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Brindisi prison attacked with 2 improvised explosive devices (Italy)

Friday, October 16th, 2015

According to the prison service, in the late evening of 5 October, the prison of Brindisi was attacked with two improvised grenades. The first bomb exploded along the outer wall, while the second was found – unexploded – under the gas meter, the scientific police intervened on the spot after the explosion of the first bomb.

Info via crocenera.

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Administering Fear – About the Bomb of Brindisi (Italy)

Saturday, June 16th, 2012

Text of a leaflet distributed in Lecce after a heinous event that took place in Brindisi (southern Italy) on 19th May 2012: an explosive device blew up at the entrance of a high school as students were entering the building. A sixteen years old girl, Melissa Bassi, was killed and five others girls were seriously injured (translator’s note).

Among everything said and not said concerning the act of terrorism committed in Brindisi, there was the suggestion of an anarchist link. Being neither cops nor investigators, we are not hunting for the perpetrators, but we do want to firmly state that such an ethically contemptible act certainly has some other paternity. If the use of violence might be necessary for anarchists, it must always bear in mind the coherence that exists between means and ends. Slaying a symbol of power is very different from carrying out massacres of unarmed students. (more…)

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