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ES/PT – Adjudicación de ataque doxxing contra abogado en Brasil

Tuesday, November 17th, 2020

A todxs

Asumimos la autoría de un ataque doxxing contra FABRÍCIO JORGE CARVALHO ZANINI, abogado en la ciudad de Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Datos en los enlaces a continuación:



Además ser abogado, ZANINI es miembro de una hampa que usando las empresas ABEPREV (Asociación de los Beneficiarios de la Seguridad Social de Rio de Janeiro), ANSP (Asociación Nacional de Seguridad y Prevención) e CENAAT (Nucleo de Apoyo al Jubilado y al Trabajador) robó millones de reais de desempleadxs e ancianxs pobres a título de honorarios anticipados, con falsas promesas de obtener jubilaciones y rentas junto al gobierno. La querella contra los gangsters se ha prolongado durante años en el judiciario brasileño e ellos siguen haciendo nuevas víctimas. FABRÍCIO JORGE CARVALHO ZANINI es enemigo del pueblo, por eso sufrió un ataque doxxing. (more…)

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Adjudicación de ataque doxxing contra fascista en Brasil

Saturday, September 19th, 2020

A todxs

Asumimos la autoría de una acción doxxing contra RODRIGO FARIAS FERRONATO, empresario y militante fascista. Datos en los enlaces a continuación:



Furioso por tener que usar mascarilla contra la pandemia de COVID-19 para entrar en una pequeña heladería en la ciudad de Campinas, interior de la provincia de São Paulo, el 13-09-2020, RODRIGO FARIAS FERRONATO depredó la tienda y hizo amenazas, agravios y agresiones físicas contra la dueña. Cuando un video* del hecho apareció en internet, hizo 2 publicaciones en la red social Twitter en apoyo al fascista Jair Bolsonaro y con agresiones misóginas y machistas contra todas las mujeres.

RODRIGO FARIAS FERRONATO es apoyador fanático del fascista Jair Bolsonaro y miembro de la vasta red de fascistas que divulgan fake news en internet en apoyo al gobierno del psicópata genocida.

Aprovechamos para recordar nuestras cuatro (4) demandas al Congreso Nacional de Brasil y al supuesto “gobierno” federal brasileño debido a la pandemia de COVID-19 (coronavirus): (more…)

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U$A: Joe Biden’s, a few senators and a few congress person’s home address and home phones

Tuesday, June 9th, 2020

We published Joe Biden’s, a few senators and a few congress persons home address and home phones.



Leaked info:

No Justice No Peace

Comrades, until we can once again gaze upon the flaming buildings of the enemy.

The day will come when the crash of this world will dance to the rhythms of our attack.

For the trumpets of anarchist war to sound again!

Because it was worth a try




Stay safe and strong… Our day will come!

Presidential Candidate

firstname lastname homeadd2 homeadd1 homezip homecity homephone homefax
Joe Biden Suite 2000 1105 North Market Street 19801 Wilmington 302-573-6345


firstname lastname homephone homefax homeadd2 homeadd1 homezip homecity
Tammy Baldwin 608-258-9800 608-258-9808 Suite 405 10 East Doty Street 53703
Roy Blunt 417-889-1800 417-889-4915 2740-B East Sunshine 65804
Sherrod Brown 440-934-5100 440-934-5145 5201 Abbe Road 44035 Elyria
Richard Burr 336-631-5125 336-725-4493 2000 West First Street 508 Piedmont
Plaza Two 27104 Winston-Salem
Benjamin Cardin 410-433-8886 410-433-2110 Suite 230 600 Wynhurst Avenue 21210

