar, si no atacar. Nos unimos a lxs insurgentes. Que de nada sirvan de antemano, la critica de que nuestras acciones y lucha no tienen una expresión política, nuestra lucha es nuestra expresión política.

Nuestra lucha es lo único que tenemos. No estamos para venderle la moto a nadie, somos jóvenes precarixs en guerra contra la dominación.

Partiendo de las citas, consideramos que tras y durante de hacer una acción o una manifestación luchadora suceden una serie de cosas; primero ganamos, es decir, logramos el objetivo saboteando el objetivo en concreto y posteriormente perdemos, pues volvemos a aglutinarnos a la espectacular normalidad, dejamos de tener el papel subversivo y pasamos a estar entre las redes de nuevo, por eso y en medida de que cada uno pueda, las acciones deben seguir prolongándose, perpetuarse y hacerse diarias y habituales hasta que-junto las palabras, la solidaridad y todo tipo de trabajo anárquico-se puedan crear unos tejidos sociales subversivos y unas bases de contrapoder fuertes.

No queríamos que estas palabras fueran solo palabras muertas.

Acciones coordinadas:

Envío de sobres que simulaban ser cartas explosivas:

Los días 17 y 18 de noviembre se enviaron dos sobres que simulaban ser cartas explosivas a la sede central del PSC y del PPC en Barcelona. El mismo dia 18 se dejaron en la puerta de ambas sedes unas notas que rezaban: “El dominio, los abusos, el terror y el control no pasan inadvertidos, las expresiones de rabia no serán simples simulaciones posteriormente. Muerte al capital y a lxs politicxs. Viva la anarquia”.

Barcelona, 20 de Noviembre de 2011.

En la tardenoche-madrugada del 19 al 20 de noviembre se sellaron las cerraduras de 15 colegios electorales, se oscurecieron y atacaron algunas cámaras ubicadas en los mismos centros. Posteriormente, a la 1:30 de la madrugada, se corto la calle en el cruce de la avenida meridiana y la calle Ruben Darío (aproximadamente numero 460), más tarde a las 2:15-2:30 se cortó la calle en el cruce entre el Carrer de Claramunt i el Carrer de Serós.

12:30, 20 de Noviembre, Barcelona; aviso de bomba en la ciudad de la (in)justicia.

19:50, 20 de Noviembre, Badalona; aviso de bomba en los juzgados de Badalona.

El 20 de Noviembre nadie vota, abstención activa, ¡No nos representan!

Insurgencia Antiautoritària d’Acció/Federación Anarquista Informal

Para lxs compas de otros paises que no lo entiendan:
1. PPC y PSC son las ramas en Cataluña del Partido (in)Popular y el P$OE. Partidos que representan en el e$tado las fuerzas políticas mayoritarias autoras de realizar y coordinar los recortes y privatizaciones.
2. “Venderle la moto” significa tomar por estúpido a alguien.

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Wave of Arrests in Barcelona (Catalunya)

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Starting Monday, 3 October, the Mossos d’Escuadra, the Catalan police force, began a wave of arrests targeting people as they left their homes. It quickly came out that they had been ordered by the Spanish government in Madrid to arrest all 22 people identified via media photos in connection with the 15 June blockade of the Catalan parliament, in which politicians eventually had to be brought in via helicopter in order to approve the austerity cutbacks. Multiple politicians attempting to enter by car or on foot were insulted, spit on, and even spraypainted.

Since then, the mossos in conjunction with the media had adopted a strategy of demonization, taking advantage of the reformist sectors of the popular movement that naively sought to use a good image in the media to “spread their message” in order to get the movement pacifists to play the role of police and isolate the more radical elements. They avoided making any arrests so as not to unite the movement in solidarity.

