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Attack on Melbourne public transport infrastructure (Australia)

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

325 receives and transmits:

14 December 2011

On Wednesday night the majority of the Sydenham line ticket and validation machines were sabotaged.

We cram ourselves into these steel tubes like sardines. Forced to endure the discomfort day after day, literally being crushed by society. The sweat, smell, and heat is unbearable. As we stand clinging to a stupid little loop, gasping for breath and shifting our weight from foot to foot aching from the tedium and muttering apologies to the fellow passengers we are crushing and suffocating, we can’t help but think of livestock packed together being transported to the slaughterhouse. Because work and consumerism is a slaughterhouse of our minds, and free will. (more…)

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Radical resistance in Russia: brief report by Black Blocg (Russia)

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Here is a brief report on radical acts of social confrontation in Russia since 9th November and until today. Nowadays we are faced with the pre-revolutionary situation of great people’s disturbance all over the country after parliamentary elections, where United Russia, the party of the ruling bunch of corrupted bureaucrats and oligarchs, took its “victory” due to massive falsification. We all hope here, that this not only beginning of the end of this semi-authoritarian regime, but also the dawn of people’s liberation – libertarian revolutionary struggle. (more…)

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Anarchists sabotage rail line to disrupt flows of capital – Southern Oregon (USA)

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

325 receives and transmits:

28 November 2011


On the night of November 28th, 2011, we sabotaged a rail line in Southern Oregon as part of a coordinated effort to disrupt the flow of commerce on the West Coast. We got tired of watching trains pass through our towns loaded with lumber, ore, cheap commodities, and other resources pillaged from the earth without consequence. We didn’t do this out of a desire to create a more green, sustainable or humane civilization—we want nothing less than to see the total failure of this sick and rotten society.

This action was not only easy to carry out, but positively satisfying. We used 4AWG copper wire with the ends stripped of insulation and wrapped around the two sides of the track with the rest of it buried in the middle, which falsely indicated to a sensor that there was a train stopped on the railway.

We did this in solidarity with currently imprisoned members of the Long-Live Luciano Tortuga Cell/Indonesian FAI, to whom we send our most passionate revolutionary greetings.

We would also like to send our love to ALF prisoner of war, Walter Bond.

Towards an end to this nightmare world

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Eco-anarchists spike forest roads in Moscow region (Russia)

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

325 receives and transmits:

On 30/11/2011 we set out to spike forest roads in a hunting resort of Naro-fominsk district (Moscow region).

We can’t find words to describe our happiness at discovering a forest service vehicle parked on a remote trail. It was a mystery for us if they were there on an ambush (they were sort of hard to spot initially), or simply taking a rest away from their bosses (as Russian enforcement agents are prone to do). So we spiked about 2 kms of the road in both directions from the vehicle. We wish them a cold and lonely night in the dark forest.

We felt emotions akin to those every anarchist with molotov in a back pack must have felt when she suddenly came upon an empty police car.

Forest service officers do not protect forests or wildlife, they are there to make it possible for hunters kill animals (for a bribe or due to dubious legislation), they rob tourists during tourist seasons, they turn a blind eye towards tree-cutters.

We salute young men and women from ALF-Moscow for their courageous acts. The struggle continues until total liberation!

ALF-Moscow region

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Eco-anarchists sabotage two power plants near Moscow (Russia)

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

325 receives and transmits:

On 03.08.2011 a power plant №27 in Mitishi was firebombed by some eco-anarchists of Moscow region.
Firefighters report the initial fire after explosion covered 200 sq.m.

In the evening of 17.11.2011 another fire destroyed hardware equipment at a powerplant №22 of Dzerzhinskii (a town near Moscow).

No being was harmed during the actions.

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Barcelona: Anti-election attacks claimed by Anti-authoritarian Insurgency of Action / FAI (Catalunya-Spain)

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

November 17-20, 2011Coordinated actions by Anti-authoritarian Insurgency of Action / Informal Anarchist Federation

– translated by war on society:


We always ask ourselves why in the Spanish state the strategy of a unified international federation has not been proposed. Instead of waiting and continuing to ask questions, we offer a small step.

