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'The Subcontraction Of Prison Violence' by John Bowden (UK)

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

From a comrade of ABC Brighton:

Ultimately prisons exist as instruments of state violence, and no matter how legitimized by statuary law their prime function and purpose is to inflict pain and suffering in the interests of social control. They are nothing more than blunt weapons of state power and ruling class authority and for those confined within them the experience of naked vulnerability and brutality is a constant every day reality.

Control within prisons themselves is maintained by a mixture and blend of officially sanctioned violence in the form of riot-squads, control units, segregation-units and “control and restraint teams” and the more unofficial forms of violence inherent in prison gangs and prisoner hierarchies, which ultimately are allowed to exist providing they serve the interests of the system in maintaining the overall prison status quo. Intrinsically prisons embody the iron law that ultimately power equals violence, especially in closed and total institutions like prisons where people, usually the most dispossessed and powerless, are held against their will.

In the UK prisons unofficial violence is an institutionalised and “normal” way whereby prisoners are controlled and terrorised into conforming and it is customary for those officially employed to maintain prison “good order and discipline” to recruit and manipulate prisoners into controlling their fellow captives by any means necessary, even occasionally murder. (more…)

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CSC Operational Manager Claire Hodson and her role in the death of Zaheed Mubarek (UK)

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

The woman who has been in charge of the torture units within English prisons for the last few years is CSC Operational Manager Claire Hodson.

Claire did not start her career within prison management, but at the bottom as a prison officer working at Feltham young offenders prison. It was whilst working with these young, vulnerable children that she first began her experiments in psychological warfare with the aim of inducing prisoner on prisoner violence.

She did not always have the name Hodson, but was known by the young prisoners at Feltham as Officer Bigger. It may be due to this change in name that the public have missed her rise through the prison service as it is unlikely she would have been forgotten otherwise. (more…)

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