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Alfredo Bonanno o el anarquismo de praxis del siglo XXI (Mexico)

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

Alfredo Bonanno o el anarquismo de praxis del siglo XXI

“Las prácticas de acción directa son ahora el corolario de este bagaje conceptual remozado. Cara a cara contra el enemigo, sin mediaciones ni gestorías: he ahí la divisa y el emblema de una práctica de intención, orientación y potencialidad anarquista”.
Rafael Spósito (Daniel Barret)

Hace exactamente cuatro años, tres meses y 22 días, recibí la llamada de un entrañable compañero comunicándome una lamentable noticia: el querido Alfredo María Bonanno, había sido detenido tras una expropiación fallida en la ciudad de Trikala al norte de Grecia. Hoy, he tenido una breve conversación vía telefónica con el compa Alfredo que me produjo la misma indignación e impotencia que aquella trágica llamada.

En medio de la gritería y las expresiones altisonantes de los represores que le ordenaban apagar el teléfono, me informó que las autoridades migratorias le habían impedido el ingreso al territorio dominado por el Estado mexicano, declarándolo “persona non grata” por su presunta “peligrosidad” y “antecedentes penales”, motivo por el que lo han deportado a Argentina. Pese al poco tiempo que pudimos hablar sentí en sus escuetas palabras la fortaleza de un irreductible. Lo primero que le pregunté es cómo estaba de salud y me contestó que bien. Enfurecido, lo único que atiné a decirle es que lamentaba mucho la decisión de estos mierdas hijos de perra y me respondió optimista, con la serenidad y la condición reflexiva que lo caracteriza: “es lógico que esto nos pase”. (more…)

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Jornadas Infomales Anárquicas 2013 – Simposio Internacional Anarquista (Mexico)

Saturday, December 14th, 2013

Diciembre 2013.
26. Constantino Cavalleri.
27. Wolfi Landstreicher.
Gustavo Rodríguez.
28. Alfredo M. Bonanno.

Por seguridad de todxs: no mochilas, no cámaras, no fotos, no vídeos, no drogas ni alcohol, NO PERIODISTAS.

Conferencias, intervención y participación de compañerxs de Grecia, Italia, Chile, Inglaterra.

Editoriales y publicaciones afines.

En: Okupa Che, Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, Ciudad Universitaria, UNAM, México DF.

Inicio de Eventos a partir de las 14:00 Hrs.



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Dark Nights #38 : ‘Letters of Nicola Gai & Alfredo Cospito’ – Nov 2013 (ACN)

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Another issue of the international anti-prisons anarchist newsletter. Download and distribute as you like…

Dark Nights #38


1. Genoa, Italy – Court declaration of anarchist comrades Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai at the trial for the wounding of Ansaldo Nucleare managing director Roberto Adinolfi.
2. ‘I want Comrades, not the mob…’ by the imprisoned members of CCF, plus Andreas Tsavdaridis and Spyros Mandylas.
3. CCF trial updates.
4. Italy: Communiqué of counter-information group Culmine, target of ‘Operation Ardire’.
5. Italy: Comrade Gianluca Iacovacci transferred to the AS2 unit of the prison of Alessandria.
6. Italy: Comrade Francesco Carrieri imprisoned in Savona.
7. Switzerland: Update on anarchist comrade Marco Camenisch.
8. Mexico: Eco-anarchist and vegan straight-edge prisoner Braulio Duran is free.
9. UK: New zine ‘On the Out’ by Bristol ABC.
10. Greece: Letter from anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos.
11. Greece: Text by the detained anarchist comrades of the Nea Filadelphia case in Athens.
12. Greece: Letter from anarchist comrades arrested in Velvedo, Kozani about their trail on 29 November.
13. Greece: Letter of captive anarchist Spyros Mandylas.
14. Greece: About the case of imprisoned anarchist Tasos Theofilou.
15. Direct Action News.


Anti-Copyright Network 2013

International Network of Counter-information and Translation

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Solidarity with the Yaqui tribe (Mexico)

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

We receive and transmit:

Hi, we are a solidarity group with the struggle of the Yaqui tribe who are being dispossessed of the water of their territory to benefit the biggest capitals such as Ford, Heineken, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Holcim. the situation of the Yaqui tribe is dangerous by living in the desert and are doomed to die without the water, we convened a one-day international event, all the information is in namakasia.jimdo.com

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Mexico City: 4 anarchists arrested at Embassy demonstration for Hans Niemeyer (Mexico, Chile)

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Yesterday, Tuesday August 20th, there was a demonstration in solidarity with our comrade Hans Niemeyer, at the Chilean Embassy. After the protest, as our comrades were getting ready to leave, they were followed and arrested by the police; Jaime Alberto Aguilar Marroquin (member of the Anarchist Black Cross DF), Guarneros Tonatiuh Garcia, Jair Juarez Victorino and Mario Alberto Lopez Gutierrez. (more…)

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Journadas Informales Anarquicas 2013 – Simposio Internacional (Mexico)

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

Jornadas Informales Anárquicas 2013 – Simposio Internacional
Ciclo de Conferencias y Debates con los compañeros:

Alfredo Maria Bonanno.

