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Italy: Two parcel bombs for the President of Confindustria Brescia and the Prison Guard’s Union

Wednesday, September 30th, 2020

GR | Ιταλία: Δύο δέματα-βόμβες στον Πρόεδρο της Confindustria Brescia και στην Ένωση Δεσμοφυλάκων
IT | Pacchi bomba a confindustria Brescia e secondini Modena
FR | Italie : Deux colis piégés à l’organisation des patrons et au syndicat des matons

We sent two parcel bombs to the president of Confindustria Brescia, Giuseppe Pasini and SAPPE of Modena.
We hit the unions of the bosses and their minions. We hit the corporate and prison slaughterers in the first days of the proclamation of the state of emergency. In front of the images of the bodies taken away by military means we understood: Your death, my death.
Capitalism is a rotting corpse: Let’s bury it.
No faith in investigations, but nihilistic revenge against master politicians and minions.
No judgment can stop the Informal Anarchist Federation.
We have not forgotten the action of our brother Mikhail Zhlobitsky. Beyond the generations of virtual alienation, Mikhail is the youth of the world. This action is dedicated to him.

Mikhail Zhlobitsky Cell
Informal Anarchist Federation
International Revolutionary Front

via Round Robin.

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Incendiary Attacks Against Transantiago Bus and Armed Attacks Against Carabineros in Santiago, Chile

Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Communiqué received together with the photos on 08/16/2019:

I. Street fight in confluence with the new urban guerrilla

As groups, we use revolutionary violence to make visible the obvious contradictions that the systemic and changing operation of capital implies, depending on the State that legitimizes it as the social order of the day.

Each gear justifies the next and is consolidated as a structure under the protection of a judicial apparatus that condemns many to misery, softens abuses and violations of priests condemned to a life of confinement in palaces, and forgives tax crimes within the reach of 1% of Chilean citizens that conserve 26.5% of the wealth; an executive power in charge of justifying and accelerating the measures that favor the wealthy and thirsty group of tyranny that is on duty; a legislative power in charge of discussing among its caste the daily evolution of millions of people… and always protecting their privileged status in power. (more…)

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