Madrid, known for a different style of policing than the Catalan state, changed the rules of the game this October when they ordered the arrests of the troublemakers long-since identified by the Catalan police, thanks to the proliferation of filming at protests. In the first two days of arrests, 10 people were arrested, cited, and given a date to present themselves at the Audiencia Nacional in Madrid, in some cases in as few as three days. By Wednesday, lawyers had obtained the full list of 22 people, and curiously, nearly all of them are anarchists.

Anarchists make up an influential and vocal minority within the popular movement that began occupying Plaça Catalunya on the 15th of May, but they were numerically insignificant among the 200,000 people blockading parliament that day in June, and weren’t even the majority of those at the frontlines, blockading streets with dumpsters and spitting on politicians.

So far, it seems the State will have a hard time succeeding in this attempted repression, as the anarchists are well connected in their neighborhood assemblies and have broad-based support. What’s more, in the intervening months pacifism has largely been abandoned by many sectors of the movement as an undignified, ineffective tool of grassroots politicians.

The first day of the arrests, a spontaneous solidarity demo convened in the evening in Pl. Catalunya, drawing nearly a thousand people. In a rare achievement, the demo took over Las Ramblas, which it left covered in spraypainted slogans of solidarity, and marched on the Generalitat, the seat of the Catalan government, where hundreds of people shouted and vented their rage at the police for half an hour before deconvening. More solidarity actions are planned.

On Thursday, a second solidarity protest was held, this time drawing around 3,000 people who marched on the Interior Ministry, chanting largely anarchist and anti-capitalist slogans.

On Tuesday, 18 of those identified must appear in court in Madrid.

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Bomb alert in the Greek consulate of Barcelona (Catalunya)

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

Barcelona, ​​October 5th, 2011

19.30 GMT+1, bomb alert in the Greek consulate in solidarity with Epanastatikos Agonas (Revolutionary Struggle).

We demand the unconditional release of N.Maziotis, P.Roupa, K.Gournas, Ch.Kortesis, V.Stathopoulos, S.Nikitopoulos and M.Beraha.

We are going to win.

Subversive struggle

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Tamara Hernández sentenced to eight years in prison (Catalunya)

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

The Court of Barcelona has sentenced anarchist Tamara Hernández Heras to eight years in prison for sending a letter-bomb to former Prison Services General Secretary Albert Batlle in October 2009.

Hernández was to be tried today in the seventh circuit of the Court of Barcelona, but she ultimately accepted the reduced sentence offered by the Prosecutor’s Office, settling for eight years in prison—half of what the Prosecutor’s Office initially requested, according to court sources.

Had Hernández not accepted the plea deal, the prosecutor would likely have pushed for a 16-year sentence—12 years for attempted murder and 4 years for possession of explosives.

Despite strict security measures, a demonstration protesting Hernández’ sentence was held at the entrance to the Court of Barcelona.

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Dark Nights #11 & #12 – Anarchist & Anti-Prison Newsletter May 2011

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Dark Nights is an anarchist & anti-prison PDF freesheet of resistance reports and repression news to download and print out.

Two part special issue for May 2011. Four pages of UK news with an eight page European Social Struggle supplement / A3 size.

#11 : Anti-System Conflict in the United Kingdom
This issue carries news about the increase in subversive action across the UK and the recent repression wave against squats and autonomous social centres in the wake of the March 26th TUC Demo / Black rzocoruse.com Bloc. Also covers Telepathic Heights eviction, Stokes Croft riots etc.

#12 : European Social Struggle – May Supplement
The longer supplement has a combative Mayday report from Barcelona, a small contribution on the topic of Solidarity by the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire in Greece, and the call for an escalated struggle against Genetic Manipulation by Swiss eco-anarchist prisoners, who are on hunger strike May 1 to 28, in Switzerland (Billy, Marco, Silvia and Costas).

Organise and Resist.

