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‘Why We Must Ban Islam’ by Ex-Muslim Socialist Writer Serkan Engin (Turkey)

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

I think 3rd World War has already begun between civilization and the barbaric death cult of Islam. Yes, Samuel Huntington was right.

How can we describe a “religion”? By its followers number? If there were “one billion” (like the number of Muslims all over the world) believers in Satanism who support that they have the right to sacrifice children because of their belief, can you say “of course, we have freedom of belief”?

Islam cannot be reformed, if it was possible, it must have been reformed since 1400 years. Islam cannot be reformed because of internal structure of its theology. Islam theology raised from Quran and Hadiths have concrete orders about the daily life of the Muslims, for example the ratio of spoils that the Muslim army will take after a war with non-Muslims or the permission to enslave women and little girls as spoils of war, or how Muslims must kill homosexuals, apostates, non-Muslims, or how Muslims must cut hand of a thief, how Muslims must stone to death a woman for adultery, etc. (more…)

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