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Parole Armate – The Roar of Armed Words is Back (Italy)

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

The roar of armed words is back

In these last weeks we have been a little busy, this is unquestionable. Committed to reorder the mess that the repression has sought to leave behind leaving our homes, our lives and those of people around us.

None of this amazes us or leave us surprised, these are, in fact, the inconveniences that may happen to those who, in first person, declares one’s hatred against what exists and takes care of amplifying many other cries of scorn, shouted in different languages, that resonate furiously in the four corners of the world. (more…)

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Perugia – Anarchists investigated, searched and questioned (Italy)

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Posted on March 30, 2012 by Culmine – Translation act for freedom now/B.pb :

On 29th March the power of attorney of Perugia, following an investigation led by public prosecutor Comodi, has unleashed a repressive operation against 4 anarchist comrades. House searches were carried out in Pisa, Chieti, Brescia, Genoa, Catania, Ravenna and other cities. We don’t have a complete picture yet but we know that 2 comrades were forcibly taken to the ROS [Special Operations Unit of the Carabinieri] barracks in Perugia after being house searched, where they were supposed to be questioned by the public prosecutor. The comrades gave no comment interviews and were released in the night after 22 hours of kidnapping. The charges are: 270bis and 280, the latter concerning ‘a subversive nature of crime organization’. (more…)

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