Constantino Cavalleri.

Gustavo Rodríguez.

Wolfi Landstreicher.

27-28 y 29 de Diciembre 2013.

México D.F.

Mesas Informativas.


Proyección de Documentales.




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Letter from anarchist Mario ‘Tripa’ Lopez (Mexico)

Monday, August 12th, 2013


It’s time I used my typewriter, considering the requests from many compas from different areas of the world, including Mexico, who repeatedly asked me to tell them what situation I was going through. I’d like to start by apologizing for not giving news for many months, more than 6 to be precise. Never mind, I haven’t done so for different, very personal reasons.

For now I’m going to say only a few things, starting from the judicial ones. The trial against me is continuing but there have been some changes and there is no sentence so far. Well, a week ago my case became competence of the tribunal 20 dealing with non serious offences. This is due to the reform of the law according to which I was accused, with the result that my case is now regarded as a non serious one in the Mexican penal code: break of the public peace, with a sentence ranging from 6 to 30 years without possibility of bail, has been changed into non serious offence, with a sentence ranging from 4 to 7 years. This is the reasons why anarchist lawyers demanded my release.

The tribunal 32 based in Recusorio Varolin Preventivo Sur, which took up my case at first, made a request for it to be transferred to another tribunal. Of course the prosecution appealed against this but a couple of months later the appeal was rejected and the transfer went on. This involved some problems for a couple of weeks but finally I had notification of the transfer.

This may seems a good change but it is not completely good because a new trial will have to start, whereas the previous one had almost concluded.

The change will give the prosecution a new opportunity for gathering more evidence against me and rebuild the case, which presented a number of faults. For example, during a hearing which I attended while being detained at the Reclusorio Sur the prosecutor called a witness, a woman of the antiriot police who had nothing to do with my imprisonment. She had been involved in a previous arrest following minor incidents against bullfighting in 2009. Moreover she no longer works with the institutions. Naturally my lawyers dismissed this alleged evidence, only due to the prosecutor’s intention to prove my tendency to breach the public peace. We demanded this phase of evidence to be acquired as it was, which implied 3-4 months of trial and the risk to get a maximum sentence of 7 years imprisonment.

During these months I have been waiting (along with you all) for the decision concerning the appeal presented by the prosecution after my release – they call it freedom but I can’t define it as such only because I was released from prison, for me freedom must be absolute. The appeal was rejected and I am still free awaiting trial, while both the prosecution and the defence were granted more time to gather evidence, which we believe is useless and only serves to confirm the presence of the prosecutor in this case. We renounced this extra time. It was then that the tribunal 32 decided to transfer the case to the court dealing with non serious offences, and the prosecution made an appeal.
Personally I want to publicly declare that I maintain my position. The considerations that can be drawn from my situation should be of strategic and tactic nature, especially as concerns ideas and not only the judicial consequences that they may produce. We may say, quite often this is the price of waging a war, an individual and collective conflict, and we can’t ignore its consequences in a cowardly way by not taking into account the sentences or the incertitude that the comrades hit by the repression of the state suffer or will suffer. We must take on these consequences individually or collectively when we decide to engage in a direct struggle against the State/Capital.

Usually I don’t agree with those who picture the revolution as an easy one, a non violent change without repercussions or repression from the State apparatus. Not that I want this to happen but I’m aware of the fact that we need to reduce risks to a minimum. At the same time we also have to be aware of the fact that repression along with criminalization are the weapons the state use to stop what disturbs its dominion, if our activity is to be placed outside the legal parameters of the system and our forms of struggle are to overcome the limits imposed by ideologies in a straightforward conflict against the Authority.

I’m not saying we have to worship violence or revolutionary violence; it is simply something that the anarchist movement has taken from the past and brought into the present in order to struggle against the State/Capital. Always bearing in mind that violence is not the climax of our individual/collective intervention we have to reject the false dichotomy imposed by both the system – especially the police state we have today with DF, just to make an example – and by its defenders and supporters – leftists, pacifists, reformers, etc – in order to undermine the insurrection process or obstruct it with false dilemmas, which end up in irreconcilable splits.

