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Tory Club Smashed and Cop 4×4 Torched – Bristol (UK)

Saturday, April 13th, 2013


To celebrate the news of Thatcher’s death we smashed the front windows of the Conservative Club on Fishponds Road in Bristol in the early hours of this morning.

No matter how many tributes to a “great woman” appear in the media, we will never remember her as anything other than a vicious tyrant who rolled out the aggressive free market capitalism that flourishes today. The only good politician is a dead one!

Even compared to politicians in general Thatcher was one of the most hated figures in recent UK history, which is why she was under armed guard 24 hours a day until her death in the five star Ritz hotel. She led an all out assault on living conditions of the “underclass” she so openly despised, entrenching and enriching the ruling classes. We are only a few of the thousands upon thousands who are lining up to piss on her grave.

The response in Bristol to her death was immediate. The night the news broke there was a large street party in Easton to celebrate. When cops arrived to break it up they were met with bricks, bottles and burning barricades, injuring several state thugs and damaging a police vehicle. Our thoughts are with the arrested and the many more who defied the riot squad and their “pacifist” allies.

We attacked the club where Thatcher’s arse lickers hang out, but don’t get us wrong – political parties are only one face of the global dominant order. The same system of exploitation they represent churns on regardless of who hold office. Thatcher’s day saw forceful revolt against her regime (the miners strike, the poll tax rebellion and more), and today’s rulers can be sure that they also face our fury.

Thatcher actively supported and defended Pinochet’s military dictatorship in Chile. Under the new economic dictatorship of democracy, rebellious students, Mapuche indigenous warriors and anarchist-subversives continue to be persecuted by the same fascist-era laws. We greet Marcelo, Juan and Freddy in Santiago high security dungeon, solid social fighters since the time of Pinochet’s rule, and those targeted by the Chilean state’s latest frame-up who are held in Temuco women’s prison (also the scene of a recent riot).

Finally, our team takes responsibility for the recent arson on a police 4×4 in a garage off Pennywell Road in Easton. These servants of the state should never be safe on the streets from our attack, here as in Moscow, Cairo or Montreal.




unruly anarchists (in the spirit of Millbank)

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Conservative Association attacked in Bristol (UK)

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

From IMC UK:
30 May 2012

We attacked Bristol Conservative Association, just off Whiteladies Road, because let’s face it, their windows are calling out to be broken. We broke the main windows and threw paint. We sprayed “SCUM” and an anarchy sign over their front door and wall to make it difficult to remove.

This is a rejection of all party politics. The whole system must go.

Brand A, or Brand B, Pepsi or Cola, Labour or Conservative, we are allowed to chose anything we want as long as it’s within the pre-written guidelines of capitalism, the state, and the myth of democracy.

These non-choices will not contain us, despite the Tories proposed increase in state surveillance powers.

The Con-Dem government have slashed benefits, criminalised squatting, cut back services, denied access to the “justice” system and generally continued and escalated Labours war on the poor.

This isn’t a reformist gesture, but a small gesture of our defiance. Governments have proven throughout time that their only interest is serving the rich and they don’t give a fuck about the rest of us. The only way we will find true freedom is through the destruction of the state and capitalism.

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