Congress Persons

firstname lastname homeadd2 homeadd1 homezip homecity homephone homefax
Robert Aderholt 1710 Alabama Avenue 247 Carl Elliott Building 35501 Jasper
205-221-2310 205-221-9035
Michael Bilirakis Suite 1600 1100 Cleveland Street 33755 Clearwater
727-441-3721 727-442-8180
Sanford Bishop 235 Roosevelt Avenue, Suite 114 Albany Towers 31701 Albany
229-439-8067 229-436-2099
Earl Blumenauer Suite 115 729 Northeast Oregon Street 97232 Portland
503-231-2300 503-230-5413
Kevin Brady Suite 304 200 River Pointe Drive 77304 Conroe 936-441-5700
Steve Chabot 441 Vine Street 3003 Carew Tower 45202 Cincinnati 513-684-2723
Danny Davis Suite 130 3333 West Arthington 60624 Chicago 773-533-7520
Peter DeFazio Suite 400 151 West Seventh Avenue 97401 Eugene 541-465-6732
Diana Degette Suite 202 600 Grant Street 80203 Denver 303-844-4988 303-844-4996
Rosa DeLauro 59 Elm Street 6510 New Haven 203-562-3718 203-772-2260
Lloyd Doggett 300 East Eighth Street 763 Federal Building 78701 Austin
512-916-5921 512-916-5108
Mike Doyle 11 Duff Road 15235 Pittsburgh 412-241-6055 412-241-6820
Eliot Engel 3655 Johnson Avenue 10463 Bronx 718-796-9700
Anna Eshoo 698 Emerson Street 94301 Palo Alto 650-323-2984 650-323-3498
Kay Granger Suite 407 1701 River Run Road 76107 Fort Worth 817-338-0909
Mark Green 700 East Walnut Street 54301 Green Bay 920-437-1954
Steny Hoyer Suite 310 6500 Cherrywood Lane 20770 Greenbelt 301-474-0119

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Minnesota state hacked (U$A)

Monday, June 1st, 2020

Responsibility claim received, raw dump of email addresses, username and passwords from .state.mn.us:

“fuck capitalism the state and especially fuck cops. civilization needs to burn”


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Brazil: Doxxing Attack Against the Leader of the Right-Wing PRB Party by NOS

Tuesday, May 19th, 2020

Translated by AWW.

Adjudicación de ataque doxxing contra dirigente del partido derechista PRB en Brasil [Esp/Port]

To all

We claim responsibility for the doxxing action against ANTÔNIO PEREIRA FONTINELE, who resides in São Paulo, Brazil. Details in the links below:




This individual holds the position of “regional coordinator in the southern region 2 of São Paulo” in the leadership of the right-wing PRB – Brazilian Republican Party, also called Republican 10 (party of the “centrão“, a condominium of right-wing rental parties and base of the government of the fascist Jair Bolsonaro) created and financed by the billionaire Edir Macedo, evangelical “bishop” who owns the IURD – Universal Church of the Kingdom of God and the Record TV network, spokesman of the Bolsonaro regime. FONTINELE is linked to Marcos Pereira, president of the PRB and federal deputy of São Paulo, whom Bolsonaro wants to elect president of the national congress. (more…)

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Call For Action: Expropriationist Anarchy in Crisis Times – Ransomware “Covid-19”

Thursday, April 9th, 2020

Call for action

Attack with Covid-19

Expropriationist anarchy in crisis times

Strike capital in cyberspace, where is it structured

Panic surrounding Covid-19 has created ghost towns, empty streets, military law, stopped industries, slowed down production and reproduction of capital… more than any strike ever managed to do.

With workers/consumers being stuck between 4 walls most of capital flows are moved to cyberspace. Cyberspace is not parallel or outside of this world, it is an extension of this world. Capital which is circulating and accumulated in cyberspace is an extension of capital.

Expropriations are made very difficult during lockdown.
Most of the shops are closed, most of the cash registers are empty, cops everywhere, everyone who is walking outside is automatically suspicious, there is not enough people to run and blend in into the masses…

On the other hand
everyone is online now.