After about one year of small anonymous actions of sabotages, failures, and small victories, we have decided to contemplate Anarchy from another perspective, thus we have made the decision to form part of the Informal Anarchist Federation and of the International Revolutionary Front. We want to experiment with the feeling that comes with adhering to this project, to study new forms of understanding Chaos* and participate in all fields of struggle. Anarchism is a movement of liberation, a weapon of struggle, a form of life and/or action, or at least many understand it as such. We want to have an opportunity to have a crucial role in the social war and beginning with the daily practice, we will be steadfast. Likewise, we intend to ‘open the can’ or raise from self-criticism new forms of direct action and animate informal, horizontal and combative organization. We believe in anti-authoritarianism, in chaos and in a strong anarchist praxis, likewise the constant reproduction of sabotages, boycotts and attacks that trouble and could undermine capital’s projects and capital itself. Also in this form of struggle we opt for and accept the direct attack against Nazi-fascism; in the struggle against authority and against the system, the powerful attack against Nazi-fascism is another front, and the direct and from-behind struggle to crush those who believe themselves racially or politically superior to the rest is fundamental. We seek the creation of a continual situation of tension and conflictuality against power.

“In the face of a system of control and domination, only the combative struggle can prevail”

We understand attacks and the destruction of the social order as a very valid and decisive tool, however, we do not make it a revolutionary dogma nor a fetishism, and depending on the situation its application, reproduction and deployment can vary. Following reflection, thought and analysis, we believe that in attacks a certain quality is required, in effect, without leaving the quantitative aside.

We consider it clear that the qualitative is essential, we must look to harm the system and its functioning at the root; that is, for example seeking some way of striking the consumption of commodities such as the attack on WalMart in Mexico, sabotaging an election day and making its normal functioning impossible, destroying the machines and possessions of some despot, and aggressions and direct attacks that provoke true fear in those responsible for governmental terror. Also it can be very effective to saturate the metropolitan media with subversive propaganda or propaganda in solidarity with imprisoned comrades. Actions and attacks against capitalism as an effective MEDIUM.

“But it is interesting to ask oneself if now, little by little we are learning from our past, little by little we are widening our dream of an Informal Anarchist Federation / International Revolutionary Front. If now our affinities in the Iberian Peninsula will also remain in the medium of anonymous crowds, or on the contrary will join the revolutionary effort.”Gabriel Pombo da Silva

In the Spanish state (may its flag burn!) we have experienced harsh periods of repression, since armed groups and resistance in the 70s and 90s were very forceful, the system and the state became especially repressive against any organized dissent and any insurgent cell. The prisons and the prison system are especially repressive and the conditions of the prisoners (and more so of political prisoners) are bad, very bad. Thus it is understandable that up to this moment actions have been anonymous. However, in the face of new political situations and new revolutionary processes, some have seen the necessity of forming part of a common project, of extending the revolutionary family through more horizons and raising their fists against the old dogmas, seeking new fronts and trying to operate as an antagonist cell. Gabriel Pombo da Silva (a salute to him) is right, from our own experiences we must continue searching, studying and acting to aggrandize our experience and the wounds against the new phases of capitalism each time more and more monopolistic. That is, to join the revolutionary effort. However, the FAI/IRF is an option for anyone who wants it, for anyone who wants to use that medium as a tool of struggle and how to approach other comrades who unfortunately live farther away.

“To defend oneself by saying that the political context in the place one lives is not adequate for the struggle, is just an excuse for not breaking the tranquility of the everyday.”
Silvia Guerini

It is easy to be a mere spectator of the social war from the computer screen, but just because it is easy does not mean it is valid. We believe that not everything depends on the context and the situation, like something external that floats in the air. Situations are made by us, by creating for ourselves, working hard and creating our own projects, being protagonists of the social war and having an active role, being the protagonists of our own reality and struggle. The ecological problems and what creates them–nanotechnology and biotechnology–not to combat them only, but exactly the contrary. It is necessary to create spaces of practice and counterpower for escaping from the established, but above all if these have a direct role against the state and the view it creates, a role destructive of the hypertechnological system. Ground work is indispensable, as is participation in social struggles and involving oneself in many causes, but always recognizing the root problem and seeking its total destruction. If we do not hurry in the creation of a consolidated and strong resistance, an active opposition, within a few years we will be obliged to give thanks to work entire days in the trenches until the age of 67. Thus, from now on we associate ourselves in the Informal Anarchist Federation and the revolutionary front as a way and contribution to expanding the federation and the development of the true revolutionary movement (either as part of the federation and the front, or in autonomous and anonymous groups).