For me attack is not only the armed one or the explosive one. It is any form of anarchist intervention that questions and criticizes reality, make propositions and heads towards the climax of individual and generalized insurrection.
All attacks against power that have followed one another since 2007 are the results of some uprisings that we can see today in the streets. This is this force that today is animating the anarchist impulse, and is also going beyond it. It is the force that has allowed many comrades to gain full awareness and take important steps in discussion and action, without splitting theory and practice. What you think you do, regardless of the fact that some comrades agree or not with interventions such as sabotage or individual actions.

I think these issues – explosive attacks, various acts of sabotage – are not the climax of our struggle. Perhaps they are such in the current moment but I think these actions are individual interventions, of claim, of attack, and at the same time they add to propaganda – books, publications, protests and various activities. They are part of the same commitment towards insurrection when there are certain conditions. But this too is part of the awareness of the intervention in favour of irrational uprisings so that the latter turn into conscious and generalized insurrection.
We can’t believe that our actions, even including the minor ones, won’t have any repercussions. Anarchism is illegal in itself and thoughts of freedom are incompatible with the parameters imposed by the system. The challenge of the destruction of the society of capital is the only existing community.

The absurd difference between legal and illegal is not only an excuse used by those who fill their mouths with fine words and nostalgia and see anarchism as something obsolete. I believe our struggle is there to grab total and absolute freedom; it is an incorruptible struggle that has always been ready to use all the means at its disposal in order to achieve its goal: individualist critique, destruction and construction.

Now I’d like to comment on an article appeared in the magazine Proceso, issue 103, April 2013. The investigative article is entitled ‘Alarm for Mexican anarchists’. First of all I’d like to say that the article is not that bad, if confronted with what is being said about anarchists in this kind of magazines. To tell the truth, Proceso has always published very accurate articles. The article refers to a fact that many comrades have noted for a long tine: the birth of an international insurrectional network. The collaboration between European intelligence services represents a more serious problem than that of the CISEN – which based an investigation against anarchist groups on their facebook accounts, alleging that three of these groups had ‘some firearms’ at their disposal, a statement that I find absurd because we are in a country where anyone has weapons, weapons are everywhere, and to get them it is sufficient to intimidate some absent-minded cop walking where they shouldn’t do so… etc.

The article of the CISEN seems to be made in order to create alarm and sensation, unlike that of the magazine Proceso, which I think deserve some attention. The question concerning Europol is that this obscure police body has the task of gathering information on the struggle of the groups of anarchist action operating in Europe. And the Italian DIGOS maintains its theorems in order to create illegal associations of anarchist that seems to be drawn from some gangsters novels: hierarchical armed associations, which in most cases are just the product of the imagination of the judges in charge of solving cases of attack or execution occurring in the country, and which are claimed by anarchists or are attributed to the latter. By the way the collaboration between intelligence services and the Europol itself only reproduce this kind of imaginary models.

Finally, as I was asked to do so, I’d like to clarify that I have no reason to thank the student Movement 132 for having being released from prison. The doubt comes from the fact that the change in the law made by the GDF would be due to the ‘pressure’ exercised by this group. I believe that this decision is just a strategically political one, as it came along with the appointment of Mancera in the government of DF and in relation to the repression of December 1. What would it be my fault? Think of Ebrad, who after being acclaimed as the best mayor in the world has violated all human rights. This change in the law only served to neutralize the protests of these reformists who act according to the law and always respect the established rules, thus reproducing the strategy of social democracy, which is that of Demand – I’m not talking about the single exceptions that can be found in their ranks but about their general position. What happened is that the lawyers of the GASPA evaluated, demanded and obtained my release. A critique is not always contempt and those who see things that way can’t distinguish the one from the other. How can we progress if we always feel accused and offended?

I say goodbye now, hoping I have not been too untimely, as I often am. I’d like to thank the anarchist comrades of affinity for their support and solidarity, which they showed me when I was in prison and also now that I’m out. Warm greetings to the comrades: Nikos Maziotis, Pola Roupa and little Victor Lambros, who at the age of three is on the run along with his parents.

Mario Antonio López.
México DF- 31 Julio 2013

via material anarquista, actforfree/B.pd


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PDF: 'A Conversation Between Anarchists' – A discussion about tactics, theory and practice between the imprisoned members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and a few anarchists in Mexico

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013


Download here in English.

