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Spain: 14 anarchist/libertarian prisoners take part in a rotative hunger strike

Thursday, October 29th, 2020

Rotating Hungerstrike in Spanish prisons

From last 1st of September on at least 14 prisoners, mostly anarchists, take actually part of a new rotating hunger strike against the precarious health conditions in the Spanish prisons. They reinvicate also a 14 point program against isolation custody (FIES/DERT), tortures and physical and psychical violence from the prison guards, dispersion of prisoners far from their home, etc. Every comrade is doing a 10-days-hungerstrike, one following other, every month 3 prisoners.

Violence in Spanish prisons is very common, every year 200 prisoners die inside Spanish prisons violently or from drugs, no medical attention or diseases. Actually in corona times, the conditions in jail are mostly insoportables (bad food, no activities, no visits…). Last month of August our comrade Carmen Badía Lachos was violated from a prison guard inside the ‘hospital’ part of the Zuera-prision (Zaragoza). (more…)

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