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Fragment – Rigor mortis ostativo (Edizioni Cerbero)

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

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In the metaphorical text of this last fragment entitled ‘Rigor mortis ostativo’ the right-duty of the “defendant subject’ is disentangled.

The behavioural terms that the defendant-subject has chosen outline an apodictic sign, which is willing and ready to be displayed.

The ‘right’ is a limit prone to disentangle the events of a chosen path.

The basic material for getting the right is the same being-subject that takes shape in the comparison between the subject and the right in a merging of events, which becomes the foundations of the moral-judicial-monster in a sudden organic disposition, which nullifies any willing motion.

In the action of ‘claiming’ the singular tissues of the individual asking for a right become tissues of a decomposition of its own existential peculiarities.


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