What follows is a conversation between the imprisoned members of the CCF and a number of anarchists from Mexico. The questions are asked by various comrades of the country, not only by those of the editorial group Conspiración Ácrata. We thank the comrades who helped us with the huge job of translation from Greek into Spanish, and the comrades who helped us in making the conversation with the imprisoned comrades possible. Solidarity greetings to all of them and to our comrades of the CCF!

This dialogue came out for the first time in May 2012, in Spanish, in the Mexican anarchist magazine Conspiración Ácrata.

This English edition translated from the Italian text published by Edizioni Sole Nero by actforfreedomnow/B.pd/sysiphus.

CCF editorial translated by actforfreedomnow/boubourAs


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PDF: Abrazando el Caos & Conspiracion Acrata (Argentina, Mexico)

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Abrazando el Caos & Conspiracion Acrata

English translation

Viendo en el fortalecimiento del debate real y sincero, así como en el mutuo conocimiento de las particularidades de cada región en donde actúan grupos o individuxs refractarios al orden mundial, una excelente oportunidad para afianzar nuestra lucha, damos lugar a este numero compartido entre Conspiración Ácrata y Abrazando el Caos.
Habiendo comprendido que detrás de algunos aspectos que nos diferencian, como compañerxs que llevan adelante sus respectivas publicaciones, nos une algo mucho mas sustancial, que va en el sentir anárquico de la búsqueda por destruir la autoridad y a quienes la encarnan.

Con lxs compañerxs, en medio del dialogo sincero, la critica y el compartir de ideas, supimos reconocernos mas cercanxs a pesar de las etiquetas (nihilista, insurreccionalista, individualista, etc.), superando el estancamiento de los ismos o meras clasificaciones. Así, no nos hemos privado de compartir nuestras experiencias a fin de con ellas enriquecer el debate y la acción, compartiendo a su vez temas y pareceres propios del contexto regional, hallando por momentos un cierto paralelismo en procesos históricos que repercuten en los tiempos actuales, así como el mismo coraje y la misma convicción a la hora de enfrentar a nuestros enemigos. (more…)

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Europol and Mexico to cooperate against anarchist groups

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Note from WOS: It goes without saying that we do not share the analysis of the Europol or of the press that are reported below. What we do consider important is to be aware of international police cooperation. It is also worth mentioning that what follows is a decent summary of recent anarchist action especially in Mexico, and we have added links where they may be helpful.

from the press, translated by waronsociety:

Alarm in Europe due to Mexican Anarchists

The European police seem to be more interested in fighting anarchism (which they automatically equate with terrorism) than narco-trafficking. They demonstrate this in a cooperation accord which will soon be negotiated between the European police and the Mexican government, and the report on “terrorist trends in the EU” which is about to be published. A recount of the attacks in Italy and Mexico would explain Europol’s alarm.

BRUSSELS (Proceso) — The police force of the European Union (EU), Europol, intends for the cooperation accord it will negotiate with Enrique Peña Nieto’s government to include the exchange of information about anarchist groups operating in Mexico.

Last October 4th, the EU Cabinet approved Europol’s beginning of accord negotiations with the Mexican government. Its primary–but not sole–component would be the fight against narco-trafficking.

The eventual collaboration of the Mexican and European police against the anarchists (a tendency toward what they automatically qualify as terrorist) would fall within the framework of European politics of fighting terrorism, according to a Europol document dated April 4, 2012 of which Proceso has a copy. (more…)

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PDF: Edizioni Sole Nero #3 (Italy, Mexico)

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Edizioni Sole Nero: “Sulla tendenza anarchica informale – Una conversazione tra Cospiracion Acrata e Gustavo Rodriguez su teoria e pratica della cosiddetta Tendenza Anarchica Informale, o del nuovo insurrezionalismo anarchico”

Third issue of SOLE NERO Edizioni

It is out now the ITALIAN translation of the interview made by the Mexican comrades of Cospiracion Acrata with the insurrectionary anarchist Gustavo Rodriguez, on the theory and praxis of the so-called Anarchist Informal Tendency, or new anarchist insurrectionalism.

Download, print and distribute!

Link for downloading:


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Self-Determination and Self-Defense in Cherán, Michoacán (Mexico)

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

From El Enemigo Comun – by Simòn Sedillo / via anarchistnews

On December 11, 2012, the US Justice Department announced that banking giant HSBC was immune from prosecution despite overwhelming evidence that they consistently failed to implement controls against money-laundering. Assistant attorney general Lanny Breuer said: “Had the US authorities decided to press criminal charges, HSBC would almost certainly have lost its banking license in the US, the future of the institution would have been under threat and the entire banking system would have been destabilized.”

