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Profession and Movement – Aufheben Scandal (UK)

Thursday, March 24th, 2016

Libcom & Aufheben – Snitches, collaborators and enemies

Three years ago a small scandal took place when the Greek group TGTP published in an open letter that the co-founder of Aufheben, John Drury, lead workshops for the police and military and is known as a “provider of ideas” in these circles. These workshops took part within the framework of his academic career researching Crowd Control, mass panics and rescue operations. Together with his closest colleagues Stott and Reicher he has developed the Elaborated Social Identity Model (ESIM). The social psychologist Stott is renowned to be one of the globally leading experts for protests and violent uprisings. ESIM claims that a ‘mob’ acts according to certain patterns: people in a crowd have individual thoughts and emotions, so when the crowd is attacked indifferently by the police, people act in solidarity with each other and resist together. Therefore ESIM advices that the police should proceed in a multi-levelled approach and extract ‘individual perpetrators’ from the crowd. Using such kind of methods, Stott coordinated security preparations for the European football cup in Poland and Ukraine in 2012. (for more details see both open letters by TPTG)[1]

Aufheben is a group from Brighton, which publishes one of the few collectively produced magazines of the radical left in England. The magazine consists of mainly long articles tackling fundamental questions (what was the Soviet Union, decadence theory, “Green New Capitalism” etc.). They often deal with similar subjects as us (theory of the oil rent, criticism of Negri’s autonomist marxism, debate about Beverly Silver’s book). We have translated some of their articles (21st century Intifada, criticism of the commons thesis by Massimo de Angelis, Dole Autonomy) and have criticised them at certain points (e.g. in wildcat 89, “The oil rent, Ricardians amongst themselves”). We share similar positions when it comes to the issues of working-time reductions and guaranteed income. During the end of the 90s we initiated a closer collaboration with Aufheben and other collectives in Europe, which ultimately failed.

Therefore the revelation about John Drury came as quite a shock – which in itself would not have been a reason to write in Wildcat about it. But the way the debate about this case was lead within the left-communist scene in Europe has initially left us speechless. Most of the people shook it off (“let’s move on”) or attacked those who had made these scandalous facts public. (more…)

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Portishead: Responsibility claim for major arson of police firearms training building and attack on security service vehicles (UK)

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

August 27, 2013 – Responsibility claim for large-scale arson of £16million police firearms training facilities and vandalism of vehicles of the corporate security services:

The (under construction) Police Firearms Training Centre in Black Rock Quarry, Portishead, situated directly beneath the Avon and Somerset Police regional headquarters was our target on the night of 26th August, and we left it with flames licking high. The facility is intended to serve forces across the South West.

After climbing into the quarry we used accelerant to burn the major electrical cables at five junction points throughout the complex, and doused and lighted a pallet of electrical fittings and wires. More than twelve hours later the fire is still burning. It put smiles on our faces to realise how easy it was to enter their gun club and leave a fuck you signature right in the belly of the beast, with a curious fox as our only witness.

On the same night others of us attacked two vehicles near St George, Bristol with paint stripper and by slashing the tyres – one G4S and one Amey. In the UK and globally G4S provide prison and security services and profit from many aspects of prison society. Amey, in a joint venture with GEO transport prisoners in England and Wales and run courthouses in Bristol and North Somerset.

In the City around us the lock down increases; there is a general atmosphere of rising fear and powerlessness; there is more and more surveillance, and security guards with handcuffs appear on more and more doors. Tensions across the world are simmering as people lose faith in the system. As a response to this insecurity the state is militarising it’s police with firearms, remote control drones and ‘non-lethal’ weapons that regularly kill. At the same time they develop the preventative ‘soft cop’ buffer of community support officers, liaison teams and so on, that are more fitting with the democratic image. They even get some help from leftists such as John Drury from Aufheben with his contributions on crowd control, who is as terrified of the unmanageable as the ruling classes are. The British state is a world leader in counter-insurgency techniques. Their expertise is the result of generations long brutal colonisation, like in India, Kenya and to this day in Ireland. (more…)

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Review: More discussion on Leftist projects ‘Libcom’ & ‘Aufheben' – about their collaboration with police consultants (UK)

Friday, May 31st, 2013

Early this year the British anti-insurrectionalist ‘civil anarchist’ group ‘Libcom’ and bourgeois communists ‘Aufheben’, were confirmed to fraternise/defend/collaborate with police consultants John Drury and Clifford Stott, academic parasites who work on improving police techniques and social control.

The decent anarchist comrades in America who produce the publication The Anvil recently published “On Why Dr John Drury Is A Collaborationist Asshole: A Review of Cop-Out: The Significance of Aufhebengate”, which is a review of a little book published by Little Black Cart about the slimy behaviour of these cowardly political cultists and their contribution to the development of British policing methods (with background on the topic). The book is written by a member of the left-communist group TPTG, which is based in Greece. Whilst we have our clear political disagreements with TPTG, we respect the work that one of their members has done to expose this collaboration and its cover-up [correction: the author is not a member of TPTG but is close to the group]. The dismal ‘social movement’ in the UK has largely ignored the running treachery of these individuals/groups for some time, mostly from fragmentation and the lack of taking these individuals/groups seriously, which is why we see it as important that this book and the discussion around it is widened internationally to isolate these collaborators and their associates. British policing methods are often exported to other countries and British police frequently advise their foreign counterparts, to suppress and co-opt demonstrations, dismantle social movements and break-up underground resistance groups. Those who advise the police in such a role (and those who defend them) will always remain our avowed enemies.

Libcom is well-known in the UK as the primary nest of the civil anarchists. They have made many online efforts to publicly denigrate the anarchist-insurrectionalists and the animal/eco liberation movement with their website. It’s also well known that they tried to undermine the Anarchist Black Cross prisoner solidarity campaign for the release of John Bowden, a long-term prisoner turned activist inside the walls.

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Leftist projects 'Libcom' & 'Aufheben' collaborate with police consultants (UK)

Friday, January 18th, 2013

The British civil anarchist group ‘Libcom’ and bourgeois communists ‘Aufheben’, are confirmed to fraternise/defend/collaborate with police consultants John Drury and Clifford Stott, academic parasites who work on improving police techniques and social control.

Read full text here:

1. Cop-out – The significance of Aufhebengate (2013)

2. Aufhebengate again: A response to responses (2013)

Little Black Cart are selling the book! – Cop-out: The signifigance of Aufhebengate.

Anvil: On Why Dr John Drury Is A Collaborationist Asshole: A Review of Cop-Out: The Significance of Aufhebengate

PDF: Aufhebengate Book via Takku (Finland)

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