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Federico Buono – “In the Cells of Redemption”

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

Download this text as PDF : In the Cells of Redemption.

from culmine, transl waronsociety:

“In the Cells of Redemption”: thoughts of Federico Buono locked up in the security cells of a police station. Fede has refused the public advocate, is not presenting himself at trial, nor will he appeal, in accordance with his anarchist anti-judicialism.

These thoughts will be included in the next issue of “Vertice Abisso” (more…)

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Dark Nights #15 released – Bad Passions & More

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Dark Nights is an anarchist & anti-prison PDF freesheet to download and print out on the fly.

12 pages A4 – PDF Download free.

This issue features a front page of BAD PASSIONS : THE RIGHTS OF THE EGO : From an anti-Christian point of view by Maurizio De Simone, which will form part of a future collaborative publication concerning nihilism, egoism, refusal of society, etc by Edizioni Cerbero.

– Does Work Liberate (A poster from the streets)
– Letter from anarchist Rami Syrianos
– Declaration by Christos Tsakalos to the court
– Athens: Arson attack against ATM
– On a journey that hasn’t ended yet – Polykarpos Georgiadis
– Parole is denied for Marco Camenisch
– Thomas Meyer-Falk’s request
– Abuse of Children in UK Private Prisons by John Bowden
– Preparations for military repression at UK 2012 Olympics
– Anarchists attack the home of the President of Greece in Athens
– Belgium: Communique for arson of cars of two euro-parliamentarians, a NATO official and a diplomat

Download, print out and provoke…

Anti-Copyright Network 2012

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BAD PASSIONS – THE RIGHTS OF THE EGO : From an anti-Christian point of view

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

‘Stop it! Those who speak like this are enemies of the people!’
A MAN (in the crowd)
From An Enemy of the People, H. Ibsen


It is advisable to make a detailed analysis of the anti-judicial thought in Max Stirner’s work The Ego and His Own, as it is full of contents on this question. I dare say it is a fundamental work for a theoretical study and an individualistic practice in the field of the law.

Stirner deals with the problem of the law in the first introductive pages, and he points out what the Ego (mark well, not the man), degraded to simple subject-citizen, is demanded not to do: ‘to be egoist’. (more…)

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