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Letter from imprisoned anarchist comrade Eric King – ‘Black August 2020 Reflections’ (U$A)

Friday, September 11th, 2020

From AMW:

Hiya pals,

We are midway through Black August and I’ve been doing lots of thinking, fasting, and trying to grow as a person and as a radical anarchist. Lots of fitness, reading, mentally taking stock.

This is my third Black August in SHU. I was thrown into segregation two years ago on August 17th and was kept within for a year pending prosecution; then, after they brought these new charges, we’ve done another year pretrial. It’s been a rough two years filled with restrictions, violence, abuse, but also love strength and friendship. Resistance is strong.

Last year’s Black August was spent partially at USP Lee, where I met Thomas Smith (aka Mad Dog) a blood leader and revolutionary who was also participating. He had been in SHU at that point for 18 months pending an ADX transfer. We fasted together, had long conversations on resistant strength and what it means to be a revolutionary today. I still think of Mad Dog often and encourage everyone to write and send reading material into him. (more…)

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ES/EN – Palabras de la compañera Monica Caballero desde la cárcel de San Miguel ($hile)

Friday, September 4th, 2020

Para lxs antagonistas a este sistema de terror el ingreso a la cárcel siempre es un trago amargo y siempre duele.

La prisión y yo somos viejas conocidas, en mas de una ocasión me han sentado en su mesa, con los años hemos cambiado y ambas hemos aprendido la una de la otra… pero por mas tiempo que pase escencialmente la cárcel y yo seguimos siendo las mismas. La cárcel aun es el monstruo fagocitador de poderes que crece con la sumisión y el arrepentimiento, yo continuo con los mismos deseos sediciosos de antaño.

Lxs poderosxs lograron encerrar mi cuerpo inquieto, trataron de custodiarlo por muchos años, pero aunque esté enjaulada, mi corazón sigue afuera lejos de alambrados, altos muros y ojos vigilantes… el gris de este lugar solo me toca superficialmente.

El presidio es otro escenario mas de lucha en el camino de la confrontación, el enfrentamiento antiautoritario para mi no ha terminado, solamente ha cambiado de forma.
Queridos Juan Aliste, Joaquín García, Marcelo Villarroel y Dinos Giagtzoglou sus palabras son una bocanada de aire fresco en esta celda.

¡Queda mucho por construir y destruir!
Solidaridad activa con los presos politicos mapuche en huelga de hambre.

Viva la Anarquía!

Monica Caballero S.
Presa anarquista.
Santiago Chile
Septiembre 2020.

Letter from imprisoned comrade Monica Caballero in San Miguel prison

For those opposed to this system of terror, prison is always a bitter pill and it always hurts.

Prison and I are old acquaintances, on more than one occasion I have sat at his table, over the years we have changed and we have both learned from one another… but no matter how much time I spend in prison, I remain the same. Prison is still the monstrous phagocyte of power that grows with submission and repentance, and I continue with the same seditious desires of yester-year.

The powerful succeeded in locking up my restless body, they tried to guard it for many years, but even though it is caged, my heart is still out there far from fences, high walls and watchful eyes… the grey of this place only touches me superficially.

The prison is another place of struggle on the road to confrontation, the anti-authoritarian confrontation for me has not finished, it has only changed shape.
Dear Juan Aliste, Joaquín García, Marcelo Villarroel and Dinos Giagtzoglou‘s words are a breath of fresh air in this cell.

There is still much to build and to destroy!
Active solidarity with the Mapuche political prisoners on hunger strike

Long live Anarchy!

Monica Caballero S.
Anarchist prisoner.
Santiago Chile
September 2020.

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Letter by Thomas Meyer-Falk for the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners (Germany)

Monday, August 24th, 2020

Prisons are places of darkness, of gloom, real life cannot flourish there. Because what is “real life”? It is one in freedom, integrated in friendly relationships, experiencing oneself as an individual. Because we live ourselves and are not lived.

It is not without reason that prison criticism is therefore always also a fundamental critique of society and the system, because within the prison walls the same mechanisms prevail as outside the gates, only in a much more severe form.

