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Terrorists are those who kill and bomb, not those who struggle against them! (Italy)

Friday, April 29th, 2011

This piece of writing is from Martino, one of the comrades arrested in Bologna on April 6 2011

My name is Martino, I’m one of those arrested last 6th April following the nth repressive wave orchestrated by the State: this operation led to the arrest of 5 comrades, 7 others being forced to stay away from Bologna, a great number of searches (carried out, among other things, in several towns) and even the seizure of the documentation space Fuoriluogo (which from a site distributing texts of radical critique and organizing open initiatives every week turned out to be an impregnable fortress of terrorists). This is an investigation public prosecutors have been working on for a long time and which they decided to conclude following some anonymous attacks against IBM, ENI, Emilbanca and Northern League carried out in Bologna in the space of one week (but no reference to these facts can be found in the reports they gave us when we were arrested, hangman journalists should know). (more…)

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