Anti-Copyright Network 2011

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Barcelona : A Combative May Day Regained (Catalunya)

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

May Day 2011 comes on the heels of two general strikes (29S, in September, called for by all the unions, and 27G, in January, called only by the anarchosyndicalist and radical independent unions). These strikes saw the creation of over half a dozen neighborhood assemblies and a periodic coordination between them, as well as other groups organizing at a citywide level. The confrontational barricades and pickets of the minoritarian unions (CNT and CGT) were vindicated, as were the insurrectionary anarchists’ tactics of attack and idea of an uncontrolled generalization of the struggle. (more…)

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Patricia Heras kills herself after being sentenced for a crime she did not commit (Catalunya)

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Background: Barcelona / February 4 2006: There was a fight with the police outside a massive party in a squatted building (not run by people from the movement though) where some 1500 people were attending. In the confused events that followed a cop was hit by a potted plant thrown from a balcony causing him severe injuries that left him paraplegic. Importantly, the original police report that attributed the injuries of the cop to a potted plant has mysteriously vanished. The arrested and hunted of that moment were randomly taken from among passers-by; people leaving from the party, even a couple of young guys who happened to have the bad luck of having a motorbike accident driving through the area.. a well known and classic tale of police revenge… they were brutality beaten and fitted up. (more…)

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Molotov attack on Italian consulate in solidarity with the comrades arrested in Bologna (Catalunya)

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Communique from Informa-Azione, translated by War on Society:

18 April 2011

The night of April 18 to 19 we attacked the Italian consulate in Barcelona, located at Carrer Mallorca 270, with a molotov cocktail.

This gesture is intended as a cry of solidarity to the comrades of Bologna and Ferrara affected by repression, an act of proximity and complicity with the arrested, the raided, the suspects.

We will never stop supporting any struggle which aims at a world without borders, police, states and jails.

‘Cause the real terrorist is not the one who fights for freedom and against barbarism, but those who march under the wing of the law, bomb, kill, rape and lock up.


“Freedom is not to be told, it is a blind condition, it refuses to be put in writing”


“Individualist solidarity is, in any place, out of place”

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Attacks in Barcelona dedicated to the prisoners of the "bombs case" (Chile)

Monday, March 14th, 2011

10 March 2011

We want to dedicate these small gestures of attack to all the insurgents across the globe

Because this world is totally subjugated by a system, the State-Capitalism, that devastates the planet and exploits and oppresses all life forms within it. Because in this system, a few privileged ones hold power, economic as well as social or political, and they use it as an instrument for subjugating the rest to the misery of its domination and domestication, through patriarchy, the state apparatus, and the economy, condemning thousands to death, to poverty, and condemning all those who rebel to repression, prison, punishment…

For all these reasons we have to rise up in war against the system and against all those who operate or directly support it: the rich, politicians, police, judges, journalists, and other trash. And to teach by example we try to do our little part so that this trash is also sometimes on the receiving end, via revolutionary violence, of the repercussions of their rottenness; so that at least they don’t sleep tranquilly and so that they feel that at any moment their property, their companies, their institutions can become the target of our rage.

That’s why on the night of March 10 we attacked the following sites in Barcelona

-A bank (Savings and Pension Bank of Barcelona) in the Sagrera neighborhood with the use of a homemade incendiary device consisting of flammable liquid, a homemade initiator, and a slow fuse.
-A Santander bank branch on Passeig Maragall, through the destruction of its windows.
-15 bancs in Gracia through the gluing of their doors and cash machines.

We want to dedicate these small gestures of attack to all the insurgents across the globe, with a special eye towards the 10 anarchists incarcerated in Chile on hunger strike, prisoners within the so-called “bombs case.” For them and all the other indomitables an insurrectionary greeting.

Revolt and sabotage are easy and reproducible. Anyone in any place can, individually or collectively, put them into practice. Let us extend the attacks against this infected system, and solidarity towards those who suffer it and towards those who are repressed by it.

We promise more and better.

Death to the State and long live Anarchy

Celulas locas de remate

translated from lahaine.org via anarchistnews.org

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