The entire banking system would have been destabilized?

The Department of Justice opted rather to charge HSBC a record-breaking 1.9 billion dollar fine, and ordered the bank’s activities monitored for five years. The 1.9 billion is equivalent to five weeks’ worth of HSBC earnings, in other words, a drop in the bucket. The saddest part of the story in the mainstream media, is the focus on money laundered and money fined, as opposed to lives lost and crime legitimized in one of the most grotesque admissions of complicity with organized crime in the so-called war on drugs. Basically what was announced to the world by the US Justice Department was that the money ran too thick, and the criminals were too powerful. The global economic impact of prosecuting a bank where the dirty money has been going, was too dangerous to risk. “Sorry kids, but we guess the bad guys win.” (more…)

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Letter of Felicity Ryder from clandestinity on the recent conditional release of Mario López from the Mexican prisons

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

To my brother Mario,

Six months have passed since you were kidnapped that night out of bad luck, since you were tortured and threatened, since your family and friends were harassed. For six months they tried everything to break your acratist [anarchic] spirit – they locked your body within four walls and innumerable bars, away from the wild forests where you belong, but could not penetrate your mind at all times that you were close to your comrades in affinity across the world. They made you undergo pain, but your willingness to fight always won.

They tried to hinder your advocates in affinity, in order to stop them from expressing their solidarity with you, not realizing that a couple of male strangers lurking in the shadows at dawn and some empty death threats would not be able to stop those who are willing to fight alongside you. They sent their prisoners-traitors to do you harm, but the solidarity which was sown always proved stronger. During these months you mocked the enemy, enduring the pain, incertitude and torture of the confinement of a savage individual, and each long second you clung tight to your convictions. You used all your bursting energy to propagate freedom in every step, succeeding even in such an infertile place to continue the analysis of our insurrectional struggle, without ever stopping to fight, even for a second, for freedom and anarchy.

Today, when you step out on the street again, you should know that you were never actually deprived of your freedom — all this time you were free, because despite everything they tried, they weren’t and will never be able to take away the freedom that runs through your veins, through our veins. I know very well that this is far from over —we are all aware of the deceptions and vengeance that consist the very essence of the State— but I realize that your comrades stand beside you, and your indomitable spirit for anarchy can only grow even stronger.

Just like you, I wish that all our comrades who are either prisoners or fugitives in Mexico, Italy, Chile, Greece, Bolivia, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and all over the world can also walk on the street today, enter their homes and embrace their loved ones. And although they proudly endure incarceration and incertitude, they are also with us at all times.

Forward, comrade; there is still so much to be done…

Your sister in affinity,

[ translated from Spanish ] via contrainfo

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Anarchist Mario López released from pretrial detention (Mexico)

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

On December 29th, at about 1am, our comrade Mario López ‘Tripa’ hit the streets again. With the help of solidarians, Mario paid the bail that was set for his release, so he will now await trial in ‘freedom’.

Thanks so much to all those who, one way or another, have supported this struggle. We still need to take many comrades out of prisons. Freedom for Braulio Duran, who is remanded in León!

Down with the walls of prisons!
Strength to all comrades who are imprisoned or on the run!

ABC Mexico & Solidaridad Mario

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Dark Nights 29: Considerations on Action and Anarchy – Dec 2012 (ACN)

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Download and distribute – December 2012 version of the international anti-prison anarchist freesheet to copy on the fly.

PDF: Dark Nights 29: Considerations on Action and Anarchy

Frontpage article from Italy considers the laming of Ansaldo Nucleare CEO Roberto Adinolfi, the zine also includes letters from imprisoned anarchist comrades, news and a direct action/sabotage round-up. Gabriel Pombo da Silva penned a letter in solidarity with Marco Camenisch this month, Marco is a persecuted eco-anarchist standing firm against the inquisition of nun Manuela Comodi in Italy and the prison authorities of Switzerland. Lastly, but not least, the call for an International Direct Action Week in solidarity with the always unyielding Mario Antonio López ‘Tripa’ from the 15th to the 22nd of December by the Anticivilization Fraction of the Earth Liberation Front in Mexico.

Not forgetting the yearly call for international anti-prison demonstrations and actions on New Years Eve – the time when people are encouraged by the system to spend even more money in consumerist temples and forget their problems through illusions.

Merry Crisis & Happy New Fear – For a Black Xmas!

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