“This is what has happened, what we have. If anything scares us it is the return to normality, because in the streets in the actions, the expropriations, etc, in our cities of light and death, we do not see only the consequences of our rage, but rather attempts to be able to live again. We have nothing to do but turn it into a living reality, to halt the field of everyday life, our power to materialize our desires, our power to not contemplate but rather transform the real–that is our vital space, everything else is dead.”

“Those who want to understand will understand, now is the moment to shatter our invisible cages and to transform our small and pathetic lives.”

We escape from the networks and structures of capital created by sociopaths, we escape from the substitution of the social networks that make us avoid ourselves for a better world in which we only speak with the wall, developing the cancer that presupposes [also entails, signifies – transl] appearances, and we do not want to appear [as in to seem, to feign – transl] but rather to attack. We unite with the insurgents. That it’s no use from the start, the critique of this–our actions and struggle–does not have a political expression, our struggle is our political expression.

Our struggle is the only thing we have. We are not for making a fool of anyone, we are precarious youth at war against domination.

To part with the appointed times: we consider that during and after an action or demonstration a series of things happen; first we gain–that is, we achieve the objective thereby concretely sabotaging the objective, and then we lose since we return to adhering to spectacular normality, we abandon the subversive role and we go on to exist within the networks again; thus and so far as it is possible, actions should go on extending themselves, perpetuating themselves and making themselves daily and habitual until–together with words, solidarity and every type of anarchist practice–they can create some subversive social fabrics and some strong bases of counterpower.

We did not want these words to just be dead words.

Coordinated actions:

Mailing of envelopes that simulated explosive letters:

On November 17th and 18th, two envelopes that simulated explosive letters we sent to the headquarters of the PSC and the PPC in Barcelona.[1] The same day of the 18th, notes were left at the door of both headquarters reading: “The domination, abuses, terror and control do not go unnoticed; expressions of rage will not be mere simulations next time. Death to capital and the politicians. Long live anarchy.”

Barcelona, November 20th, 2011:

In the late night to early hours of November 19th-20th, the locks of 15 polling stations were sealed, some cameras located in the same centers were obscured and attacked. Later, at 1:30am, the street was blockaded at Av. Meridiana and Ruben Dario (around #460), later at 2:15-2:30 the street was blockaded between Claramunt and Serós.

On November 20th, 12:30pm, Barcelona: bomb threat in the city of (in)justice.

On November 20th, 7:50pm, Badalona: bomb threat to the courthouse of Badalona.

On November 20th, no one votes, active abstention, They do not represent us!

Anti-authoritarian Insurgency of Action / Informal Anarchist Federation

For the comrades of other countries who don’t understand:
1. PPC and PSC are the Cataluña branches of the (un)Popular Party and the P$OE — parties that represent in the $tate the major political forces enacting and coordinating cuts and privatizations.

* Translation notes: The Spanish language, in addition to ‘anarchism’ and ‘anarchy,’ has a third related term–acracia–which can be translated as anarchy. It has the most apolitical connotation of the three, so we translate it here as ‘chaos.’ We generally translated its adjective form as ‘anarchic.’

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Barcelona, sabotajes anti-electorales por Insurgencia Antiautoritària d’Acció / Federación Anarquista Informal (Catalunya-España)

Monday, November 21st, 2011

– English translation here.

325 recibe y transmite:

17-20 Novembre 2011 – Acciones coordinadas

por Insurgencia Antiautoritaria de Accion/Federación Anarquista Informal


Siempre nos preguntemos por que en el estado español no se planteó la estrategia de una federación internacional unitaria. En lugar de esperar y seguir con interrogantes, damos un pasito.

