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Wien: „Dieser Anschlag darf nicht vereinnahmt werden“ (Österreich)

Monday, November 16th, 2020

… war der sofortige Tenor der Regierungsklasse nach dem Terroranschlag in der Wiener Innenstadt am 2. November, der vier Menschen das Leben kostete und bei dem über 20 zum Teil schwer verletzt wurden. Natürlich wird genau das von diesen Politikern jetzt gemacht.

Von denen, die seit Jahren nichts anderes tun, als durch die konstante, weitere Verschärfung der Lebensbedingungen Hass und Gewalt zu kultivieren. Genau die sprechen sich jetzt öffentlich gegen Hass und Gewalt aus (z.B. Kurz & Nehammer). Einem rechten Innenminister ist es nicht zu blöd sich selbst als den starken Anführer sämtlicher Polizeieinheiten zu stilisieren, der keine Straftat unbeantwortet lassen will und „gegen jeden Extremismus mit eiserner Hand vorgehen wird“ (Zitat Nehammer). Als hätte das jemals einen Anschlag verhindert. Dabei: war es nicht das Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz und Terrorismusbekämpfung BVT (welches ja bekanntlich dem Innenminister unterstellt ist), das im Juli 2020 die Ermittlungen gegen den bereits amtsbekannten Attentäter vom 2. November eingestellt hatte und zwar exakt an dem Tag, als dieser nachweislich versucht hatte, in der Slowakei Sprengstoff und Munition zu erwerben? (more…)

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London Antifa statement on the Islamic-fascist attack at Parliament (UK)

Saturday, March 25th, 2017

On March 22 there was an attack outside Parliament that has killed four and injured many. No sooner had this happened when Tommy Robinson, former leader of the EDL appeared at the scene of the attack to rave about a clash of civilisations and a war with all Muslims. This was swiftly followed up with an announcement of a march planned by Britain First in London.

The truth of the matter is this. These so called patriots are delighted that this has happened. This one fanatic has given them the opportunity they desired to try and start a conflict in society drawn down racial lines. They would seek to rebuild their failing movements off the blood and tears shed by ordinary people, they would use this attack to justify their own brand of jackbooted terror against the Muslim population of this country.

But we will not let them.

Our group and the national network know the reactionary ideology at the heart of the attack in the capital. Today the howls from the right are directed at us, to claim that we caused this attack through our tolerance of ‘Islamic extremism’ or our work to support the rights of refugees. These claims are built on the assumption that there is a clash of civilisations in this country. That ‘English culture’ and ‘Muslim culture’ cannot co-exist and a war is inevitable. (more…)

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Glasgow: British-Pakistani man murdered by an Islamic-fascist (UK)

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

“Unconditional real love for all mankind” Asad Shah

A “popular, well respected and much loved” Ahmadiyya Muslim man, Asad Shah, who ran a local shop in the Shawlands area of Glasgow was murdered 9pm, 24th March, hours after posting messages of peaceful tolerance online and giving out chocolate Easter eggs to his customers. Asad was brutally stabbed to death and had his head stamped on in front of his own brother outside his shop, by a 32 year old sectarian Islamist fanatic who had travelled 200 miles from Bradford to slay Asad. One man from the gym next to Asad’s shop, was also injured during the attack on Asad. Afterwards there was a big outpouring of grief and respect for Asad, with a gathering in the street, tribute of flowers laid and call for unity. More than £87,000 has been raised to support the family of Asad.

Asad belonged to the Ahmadiyya Muslim faith which faces sectarian bigotry from many reactionary and orthodox Muslims and has suffered violence at their hands in those countries. Asad was known to create his own Christmas cards each year for his friends and customers and was very beloved in the community.

“Asad was a humble, gentle man – he did not deserve this. He was also a very social man, always laughing. A real gentleman.” Sister of Asad Shah

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