ABC’s Solidarity week for anarchist prisoners takes place in a time marked by the Corona pandemic. The pandemic in particular once again clearly reveals the injustices.
Members of marginalized social groups have a disproportionately higher risk of infection, illness and death (which also applies outside pandemic times, but is only currently particularly evident). And those who are in prison are even more vulnerable, because the general conditions, as the Prisoners’ Union (GG/BO) also tirelessly points out, are often pretty lousy. (more…)

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$hile: Letter by Imprisoned Comrade Francisco Solar for the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners

Monday, August 24th, 2020


Words by comrade Francisco Solar for the international week of solidarity with imprisoned anarchists (23-30 August 2020)

How can we achieve moments of freedom, even if they are only brief and sporadic? What are those moments where we feel that what limits us loses weight and sense?

The answers can be multiple depending on the interests of each individual, how they understand and situate themselves in this world. Perhaps some people already feel free and these questions are unnecessary because they are alien to the tentacles of power.

Those of us who do not have these kinds of dreams know that the very existence of the State places us in a situation of oppression, a situation that is necessary to fight and attack if freedom is the horizon. It cannot be otherwise.
And it is in that option of attacking that we find true moments of freedom. Since we decided to confront this world and situate ourselves as its enemies, we began to look at our surroundings differently, we began to visualize objectives and their vulnerabilities, we began to see the best way to strike at power, we began to position ourselves on the offensive. (more…)

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‘Stuart Christie, comrade, friend’ by Octavio Alberola

Sunday, August 23rd, 2020

ES | Stuart Christie, el compañero, el amigo

The news of the death of Stuart Christie was communicated to me by telephone, the day before yesterday in the afternoon, by my comrade René after asking me if I was aware of the new bad news and after answering him abruptly: who has died? Well, from the tone of his voice, I immediately sensed that it must be the death of someone close to me.

His answer left me stunned, because although Stuart had confirmed to me a week earlier that he was still suffering from cancer and that the results of the medical examinations were not very encouraging, at no time had I thought of such a quick end for him. Close to me are several comrades -more or less my age- who are not in very good health, and the “normal” thing, at my age (soon ninety-three years old), is to think that it is you that time is counting down on.

So, in Stuart’s case, how can I think about it when he’s eighteen years younger? Besides, we were both in common projects and determined to continue participating in the fight against the world of power and exploitation.

For me, his death is not only the loss of a comrade, of a friend; it is the end of a collaboration of many years in common actions and initiatives to denounce the injustices of the world in which we live and to fight for a more just and free world. A world that is possible and for everyone, which we have not ceased to long for and to try to build through the consistent practice of active revolutionary and internationalist solidarity. (more…)

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Grecia: Texto anarquista de Dinos Giagtzoglou

Saturday, August 22nd, 2020

EN | Text by anarchist comrade Dinos Giagtzoglou: For the day of agitation and propaganda in solidarity with Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar

Texto anarquista de Dinos Giagtzoglou – Para el día de la agitación y la propaganda en solidaridad con Mónica Caballero y Francisco Solar (14 de agosto 2020)

Justo como hoy, hace 10 años, el Estado Chileno llevó a cabo una amplia operación represiva en contra de compañeros y anarquistas en respuesta a las decenas de atentados en contra de los símbolos y de las instituciones del Estado y el Capital. Esta operación condujo a la detención de diez de los anarquistas y llegó a ser conocido como el “Caso Bombas”, terminó en un fiasco, los cinco compañeros que fueron finalmente procesados quedaron completamente absueltos, y esto fue descrito por la prensa como la derrota más grande de la fiscalía en la historia. Hoy, dos de nuestros compañeros, Mónica y Francisco, quienes estaban entre los detenidos en ese tiempo, son de nuevo encarcelado en un Estado que hace un par de meses estaba siendo sacrificado por una enorme revuelta social que nos sorprendió a todxs nosotrxs.