Después de un año aproximadamente de pequeñas acciones anónimas de sabotajes, de fracasos y de pequeñas victorias, se ha decidido contemplar la Anarquia desde otra perspectiva, por eso hemos tomado la decisión de formar parte de la Federación Anarquista Informal y del Frente Revolucionario Internacional. Queremos experimentar de cerca la sensación que conlleva el hecho de adherirse a este proyecto, estudiar nuevas formas de entender la Acracia y participar en todos los campos de lucha. El Anarquismo es un movimiento de liberación, un arma de lucha, una forma de vida y/o accionar, o almenos muchxs lo entendemos así. Queremos tener una oportunidad de tener un papel crucial en la guerra social y a partir del trabajo diario, vamos a ser constantes. De la misma forma, se pretende abrir la lata o plantear desde la autocritica nuevas formas de acción directa y animar a la organización informal, horizontal y combativa. Creemos en el antiautoritarismo, en la acracia y en u na fuerte praxis anarquista, asi como la reproducción constante de sabotajes, boicots y ataques que dificulten y puedan mermar los proyectos del capital y al capital en si. También en esta forma de lucha optamos y aceptamos el ataque directo contra el Nazifascismo, en la lucha contra la autoridad y contra el sistema, el ataque contundente contra el Nazifascismo es un frente más y es fundamental la lucha directa y posterior aplastamiento de quien se cree superior racial y políticamente de lxs demás. Buscamos la creación de una situación continua de tensión y conflictividad contra el poder.

“Ante un sistema de control y dominación solo la lucha combativa ha de prevalecer”

Entendemos los ataques y la destrucción del orden social como una herramienta muy válida y decisiva, sin embargo, no lo hacemos un dogma revolucionario ni un fetichismo, y depende de la situación su aplicación, reproducción y desempeño puede variar. Después de reflexionar, de profundizar y de análisis, creemos que en los ataques se precisa una cierta calidad, en efecto, sin dejar de lado lo cuantitativo.

Dejamos claro que lo cualitativo es esencial, debemos mirar de perjudicar al sistema y su funcionamiento de raíz, es decir, como ejemplo buscar alguna forma de perjudicar el consumo de mercancías como el ataque al Wall Mart en México, sabotear una jornada electoral entera perjudicando y haciendo imposible su normal funcionamiento, destruir las máquinas y posesiones de algún cacique, vamos, agresiones y ataques directos que provoquen un miedo de verdad a lxs responsables del terror gubernamental. También puede ser muy efectivo empapelar media metrópolis con propaganda subversiva o en solidaridad con compañerxs presxs. Las acciones y los ataques al capitalismo como un MEDIO eficaz.

“Pero es interesante preguntarse si ahora.. que poco a poco se va conociendo parte de nuestro pasado, que poco a poco se va ampliando nuestro sueño de una Federación Anarquista Informal/Frente Revolucionario Internacional. Si ahora nuestrxs afines en la Península ibérica también se van a quedar en el medio de las multitudes anónimas o por el contrario se suman al empeño revolucionario”
Gabriel Pombo da Silva

En el estado español (¡que arda su bandera!) hemos vivido duros episodios de represión, pues los grupos armados y resistentes en los 90 y en los años 70 tuvieron mucha fuerza, el sistema y el estado se volvió especialmente represor contra cualquier disidencia organizada y con cualquier círculo insurgente. Las prisiones y el sistema carcelario son especialmente represores y las condiciones de lxs presxs (y más si son presxs politicxs) son malas, muy malas. De esta forma se hace entendible que hasta el momento, las acciones hayan sido anónimas. Sin embargo, ante nuevas situaciones políticas y nuevos procesos revolucionarios, algunxs han visto la necesidad de formar parte de un proyecto común, de extender la familia revolucionaria por más horizontes y levantar los puños contra los viejos dogmas, buscar nuevos frentes y tratar de trabajar como un círculo antagónico. Gabriel Pombo da Silva (un saludo para el) está en lo cierto, a partir de las experiencias propias debemos seguir buscando, estudiando y actuando para engrandecer nuestra experiencia y los daños contra las nuevas fases del capitalismo cada vez más y más monopolista. Es decir, unirnos al empeño revolucionario. No obstante, la FAI/IRF es una opción para quien lo quiera, para quien quiera usar ese medio como herramienta de lucha y como acercamiento a otrxs compas que por desgracia, viven más lejos.

