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Tensions with Reformism & the Constituent Process in the Midst of Fire & Rioting in Chile

Sunday, August 16th, 2020

The following text is a translation by Anarchists Worldwide of an article from Estallido Antisocial / Antisocial Outburst, a new anarchist publication from Chile. You can download a copy of the publication HERE.


The idea and practice of anarchic insurrection in the Chilean region and the world is enough to make us forget who we are and to uncritically join social revolts in which diverse and sometimes contradictory interests are involved.

For us, insurrectionists and antisocial anarchists, it has been a great joy to share moments of generalised rebellion between like-minded people and sometimes with circumstantial accomplices united by the desire to bring out the rage against what oppresses us.

However, when we go deeper into the visions about the struggle and what we want to destroy and build, the differences usually come out and we are not interested in this going unnoticed just to be socially accepted. On the contrary, the fire of our indomitable hearts calls us to propagate the idea and practice of confrontation against all forms of social order. (more…)

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The Quarantine of Fascism in Peru

Sunday, August 9th, 2020

The following text is a translation by Anarchists Worldwide of an article from Estallido Antisocial / Antisocial Outburst, a new anarchist publication from Chile. You can download a copy of the publication HERE.

The Quarantine of Fascism in Peru

The presence of the military and the police is normalized and applauded by a large part of the population.

The repression of the Peruvian state against the population or “the disobedient” as they say, is the same as what they do in protests or during any curfew in a territory in conflict with an extractive industry, with a company that exploits its workers or that pollutes us like Monsanto on our tables, like the mining companies in the mountains, the oil companies in the jungle, and so on.

This repression of “the disobedient” comes with humiliations such as doing exercises as if it were a barracks or a military or police drill. There are also beatings and haircuts with the approval and mockery of people who inhabit the neighborhoods and they start recording the situations when the same agents who exercise the repression in Peru and other countries such as Ecuador or the Dominican Republic carry it out.

Another situation that has been seen is the applause, celebration and cheering by citizens in the face of the curfew and the arrival in the streets of the military, police and municipal police, forgetting what this decree has historically meant as an instrument of repression that has also reappeared in countries like Chile. (more…)

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Chile: Spreading Ideas Against Power and Their Society

Monday, July 20th, 2020


From autonomous initiative as ungovernable individuals we spread anarchy without expecting the progress of the “social struggles” that leads to an illusory future state of “welfare and progress.”

The images and feelings of thousands of people fighting in the streets of Chile before the COVID-19 pandemic are still fresh in our memories. Also fresh is the conviction that our lives have been in revolt since long before October 18, 2019, and that in our wild journey we have wielded a theoretical and practical arsenal that has long since ceased to be determined by levels of social and citizen acceptance of violent protest.

We are no longer lost in the absurd idea of considering any person just for the fact of living in society and we are always happy that more people are rebelling against normality by vandalizing buildings state and corporate, looting or attacking the police. However, this does not mean that we are willing to let the revolts, our ideas and practices mingle in the midst of mass discourses, humanitarians or reformists who do not represent us.

This is why we deny all typecasting: we are not the people, we are not a class, we are not a vanguard, we do not proclaim ourselves part of a “glorious front line” or any other fictitious social or idealized category to homogenize individuals in the midst of the revolt.

We rebel against all social norms and impositions, aiming at the formation of associations that are free and consistent with our essence: individuals in struggle living the revolt as a continuous present that forges its own evolution in the destruction of the existent, in constant conflict with authority and hierarchical ways of relating, and for the permanent construction of anarchic links of autonomy and horizontality in the here and now.

Nothing more, but also nothing less.

We open this space of communication and dissemination to connect with other like-minded people, collectivizing ideas, tensions and proposals that move us away from comfort and stagnation.

For the permanent tension against the State, power and the society that gives it life.

Against all forms of authority, we constantly strive to bring Anarchy to life.

Introduction to Estallido Antisocial / Antisocial Outburst, a new anarchist publication from Chile.

Translation: anarchistsworldwide.noblogs.org

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