La detención y la prisión no son nada nuevo para nuestrxs hermanxs, ya que en 2013 fueron llevados a las celdas por el Estado español acusados de un ataque a una catedral en Zaragoza revindicada por el Comando Insurreccional Mateo Morral. Los compañeros son una vez más acusado de una serie de atentados en contra de los representantes de los ricos, los poderosos y sus defensores en el territorio Chileno. Los ataques incluyen el envío de dos bombas explosivas, uno de los cuales explotó, en una estación de policía dejando a ocho policías heridos (3 de ellos de gravedad) en Santiago, y el otro se encuentra antes de llegar a su destino en la filial de las oficinas de uno de los mayores consorcios de empresas en Chile (propiedad del cuarto más rico de la familia en América latina), teniendo como destinatario el jefe del departamento legal, quien se había desempeñado como Ministro de Defensa y del Interior durante la represión de los anarquistas, conocido como el “Caso Bombas”.

Después de tantos años de persecución y encarcelamiento, luchas implacables dentro y fuera de las cárceles, se mantienen firmes y convencidxs del derecho a la lucha por la liberación. Son estos ejemplos de combatientes los que también me han motivado a tomar iniciativas subversivas y elegir la resistencia a la dominación y la explotación. En tales caminos de lucha queremos y debemos caminar constantemente con amor por la vida y la libertad y sin miedo a la muerte o la cárcel.

Con el recuerdo intacto de Mauricio Morales,

Con pasión y determinación,

Con terquedad y compromiso,

Con la cabeza en alto

Desde el fondo de mi corazón les envío una señal rebelde y un abrazo fuerte a Mónica Caballero y Francisco Solar.


-Dinos Giagtzoglou-

Subterraneos de la prisión de Korydallos

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Chile: Words from Comrade Juan Aliste Vega on the Arrest of Mónica and Francisco

Wednesday, August 19th, 2020

ES | Juan Aliste Vega, sobre la detención de Monica y Francisco, Chile

A little less than a month after the arrest of our comrades Monica and Francisco at the hands of the state police apparatus, guardians of power and custodians of the interests of the political bourgeois caste of this territory.

Monica and Francisco in prison and hostages of this capitalist state that judges and sentences them from the first moment in which the fascist administration mediatically installs its servile legal machinery in their consequent lives.

They are comrades who hold a position of walking freely and have fertile convictions.

I embrace them with unconditional strength and tenderness with a heart full of complicity.

As an enemy of this state I raise the writing for the beautiful way of recognizing ourselves in the word transformed into acts and thinking into subversive action.

United in the embrace of war that transcends walls and frontiers, a tireless heartbeat that flows for the elimination of all forms of submission. (more…)

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Chile: Words from Comrade Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda on the Arrest of Mónica and Francisco

Wednesday, August 19th, 2020

ES | Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda escribe sobre Monica y Francisco, Chile

Ours is the conviction!!!

Indestructible our desires and-

Infinite the reasons and motives for continuing in this war to the death against the state, capital and prison.

21 days ago we woke up with the news pounding in our ears. Monica and Francisco were arrested. This time accused of being the direct authors of various explosive attacks in Santiago last year.

Clearly the State’s permanent offensive through its repressive apparatus, its penitentiary legal fabric and its servile and business press draws the caricature on our brother and sister as the perfect culprits for those who expect all the rigor of the law of domination.

The decision of the power is the exemplary punishment that seeks to serve as an example and to eliminate the offensive resistance as an insurrectionary practice of attacking the existent. (more…)

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Chile: Words from Comrade Joaquín García Chanks on the Arrest of Mónica and Francisco

Monday, August 17th, 2020

ES | Comunicado de Joaquín García Chancks/ Santiago Chile

It seems that Denial does not give rise to any unshakable Truth, Reason or Logic, that from the fight against the falsehood of the existent, only a path sown with doubts results, in which the present and the future are blurred, with a diffuse tinge, a dense fog in which it will always be difficult to navigate, but there is something that brings clarity back to this path; It is the compass of confrontation that appears as the reason behind the inseparable notion of a symbiosis of theory and practice, the point of view of an existence, sometimes errant.