“Escudarse diciendo que el contexto político en el lugar donde se vive no es el adecuado para la lucha, es solo una excusa para no romper la tranquilidad de la cotidianidad” Silvia Guerini

Es fácil ser un mero espectador de la guerra social desde la pantalla del ordenador, pero por que sea fácil no significa que sea válido. Creemos que no todo depende del contexto y de la situación como algo que flota en el aire y es externo. Las situaciones las hemos de crear por nosotrxs mismxs, trabajar duro y crear proyectos propios, ser protagonistas de la guerra social y tener un papel activo, ser lxs protagonistas de nuestra propia realidad y lucha. Los problemas ecológicos y lxs que lxs provocan, la nanotecnología y la biotecnología, no se combatirán solas, todo lo contrario. Se necesita crear espacios de trabajo y de contrapoder, de escapar de lo establecido, pero sobretodo si estos tienen un papel directo contra el estado y a la vez que creativo, destructivo contra el sistema hipertecnológico. El trabajo de base es imprescindible como el participar en luchas sociales e implicarse en muchas causas, pero reconociendo siempre el problema de raíz y buscando su total destrucción. Si no nos apresuramos en la creación de una resistencia consolidada y fuerte, de una oposición activa, dentro de unos años deberemos dar gracias por trabajar jornadas enteras en zanjas hasta los 67 años. Por eso, a partir de ahora nos aglutinamos en la Federación Anárquica Informal y en el frente revolucionario como una forma y contribución de ampliar la federación y el desarrollo del verdadero movimiento revolucionario (sea como parte de la federación y del frente, o en grupos autónomos y anónimos)

“Esto es lo que ha pasado, lo que tenemos. Si algo nos asusta es el regreso a la normalidad por que en las calles en las acciones, las expropiaciones, etc en nuestras ciudades de luz y muerte, no vemos solo las consecuencias de nuestra rabia, si no, intentos de poder volver a vivir. Ya no tenemos nada que hacer salvo convertirlo en una realidad viviente, parando el campo de la vida cotidiana, nuestro poder de materializar nuestros deseos, nuestro poder de no contemplar si no transformar lo real, ese es nuestro espacio vital, todo lo demás es muerte.”

“Lxs que quieran entender entenderán, ahora es el momento de romper nuestras celdas invisibles y de transformar nuestras pequeñas y patéticas vidas.”

Escapamos de las redes y estructuras del capital, confeccionadas por sociópatas, escapamos del sucedáneo de las redes sociales que nos hacen evadirnos a un mundo mejor, mientras que hablamos solxs con la pared desarrollando el cáncer que supone el aparentar y nosotrxs no queremos aparentar, si no atacar. Nos unimos a lxs insurgentes. Que de nada sirvan de antemano, la critica de que nuestras acciones y lucha no tienen una expresión política, nuestra lucha es nuestra expresión política.

Nuestra lucha es lo único que tenemos. No estamos para venderle la moto a nadie, somos jóvenes precarixs en guerra contra la dominación.

Partiendo de las citas, consideramos que tras y durante de hacer una acción o una manifestación luchadora suceden una serie de cosas; primero ganamos, es decir, logramos el objetivo saboteando el objetivo en concreto y posteriormente perdemos, pues volvemos a aglutinarnos a la espectacular normalidad, dejamos de tener el papel subversivo y pasamos a estar entre las redes de nuevo, por eso y en medida de que cada uno pueda, las acciones deben seguir prolongándose, perpetuarse y hacerse diarias y habituales hasta que-junto las palabras, la solidaridad y todo tipo de trabajo anárquico-se puedan crear unos tejidos sociales subversivos y unas bases de contrapoder fuertes.

No queríamos que estas palabras fueran solo palabras muertas.

Acciones coordinadas:

Envío de sobres que simulaban ser cartas explosivas:

Los días 17 y 18 de noviembre se enviaron dos sobres que simulaban ser cartas explosivas a la sede central del PSC y del PPC en Barcelona. El mismo dia 18 se dejaron en la puerta de ambas sedes unas notas que rezaban: “El dominio, los abusos, el terror y el control no pasan inadvertidos, las expresiones de rabia no serán simples simulaciones posteriormente. Muerte al capital y a lxs politicxs. Viva la anarquia”.

