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'The State is the only Terrorist' – About the repression in Thessaloniki (Greece)

Monday, July 15th, 2013

“Towards the end of this night, despondency is impermissible. I risk nothing anymore”
Paul Eluard

Every minute, every hour that passes, the historical evil represented by the State attacks a society that groans and dies slowly under its boot and in passivity.

However, fireworks of anger and resistance do not stop ripping up the generalized darkness and wild voices of fury and conscience do not stop giving birth to nightmares for the complacent and the poorer by the day population and calling for a wide front of resistance and liberation, for the necessity of the revolution. (more…)

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Thessaloniki: Information from Steki Nadir about the repression (Greece)

Sunday, July 14th, 2013

Two comrades are arrested and accused of sending the letter bomb to the former boss of the anti-terrorist unit. They are accused of all the actions that have taken place as the ‘Phoenix Project’.

Translated by Actforfreedomnow!boubourAs

Last night, Thursday July 11th, two anarchists are arrested after a large cop operation. As well the cops raid and search anarchist Steki Nadir and the Thessaloniki campus. At the same time there is an orchestrated media operation with the same journalists colleagues of the cops. In “Vima” newspaper, specific spaces and a specific comrade is portrayed.

Friday afternoon, cops make a pitiful announcement.
Heavy charges are attributed with no connection with the confiscated “evidence”. There is a charge for “possession of explosives” with no explosives found. As well, in a stupidity delirium, cops include in their announcement an action in a hotel in Jakarta Indonesia. Obviously, they are testing our limits, the limits of whole social layers, pulling on the rope until they meet resistance.

The scene is repeated: cops arrest comrades, known or not, load them with heavy charges for terrorism and -as an idiom- anarchy, charges which are not accompanied by evidence or findings, then follows the exposure of these people, their friends, relatives, and finally these people will be called after years in prison, to prove in court that they are not elephants, that they did not do what they are charged for.

Unfortunately, totalitarianism which evolves in every field, irrationality, and arbitrariness tend to become the rule. And the rule can be followed by habit, apathy, indifference.

Those arrested in Thessaloniki have been transferred to Athens in GADA (Athens police HQ) since their charges also include participation in a terrorist organization and so to specifically try to connect them with the CCF, which means soon they will get a visit by some interrogator handling the case.

Just after the incidents in Skouries, arrests, beatings, imprisonments and clashes, clashes of teachers at the education ministry, attack of the macho bully delta cops on the intervention for K.Sakkas, and the collaborated attack of cops and neonazis on the social space “Synergio” in Ilioupoli, the state screams “I am and will be here”.

The minister of cops and oppression, Dendias, just after the cops announcement about the arrests in Thessaloniki reminds that the diptych is: oppression and “national unity”.

No one hostage in the hands of the state.
Solidarity to all those who revolt.
Hold strong we are with you.

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Εκδήλωση από το Αναρχικό Στέκι Ναδίρ (Ελλάδα)

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Στις 3 Ιούλη το Αναρχικό Στέκι Ναδίρ θα πραγμοτοποιήσει εκδήλωση με το εξής περιεχόμενο:
Συνεισφορά των μεταφραστικών δικτύων στη Διαρκή Αναρχική Εξέγερση:

Act for freedom now! (Αγγλία), 325 (Αγγλία), Culmine (Ιταλία), Informa-Azione (Ιταλία), Parole Armate (Ιταλία), Μαύρη Διεθνής (Ελλάδα), Έρεβος (Ελλάδα), A-politiko (Ελλάδα), Parabellum (Ελλάδα)

Ενημέρωση για την καταστολή στην Ιταλία:

Επιχείρηση “Ευτολμία” (Ardire), Επιχείρηση “Thor”, Επιχείρηση “Σβήσε τη φωτιά”, Επιχείρηση “Σκιά” (Shadow). Θα διαβαστούν κείμενα -παρεμβάσεις συντρόφων που διώκονται για αυτές τις υποθέσεις.
Θα υπάρχουν βιβλία από τα παρακάτω εκδοτικά εγχειρήματα:

Εκδόσεις “Μαύρη Διεθνής”, Εκδόσεις “Δαίμων του τυπογραφείου”, Εκδόσεις “Διάδοση”, Εκδόσεις “Ελευθεριακή Κουλτούρα”, Εκδόσεις “Σίσυφος”, Εκδόσεις “Επαναστατική αυτοοργάνωση”, Εκδόσεις “Ελευθεριακό ινστιτούτο κοινωνικών μελετών”.

Επίσης θα γίνει η παρουσίαση του βιβλίου “Η Ένοπλη Χαρά” (La Gioia Armata), του Alfredo M. Bonanno. (Μετάφραση: Μεταφραστική ομάδα Urbis, Εκδόσεις: Αναρχικό Στέκι Ναδίρ)

Στο χώρο της εκδήλωσης θα υπάρχουν τα τεύχη του εντύπου Μηδενιστική Πορεία και υλικό του Αναρχικού Εκδοτικού/Μεταφραστικού εγχειρήματος ‘Ερεβος.

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Thessaloniki, Greece: Open letter to the Steki Nadir from 325

Monday, April 15th, 2013


We received your proposal for the counter-information gathering at your self-organised space on April 12-13, our apologies for not being able to respond sooner about it. Our inability to travel to Thessaloniki at this time meant that we prepared a written contribution to be distributed, whilst some of our circle made their further critical thoughts into another text. So here you’ll find two texts in English, Greek and Italian, which are posted openly in the hope of spreading discussion and action ever further.

Contribution to Nadir squat gathering from 325

Qualifications- response to Steki Nadir: A few thoughts on our use of technology by some luddites:

Recently we read the text of Alfredo Cospito to the CCF which we found ourselves very much in agreement with, particularly this section:

“Communication cannot but be carried out through action and this is why we do not have to assign it in some way to the professionals of speech. It is vital, of course, that the news and ideas go around the world. It is necessary however that we avoid in any way the transformation into bureaucracy of a procedure that must remain free from the elite of those who specialize in information.”

We return the warm greeting of Viva La Anarquia in Chile, who we regard as our anarchist friends and comrades; likewise, we send our incendiary hugs to all the groups and networks.

Always next to and part of the combative anarchist tendency!

Always in memory of Ryo!


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Thessaloniki: Steki Nadir launches the CCF book "The new anarchist urban guerrilla" (Greece)

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013


This is the site of the anarchist hangout Nadir in Thessaloniki, Greece.
On Friday 25 January at the steki there will be a presentation of the book of CCF “The new anarchist urban guerrilla”. The site will add other material categories, like PDFs etc.


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New indictment against the members of the R.O. CCF and revolutionary anarchist Theofilos Mavropoulos (Greece)

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Letter from the imprisoned members of the Revolutionary Organisation – Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and revolutionary anarchist Theofilos Mavropoulos

A few days ago we were summoned for a preliminary investigation by the anti-terrorist unit, in the prisons where we’re detained. This investigation concerns our possible prosecution according to Article 184 of the Penal Code, under which ‘Whoever publicly causes or triggers in any manner a felony or misdemeanor commitment, shall be punished with up to 3 years imprisonment.’ The investigation refers to the text which we had published in solidarity with the anarchist hangout Nadir.

The police’s persecution of texts is nothing new within the circles of insurrectionary anarchy. (more…)

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Repression updates from Athens (Greece)

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Three updates, one about the trial of anarchist Giannis Dimitrakis, and another about the 6 arrested alleged “terrorists” who are held hostage in huge media-spectacle-process, accused of being members of armed groups, lastly an update about the connected raid of the Nadir squat in Saloniki : (more…)

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