The dynamic of the combat shakes existence to bring it back to life, endowing it with the Fieriness that boredom and monotony often extinguish; the construction of an antagonistic existence then brings with it the capacity to live far from the virtuality imposed by a normality dictated life, the blow by blow of the joyful attack, impeller of the mythical creative destruction and the suffering of when we are not the ones who attack, of prison, death, which flirts with subversion, are the flavors of life, real life, bitter drinks and ambrosia.

Today we are drinking from that bitter drink; two dear brothers and sisters are arrested and charged with placing multiple explosive devices, including the one sent to former Interior Minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter and one sent to the fifty-fourth police station in Huechuraba. It is undeniable that both beautiful attacks speak of historical continuity, of the blow of memory that does not forget. The Power disrupted and fearful with the arrest of the alleged perpetrators, who remember, that the revolt was not the culmination of a rebel ecstasy, it is the creation, the turning point of hundreds of lives in combat.

A big hug from afar, full of love, affection and strength for you, Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar.

Long live Anarchy.

Joaquín García Chanks.
Cas. Santiago Chile
14 August 2020

Translated by AWW.

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Text by anarchist comrade Dinos Giagtzoglou: For the day of agitation and propaganda in solidarity with Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar

Sunday, August 16th, 2020

ES | Texto anarquista de Dinos Giagtzoglou – Para el día de la agitación y la propaganda en solidaridad con Mónica Caballero y Francisco Solar

Just like today, 10 years ago, the Chilean State carried out an extensive repressive operation against comrades and anarchist operations in response to the dozens of bombings against symbols and institutions of the State and Capital. This operation, which led to the arrest of ten anarchists and became known as the “Bombs Case”, ended in a fiasco, as the five who were eventually prosecuted were completely acquitted, and were described by the press as the biggest defeat of law enforcement authorities in court history. Today, two of our comrades, Monica and Francisco, who were among those arrested at the time, are again imprisoned in a State that a few months ago slaughtered a massive social uprising that shocked us all.

Arrest and imprisonment are nothing new for our siblings, since in 2013 they were found in the cells of the Spanish State accused of an attack on a cathedral in Zaragoza by the Insurrectional Commando Mateo Morral. The comrades are once again accused of a series of bombings against representatives of the rich, powerful and their defenders in Chilean territory. The attacks included the shipment of two booby-trapped parcels, one of which exploded, leaving eight cops injured (3 of them seriously) at a Santiago police station and the other being located before hitting its target at the subsidiary offices of one of the largest business consortia in Chile (owned by the fourth richest family in Latin America) having as a recipient the head of the legal department, who had served as Minister of Defense and Interior during the crackdown on anarchists known as the “Bombs Case”.

After so many years of persecution and imprisonment, relentless struggles inside and outside prisons, they remain steadfast and convinced of the right of the liberation struggle. It is such examples of combatants that have motivated me too to take subversive initiatives and make choices of resistance to domination and exploitation. In such paths of struggle we want to and must walk constantly with love for life and freedom and without fear for death or prison.

With the undimmed memory of Mauricio Morales,
With passion and determination,
With stubbornness and commitment,
With my heads high,

From the bottom of my heart I send a rebellious signal and a big hug to Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar.


Special underground section of Koridallos prison


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Words from anarchist prisoner Gabriel Pombo Da Silva, Oporto (Portugal)/Badajoz (Spain) – April/May 2020

Monday, August 10th, 2020

Also read : Porto, Portugal – Words from Gabriel Pombo Da Silva (March-April 2020)

Here at Gabriel giugno in Italian you can download Gabriel’s writings, below is the introductive note via: roundrobin.info

Translated to English by Act for freedom now!

Gabriel Pombo Da Silva communique

Gabriel has asked us to select some of his words from his more recent letters and compile a communique addressed to all those who would like to read it, as it is impossible for him to write one now that would get out of the prison where they are holding him kidnapped. The letters in question, which arrived after much delay, are dated from 11th April to 20th May when he wrote the only letter in the prison of Badajoz in Portogal, [he has since been transferred to the prison of Mansilla de las Mulas in León].

Gabriel sends strong hugs to all the comrades who are supporting him sincerely and to all the dignified individuals who continue to struggle for freedom in whatever part of the world they find themselves.