Barcelona, 20 de Noviembre de 2011.

En la tardenoche-madrugada del 19 al 20 de noviembre se sellaron las cerraduras de 15 colegios electorales, se oscurecieron y atacaron algunas cámaras ubicadas en los mismos centros. Posteriormente, a la 1:30 de la madrugada, se corto la calle en el cruce de la avenida meridiana y la calle Ruben Darío (aproximadamente numero 460), más tarde a las 2:15-2:30 se cortó la calle en el cruce entre el Carrer de Claramunt i el Carrer de Serós.

12:30, 20 de Noviembre, Barcelona; aviso de bomba en la ciudad de la (in)justicia.

19:50, 20 de Noviembre, Badalona; aviso de bomba en los juzgados de Badalona.

El 20 de Noviembre nadie vota, abstención activa, ¡No nos representan!

Insurgencia Antiautoritària d’Acció/Federación Anarquista Informal

Para lxs compas de otros paises que no lo entiendan:
1. PPC y PSC son las ramas en Cataluña del Partido (in)Popular y el P$OE. Partidos que representan en el e$tado las fuerzas políticas mayoritarias autoras de realizar y coordinar los recortes y privatizaciones.
2. “Venderle la moto” significa tomar por estúpido a alguien.

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Santander Banks smashed for Luciano Tortuga in Bristol (UK)

Friday, November 18th, 2011

From IMC UK:

16 November 2011

We smashed 2 Santander banks in Bristol. We did this in solidarity with all those fucked over by the banks. Our thoughts hearts and actions go out to Luciano Tortuga, injured and repressed whilst fighting back. Your courage and determination are inspiring.

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Estate agent office attacked in Bristol (UK)

Friday, November 18th, 2011

From IMC UK:

17 November 2011

At approximately 2 am this morning, the office of Maggs & Allen estate agent in Henleaze, Bristol was attacked with hammers. The windows of their shop front were totally annihilated.

This action was taken in solidarity with The Factory, and dedicated to all autonomous spaces in Bristol past and present.

Against property speculation, the gentrification of our communities and the evictions of our homes and social spaces.


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Anarchist direct actions from Black Bloc (Russia, Ukraine)

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Dear Comrades! Since our latest report in English had been published, there have been some occasions of social war moved by anarchists and “ordinary people”.

29.08.2011 – In St. Petersburg R.A.T.S. (Red and Anarchist Terror Section) burned road roller and bulldozer on the construction site of business-center of Gazprom – the most horrible Russian state-capitalist monster, trading oil and gas.

The same day in Moscow DIY-bomb was thrown into the police station of one of the Moscow outskirt municipality – Eastern Degunino. Two police cars, wall and windows of a building was damaged by explosion. This was the second anonymous bomb-attack on Moscow police in last days of August (the first one two days before). No group has claimed responsibility.

31.08.2011 – In Petersburg-city R.A.T.S. strikes again – police car burned and communiqué was spread: “everyone knows what hatred to police means – nowadays our country is separated on two unequal groups – those who governs and those who has to obey due to the fear of repressions (…) our action is a gift to the inauguration of a new police governor of St. Petersburg – Poltavchenko.”

03.09.2011 – Nearby city of Samara, placed in Volga-river, in the night anonymous pirate group attacked from the boat expensive yachts by Molotov cocktails.

09.09.2011 – In Moscow region administration house of Povarovo village was attacked by Molotov cocktails. No group has claimed responsibility.

12.09.2011 – In Altai territory arson of Bailiff Center took place. Serious damage of building and documentation.

13.09.2011 – In Ulianovsk anonymous fire attack took place on the office of the deputy Ruslan Seukov, member of a ruling party United Russia.

19.09.2011 – In Melitopol, Ukraine – public prosecutor’s office was arsoned. General door damaged…

Let the struggle spread and become deeper! Vivat Anarhia!