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NOS – Acciones en el mes de julio de 2019 en Brasil / Actions in the month of July 2019 in Brazil

Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

To everyone

We assume responsibility for the following actions in the city of São Paulo on July 2019:

– 2 noise bombs in a trash can in a bathroom of the luxurious Bourbon Shopping complex, on Avenida Francisco Matarazzo 1785, in the Perdizes neighborhood, west of São Paulo, on Sunday 14-07-2019, in retaliation for the presence in this shopping center of the Riachuelo and Yuny corporations, owned by the fascist magnates Flávio Rocha and José Yunes. Manifesto in www.pastebin.com/QMZe6tWZ [removed link]

– Doxxing attack against EMERSON MIGUEL PETRIV and MATHEUS VINICCIUS RIBEIRO PETRIV, aka Boca Abierta and Boca Abierta Junior, respectively father and son and federal and provincial deputies of the PROS party for the state of Paraná and supporters of fascist Jair Bolsonaro. Manifesto at www.pastebin.com/nbmaukWF [removed link]

The month of August 2019 will be crucial for the Brazilian people, since the fascist government Jair Bolsonaro intends to approve the criminal “reform” of the pension plan of the Chicago Boy Paulo Guedes and national and international bankers in the middle of a increasing escalation of state terrorism against social militants and opponents of the Bolsonaro dictatorship. Recent police raids in union meetings and murders of opponents such as the leader of the Waiapi indigenous people by Bolsonaro’s thugs support strong responses. (more…)

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Open-source guide on how to send anonymous blackfaxes to DHS-ICE

Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

# How to send anonymous blackfaxes for free

#OPMeltICE #OPCrushICE #ChingaLaMigra #OpenSourceInsurgency #antifasec

161 /// AFA



### Step One: Establish a connection using a VPN or the Tor Project

[The Tor Project](

[Bitmask VPN](

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Italy : A few clarifications concerning a Key-logger installed in my computer by Somma Gioacchino (RadioAzione)

Wednesday, October 10th, 2018

For recent report about Operation Scripta Manent, see this important article translated into English by Act for Freedom Now!

Recently, as I was reading the report on the hearings of the trial that we are facing following the Turin investigation “Scripta Manent”, staged by prosecutor Roberto Sparagna, I noticed an explanation regarding the keylogger (or Agent Elena, as the miserable Naples ROS called it).

A text that appears in some sites says that a keylogger was allegedly used to intercept off-line comments during RadioAzione live recordings. That would be nice, but unfortunately the reality is different.
The keylogger was a proper bug, sent to my PC via internet through a virus, and it was capable of intercepting everything around my computer. It was sufficient for the computer to be connected to the internet and the miserable ones were able to hear all audio nearby (no video because the webcam has always been blocked out).

So, because I have my PC in my bedroom they listened not only to radio off-line comments but even more… everything in fact! (more…)

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Anarchist Black Cross Dresden – An activist’s guide to information security (Germany)

Friday, October 28th, 2016

Check out the new guide here:


This guide aims to be a concise overview on information security for anyone in emancipatory struggles against structures of power. It represents assembled knowledge and best practices from personal experience, conversations with hackers and fellow activists, hacker conferences, and university courses on computer security and cryptography. Nonetheless, the best security is sharing skills with trusted people.

If you have any corrections, questions or additions, please contact us.


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#Op4Kobane : ColdHackers Attack Online Presence Of Turkish Regime (Cyberspace)

Sunday, October 19th, 2014

Please note, this operation is now called #Op4Kobane, not #OpKobane anymore.


Once again the comrades from Kurdish hacking collective ColdHackers have gone into action and attacked the online presence of the murderous and cowardly Turkish regime in solidarity with their YPG / YPJ brothers & sisters who are fighting for Rojava and the total liberation of Kobane.

In this latest co-ordinated wave of precision cyber attacks code-named #Op4Kobane, 6 Turkish regime-linked websites were skilfully defaced and 4 Turkish regime-linked Facebook accounts were completely hacked and at the time of this report were still in complete rebel control displaying YPG / YPJ solidarity messages and images.

On the 6 websites, a message was broadcast in Kurdish, English, French & Turkish languages. The message is as follows :

“MASSACRE IN ROJAVA WILL BE BROUGHT TO THE ACCOUNT. We will call a stop to bloodthirsty massacre of Kurdish people in Rojava. We will defy and will not remit to those who commits and supports this merciless massacre. We will take revenge on those uncivilized who slaughter the children and civilian population. O
barbarians we will breathe down your neck both in cyber and in real media, You and your brutal supporters will account for this horrible massacre. Our folk, for their freedom and liberty will fight for the last drop of their blood. Hooray freedom, Hooray Kurdistan, Hooray hero APO! Hacked By ColdHackers (KurdishHackers)!”.