Freedom for Gabriel!
Freedom for all!
Long live Anarchy!

Words from Gabriel Pombo Da Silva, April – May 2020

“… what is happening has no logic or rules… it’s like playing a game of chess where every now and again someone buts in and moves a piece on the board… how can you play or win a game like that? What are the ‘rules’ or the ‘limits’? I can’t even talk about ‘Law’ (regardless of what I think about it) or appeal to ‘Rights’ after all I have gone through… that’s why I am wondering: given that I don’t have any ‘Rights’, what are the ‘rules’ of this struggle? In the end the State’s war against resilient individuals is always dirty, without any ‘rules’…” (more…)

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ES/EN/IT: Chile – Palabras de Mónica Caballero desde la cárcel de San Miguel

Friday, July 31st, 2020

Compañerxs, amigxs y familiares:
Nuevamente les escribo desde una celda. Me encuentro recluida en la cárcel de San Miguel, durante 14 días permaneceré aislada por protocolo de prevención de contagio al COVID-19, posteriormente me clasificarán y me llevarán a un módulo definitivo.
Ya son casi 10 años desde la primera vez que pisé la cárcel como imputada. Durante estos años mi vida de alguna u otra manera, siempre ha estado ligada a las prisiones, si bien los sistemas de control pueden cambiar, pero su estructura
esencialmente no, se sigue buscando el castigo y el arrepentimiento.
Hace casi 10 años atrás al entrar a la prisión, estaba plenamente convencida de que el conjunto de ideas y prácticas anti autoritarias son claves fundamentales para enfrentar a la dominación, en todo este tiempo no ha existido ni un solo día en el que piense lo contrario. Piso la prisión con la cabeza alta, orgullosa del camino recorrido.

Solidaridad con todas las luchas anticapitalistas
Newen Peñis, Presos políticos Mapuche
Presos subversivos y de la revuelta
A la calle!

Mónica Andrea Caballero Sepúlveda
Presa Anarquista.
Julio 2020.

Words of Mónica Caballero from the San Miguel prison

Comrades, friends and family:
Again I write to you from a cell. I am confined in the prison of San Miguel, for 14 days I will remain isolated due to the contagion prevention protocols of COVID-19, later they will classify me and take me to a specific module.
It is almost 10 years since the first time I stepped into prison as a defendant. During these years, my life in some way or another has always been linked to the prisons; although control systems may change, essentially their structure seeks punishment and repentance.
Almost 10 years ago when I entered the prison, I was fully convinced that the set of anti-authoritarian ideas and practices are fundamental keys to face domination, in all this time there has not been a single day to have thought otherwise. I walk the prison with my head high, proud of the way I travel.

Solidarity with all anti-capitalist struggles
Newen Peñis [Energy to Warriors], Mapuche political prisoners
Subversive and revolt prisoners
On the street!

Monica Andrea Caballero Sepúlveda
Imprisoned Anarchist
July 2020.

Parole di Mónica Caballero dal carcere di San Miguel (Cile)

Compagni, amici e familiari:

Ancora una volta vi scrivo da una cella. Sono confinata nella prigione di San Miguel, per 14 giorni rimarrò isolata a causa dei protocolli di prevenzione del contagio da Covis-19, più tardi mi classificheranno e mi porteranno in un modulo specifico.

Sono passati quasi dieci anni dalla prima volta in cui sono entrata in carcere come imputata. Durante questi anni, in un modo o nell’altro la mia vita è sempre stata legata alle carceri; anche se i sistemi di controllo possono cambiare, la loro struttura sostanzialmente resta la stessa, perseguendo sempre punizione e pentimento.

Quasi dieci anni fa, quando sono entrata in carcere, ero pienamente convinta che l’insieme delle idee e delle pratiche antiautoritarie fossero la chiave fondamentale per affrontare il dominio, in tutto questo tempo non c’è stato un solo giorno in cui ho pensato il contrario. Cammino per il carcere a testa alta, orgogliosa del cammino intrapreso.

Solidarietà con tutte le lotte anticapitaliste.
Newen Peñis [«energia ai guerrieri»], prigionieri politici mapuche,
sovversivi e rivoltosi imprigionati — nelle strade!