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Serious Crime Squad HQ vehicles paint-stripped in Bristol (UK)

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

24 September 2011

“Scientifically investigate this! Detective chief inspector willy white

2-3 unmarked vehicles were paint strippered at Kenneth Steele House, Feeder road CID’s serious crime squad HQ for the south west. On the evening of 24th Sept (sat).

Oh William this one’s for you who likes his own mug shot all over the local rag and wants to bring young people to justice, which will bring misery to them and make them a name for him maybe over a spring board to further promotion, little willy does it smell good brown-nosing Northcliffe[*], or are you in bed with the editor?

Why not look at the frustration caused by poverty, when the only vision is bleakness, mickey mouse crimes being trumped up to heavy charges an no way out of the ghetto, sure we disobey and do it for the kicks, what else is there? Window shopping and crack, and they leave us feeling hollow. We are never going to make it in your fairytale world William, so we’ve chose to back a dead cert, the one your having difficulty catching, the odds are in our favour, he runs fast, the evening post smasher.” [*]

(Thorn in your side)
Splinter division

[*Reference to a window smashing action against offices of a right-wing newspaper in Bristol, for which the cops seek a suspect from reported DNA evidence, which resulted in a local squat being raided. The cops didn’t find the man they were looking for, but made a political investigation, and seized computers, phones, papers. The newspaper, which naturally had their journalists present at the raid, tried to play a key part in the local repressive operations of the police, exactly like every other newspaper in the country. They all justified the police murder of Mark Duggan and excused the daily brutality and disgusting behaviour of the police, printing suspects photographs and spreading hatred and vengeance etc. The newspaper, known as the ‘Evening Post’ is a very typical daily newspaper owned by Northcliffe Media (formerly Northcliffe Newspapers Group), it is a large regional newspaper publisher in the UK and Central and Eastern Europe, owned by the Daily Mail and General Trust. In UK, it operates from over 30 publishing centres, and also has 18 daily titles.]

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325#9 – An Insurgent Zine of Social War & Anarchy

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

The rebellious anarchist magazine is back with another 92 pages of resistance and revolution to keep you ticking. D.I.Y and not for profit, this magazine aims to be a voice from the uncontrollables. 325 has long provided a platform for prisoners and anarchist/autonomous groups/individuals to communicate, and we’re proud to present this latest issue, as we received a lot of new inputs and efforts. The global network of solidarity and direct action spreads and multiplies – this magazine is only a glimpse of it.

A large selection of texts received from UK sets off the riot of info contained within this edition, and we give space to cover, amongst other subjects; the repressive anti-anarchist crack-down in Italy this year; lengthy insightful open letters and uncompromising statements from Greek anarchist prisoners of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and their accused; several articles form themed sections concerning Germany, Indonesia, and Chile etc. Whilst Philippines, Mexico and Russia also have a presence. A selection of poetic columns from Argentinian anarchist Rodolfo Gonzalez Pacheco, and the usual International Resistance News and Brief Global Reports make up the regular features.

The world-wide anarchic revolutionary insurrectional current could never be summed up in pages alone and grows day-by-day beyond our capability to report it. Consider these texts and images as contributions to an ongoing process of revolutionary solidarity and struggle.

Free PDF download and paper version directly available from 325 for suggested £2.5 / €3 suggested soli-donation per issue (postage extra), or pick it up from any decent anarchist distro which stocks it. Free copies available to prisoners (if they can receive it). Any money generated will be put into the 325 network and given to the funds of anarchist, eco & class-struggle prisoners.

As the crow flies… the jackanory never stops… This issue is dedicated to the memory of Gary DS & Casey. OG DSG RIP (Riot in Peace).