For more info on the websites & FB accounts attacked & image proofs, please visit @ColdHackers on Twitter.

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War against ISIS/Daesh: #OpKobane : 12 Turkish State-linked Websites Defaced By ColdHackers (Kurdistan)

Friday, October 17th, 2014

16/10/2014 : Comrades from the Kurdish hacking collective ColdHackers have hijacked & defaced 12 websites linked to the fascist Turkish state.

The news was announced via their Twitter account with the simple message : “Calakiyen Me ji bo Kobane” (our Action For Kobane).

The 12 websites were all defaced with images of the Rojava Revolution, solidarity messages to the heroic Resistance of Kobane & “Freedom For Ocalan” (imprisoned Kurdish Resistance figure Abdullah Öcalan). For more information & links to the sites (as well as mirrors in case they are taken down by
authorities later), please visit ColdHackers Twitter account : @ColdHackers.

Kobane Will Not Fall! Smash ISIS!
Smash The Turkish State!
Long Live The Rojava Revolution!!

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War against ISIS/Daesh: Anonymous Declares #OpKobane In Solidarity With Kobane (Kurdistan)

Monday, October 6th, 2014

In response to the call for international actions of solidarity with the brave
people of Kobane who are fighting both ISIS and the fascist Turkish military &
Turkish police who are helping & supporting ISIS we hereby declare the beginning of #OpKobane!! Here is a small list of targets to begin with. This operation will not stop until Turkey stops assisting ISIS terrorists and stops blocking Freedom Fighters from entering Kobane to help their fellow brothers & sisters defend Kobane!
Sail safe comrades & aim true!!

Turkish National Police : http://www.egm.gov.tr
Turkish Armed Forces : http://www.tsk.tr/ing/
Website of Turkish president : http://www.tccb.gov.tr/pages/
Turkish ministry of interior : http://www.mia.gov.tr/

These are just a small sample of potential targets, we’re sure you can find more!

Please use hashtag #OpKobane when publicizing news of this operation!

#OpKobane #Anonymous #AntiSec
#FuckISIS #FuckTheTurkishState

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'Call for papers' for Interference gathering on society and technology August 15-17 2014 (Netherlands)

Friday, April 25th, 2014

Interference, n:

1. preventing (a process or activity) from continuing or being carried out properly.

2. the combination of two or more electromagnetic waveforms to form a resultant wave in which the displacement is either reinforced or cancelled.

Interference is a gathering of people, perspectives, theories, and actions that share a critical approach to society and technology. It will take place at the Binnenpret in Amsterdam, NL from 15th to the 17th of August 2014. It will be a space where we can meet, debate, share, learn, and find our affinities and oppositions. The event comes as a response to the lack of a common ground for confrontation and discussion over themes like hacking, technology, art and politics that could break out of the existing containers and roles for such concepts and practices.

Interference is not a hacker conference. From a threat to the so-called national security, hacking has become an instrument for reinforcing the status quo. Fed up with yet another recuperation, the aim is to re/contextualize hacking as a conflictual praxis and release it from its technofetishist boundaries. Bypassing the cultural filters, Interference wants to take the technical expertise of the hacking scene out of its isolation to place it within the broader perspective of the societal structures it shapes and is part of. (more…)

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325, Anarchist Black Cross & Others Mentioned In Stratfor Emails (USA)

Saturday, November 16th, 2013

325 receives and transmits this message from anonymous anarchist hackers in the ongoing information war:

Hello comrades!

Due to the 10 year sentence handed down to anarchist hacker Jeremy Hammond in NYC yesterday Wikileaks decided to release the remaining Stratfor emails they had been sitting on for some time. Stratfor is a company that posed outwardly as a global intelligence information publisher but were in fact providing confidential intelligence services to many fucked up corporations, government and law enforcement agencies.

There are MANY emails – millions of them, but already we have found some emails of interest to the global anarchist movement, they are as follows… (more…)

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