Mónica Andrea Caballero Sepúlveda
Anarchica imprigionata
Luglio 2020

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Santiago, Chile: Memoria viva por el compañero Pablo Muñoz Moya

Sunday, July 19th, 2020


Recordando al compañero Pablo Muñoz Moya. Su historia en Guerra (como la de todxs lxs combatientes muertxs en tiempos de Dictadura y Democracia) alimenta la Memoria Viva y la Acción Directa Violenta contra el Poder y sus sicarixs polícias y militares en el aquí y ahora en momentos de pandemia, explotación, hambre y miseria -pero también- de combate en los barrios y poblaciones en varias regiones a lo largo y ancho de $hile.

A 28 años exactos de la muerte en combate del Guerrillero Urbano Pablo Muñoz Moya. Él está presente en el kaos, en la revuelta y en la lucha callejera. Porque no hay olvido, no hay resignación, no hay perdón: SOLO LUCHA!!!

-Compartimos un afiche y un dibujo para la difusión.

* Para conocer más sobre Pablo Muñoz Moya -El Guatón Feña- difundimos el siguiente texto desde la prisión escrito por el kompañero Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda el 16/07/2019.


Nuestrxs muertxs kaminan en la guerra social tan vivxs komo la inkonmensurable fuerza de nuestras konvixiones. (more…)

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Italy: Letter of Beppe from Pavia prison

Sunday, July 19th, 2020

July 4th, 2020

The following text is a letter from the anarchist Giuseppe Bruna, imprisoned since May 21st, 2019, for the «Prometeo» repressive operation, currently imprisoned in Pavia prison. To write to him: Giuseppe Bruna, C. C. di Pavia, via Vigentina 85, 27100 Pavia, Italy.

Dearly beloved,

I hope this one of mine finds you well!

I am writing to report a serious situation (yet another!) that I found myself facing between the afternoon of July 3rd and midnight of July 4th! As you will be aware, I have been locked up since about a year in a cell alone in the «protected» section [a section where are held ex-cops, infamous, pedophiles, rapists, ecc.] of Pavia’s jail!, I have always refused such placement by putting in place various forms of struggle (hunger strike, air strike, etc.).

The [incomprehensible word, probably could be «direction»] health care of the Pavia jail, even though I was never underwent any medical examination (even if there was a specific request of the judge for the preliminary investigations, Basilone), stated that I am under treatment (with what?) for my thyroid lymph node (which has never been checked here) and that I had a serious form of bronchopneumonia and in case of need they would have provided to help me! (more…)

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Debriefing and propositional statement of comrade Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis to the comrades (Greece)

Friday, July 3rd, 2020

EL | Απολογιστική-προτασιακή τοποθέτηση του συντρόφου Δημήτρη Χατζηβασιλειάδη προς τους συντρόφους

PDF: Debriefing and propositional statement

Historical background

On the 21st of October, around 11pm, together with one more person, I made an appropriation of a state casino shop in Cholargos (suburb of Athens). Before our departure from the shop the rifle that was used for our self defense passed from the other person’s hand to mine. An automatic rifle, if available, is a convincing deterrent during any act that may come into confrontation with the murderous mercenaries of capitalism. Bastards like those who tortured to death George Floyd, the same bastards who gang killed Zak Kostopoulos, who was already wounded by the fascist shop-owners in a pedestrian road, in the middle of the day, in the city center, bastards who, shortly after, killed Embouka Mamasoubek inside a police station, and whose names are still kept secret, having enjoyed the full cover of the then leftist government and bourgeois justice, these bastards don’t understand any other language than the one they have learned to implement.

The moment I took the weapon, it fired, due to my negligence. The bullet hit my leg. After leaving the place, I sought refuge at the nearby home of an old friend. Estimating that very soon the repression mechanisms and their minions, the regime’s journalists, would publish my photo, I decided to evacuate a flat in which I was storing a number of tools for the resistance, with the aim to rescue them. So these tools ended up in the house where I had gone wounded, and from there into the warehouses of the militarist-statist rulers, about two weeks after my injury. (more…)

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