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International call for solidarity with Zerman Elias – 7/2/12 (Chile)

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

From culmine, translated by war on society:

Zerman Elias was arrested on September 22nd after having thrown a molotov cocktail at a gas-projecting truck of the riot police. This action was within the context of revolt after a student march. Zerman is arrested by three bastards of the carbineros [military police] who were dressed as demonstrators and after the attack tackled the comrade. (more…)

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Joint declaration of subversive and revolutionary prisoners in support of comrade Luciano 'Tortuga' (Chile)

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

From liberaciontotal, translated by war on society:

This text was written before Luciano entered the health area of the Santiago 1 prison. Its delay in publication is due to the involvement of the different comrades imprisoned under the $hilean state, held in different prisons, so the dissemination and editing of this was made very difficult.

Joint declaration of subversive and revolutionary prisoners in support of the comrade Luciano Pitronello.

To the broad and widespread revolutionary/subversive spectrum:

We combatants of freedom have from within different centers of extermination united our words in order to make from them a strong gesture that passes through the isolation with which Power intends to silence us, so that our united gestures arrive at those comrades who do not take a step back before the enemy. This initiative aims to break the logics with which democracy sustains itself, those who with their moral citizenship seek to isolate the comrades in order to relegate them to forgottenness, but they do not frighten us and we raise our voice to send our strength and care to the comrade Luciano Pitronello, who after the events of the early hours of June 1st has been seriously injured. (more…)

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A Flame of Solidarity from the CCF to the Brothers and Sisters in Chile (Greece)

Friday, November 18th, 2011

When the prison bars stop our hands from throwing the fire of anarchy into the world of power, our words become the sharp rasp of escape.

Armed with thoughts, desires, secret plans, new conspiracies, we give a warmest embrace in our imaginary meeting with the comrades of action across the world.

Now we want our voice to reach our brothers and sister in distant Chile to Luciano (Tortuga) prosecuted on November 22 and to Monica, to Felipe, to Francisco, to Omar, and Carlos on November 28, because they are anarchists and enemies of power. (more…)

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Solidarity with Cristobal Franke (Chile)

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Roughly translated from Liberacion Total.

On Friday 28 October, our comrade Cristobal Franke (“Mono”), was beaten by three prison guards.

The situation occurred around 16:45 pm, Mono was dozing in his cell when the bastards entered carrying out a search. When one of them asked if he had something of value, Cristobal says “yes”, “their money”. The guards replied without humour by beating Mono and throwing him down a flight of stairs. (more…)

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Combative Solidarity with Cristobal Bravo Franke (Chile)

Friday, September 16th, 2011


Urgent news of an arrest of a comrade in Chile, our quick translation:

Yesterday a vegan anti-authoritarian comrade, Cristobal Bravo Franke, was arrested and accused of being involved in an attack on a minion of power at the commemoration of September 11 in Chile (the date on which the military coup occurred in 1973 always has large anarchist/anti-authoritarian demos).

From the press, faithful followers of the police, they spout that the comrade was being investigated in the “Caso Bombas” (A case in which power, on 14 August last year, placed a vengeance against 14 comrades for scores of attacks they could not solve.), and Cristobal was watched and persecuted.

Unfortunately for the comrade, Attorney Alejandro Peña himself has taken his case, this bastard is responsible for implementing “Operation Salamander” (which was the official name of the so-called “Caso Bombas” by the press) that actually took 14 comrades to prison. …

On the other hand, we call to be cautious about the information which is coming out about the situation, because so far nothing is made public [other than this statement], as even the words of those who represent you in court is not significant until we hear the words of the comrade himself.

This does not mean that we stood still against this repression …

Desde acá te enviamos un abrazo en revuelta a tí y a tus cercanxs, hermanándonos en tu actitud beligerante frente al enermigo.


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