Articles include:

– For Riotous Assemblies not Reasonable Dissent
– Letter from Anarchist/Antifascist Prisoner Thomas Blak
– The Struggle Against the Existent Continues
– To address moral elitism within the anarchist milieu in response to the rioters of August 6th onwards…
– Incitement to Burn
– Beyond the ‘Movement’ – Anarchy!
– Against the British ‘anti-capitalist movement’: Brief notes on their ongoing failure
– To act without outside authorisation, clearance or a big pat on the back from the movement
– ‘Rain & Fire’ by UK sector of FAI
– A few notes on recent repressive attacks against anarchists in Italy
– To believe, to obey and to work
– ‘Direct Action’ by Rodolfo Gonzalez Pacheco
– About the case of Silvia, Costas & Billy
– About Solidarity
– About the “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire” case
– P.Argyrou – Statement to the Court
– Cells of Fire are Our Souls
– Political Statement of P.Masouras
– Mass sabotage in Berlin
– Sketches of the last few years anti-militarist praxis in Germany
– ‘There is nothing to reform’ by Gabriel Pombo da Silva
– Liebig 14 Evicted
– Solidarity with Chilean Struggle
– ‘With the Rebels…’ by Rodolfo Gonzalez Pacheco
– Tortuga Presente! Active Solidarity with Luciano!
– News from the Social War in Sulawesi and Java – Indonesia

link : http://325.nostate.net/library/9-325-net.pdf

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‘The Sun Still Rises’ by Conspiracy of Cells of Fire : Imprisoned Members Cell (Greece)

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Download: Click for PDF Zine from Dark Matter Publications.

From culmine via this is our job:

May 30 saw the publication of ‘The Sun Still Rises’, a pamphlet containing a chronology of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire attacks and the following new text by the group:

The Sun Still Rises

Knowledge chooses its project, each project is new and chooses its moments, each moment is new, but simultaneously emerges from the memory of all the moments that existed before

—The Interior of the Absolute

1. The Beginning

The Conspiracy of Cells of Fire Revolutionary Organization didn’t begin its activity from out of nowhere. It wasn’t as if a straight line had cut through space and time. It was a future crying out from the past. The Conspiracy comprised a collective synthesis, connecting the backgrounds and viewpoints of all who participated in it and drawing valuable conclusions from past experiences of subversive projects and attacks we took part in.

It represented our desire to take a step further, not to climb some ladder of informal hierarchy that fetishizes violence and its methods, but to simply advance, move forward, and explore new perspectives, making the shift from a “bunch of friends” to an organization, from the sporadic to the consistent, from the spontaneous to the strategic. (more…)

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Solidarity Attack on Developer in Waterloo, Ontario (Canada)

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

June 17, 2011

In the spirit of June Eleventh and inspired by recent actions against development in the Southern Ontario region, anarchists paid a visit to a condo development site on Belmont Ave. in Waterloo. The presentation building was painted in class war graffiti, all of the windows broken, and a nearby construction machine was covered in paint stripper and had its windows broken.

The Tricar Group (Real Estate Development & Property Management) are creating more space for the rich across Southern Ontario by building luxury condominiums in Waterloo, Guelph, Sarnia and London. Condos attract more yuppies into the cities where we live, increasing property values and pushing out the poor, broke, and working class people.

This action is in solidarity with Eric McDavid, Marie Mason, struggle in Greece, and all long-term anarchist prisoners, against the expansion of capitalism.

Condos are Class War!


Ps. Brianna Waters: your betrayal disgusts us.

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Glue, Spraypaint and Disorder in Cambridge against the System (UK)

Friday, June 17th, 2011

17 June 2011

“Early Friday morning, 17 June, we brought disorder to Chesterton Road, Cambridge. The HSBC bank was graffitied, its locks glued, its cashpoint trashed using glue and spraypaint. The offices of Seetech, a ‘back to work’ training company, was graffitied with the words FUCK WORK and circled As, a bike lock was used to chain the front doors and the locks were glued. We then visited the Chesterton Road JobCentre and graffitied the front saying FUCK WORK B4 IT FUCKS U and so on. We then sabotaged the cashpoints of the Lloyds TSB and the Barclays banks nearby, also graffiting both offices and gluing locks. A few other nearby businesses had their locks glued and were graffitied, including the slogan SMASH AUTHORITY, FUCK THE POLICE.

This goes out to other marginalised people, those who cannot and/or will not integrate into this sick society.

International solidarity to imprisoned fighters, including American eco-anarchist prisoners Marie Mason and Eric McDavid, also not forgetting another long term caged freedom lover Ted Kaczynski (aka FC or ‘Unabomber’).

We will not forget or give in, subversive complicities are our strength! Until all cages are destroyed…

Anonymous Autonomous

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