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EN/ES: Call in solidarity with political anarchist stands – Tirso de Molina square, Madrid (Spain)

Thursday, September 10th, 2020

Since last July 19, the date on which the municipal police evicted us from the Tirso de Molina square with the threat of sanctions and seizure of the stands, we have been gathering every Sunday to protest against this arbitrary decision by the City Council. We maintain that it is a political decision rather than a health one, since that day we were complying with the measures imposed by the Community; masks, distance between the stalls, hand disinfection gels, if we add to this that the space in the plaza is wide and the number of stalls that we set up that morning was small, it was not possible that there would be crowds.

In fact, the only official justification we received from the agents was not having a license and the assertion that “El Rastro was closed by municipal order.” The reality is that El Rastro continues to be closed as of today since the stalls do not accept the City Council’s reform plans that seek to end the emblematic market as we know it and also know that for more than three decades political stands lack licenses. For this reason, we are convinced that the Pandemic is only an excuse to eliminate political positions that spread ideas and free culture, and it is clear that Tirso de Molina and El Rastro are also part of the gentrification plans that we have been suffering in the area in recent years. (more…)

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