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Letter from Artur Konowalik-Prisoner in Poland

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

As long as there is a division between prisoners and the “normal people”, I will rebel against it

Below, we’re publishing another letter from Artur Konowalik, a social prisoner in Rzeszow, Poland. Artur has already written two letters that have been published, where he wrote about prison life in Poland and about the units for dangerous prisoners, this time we can read about prisoners’ self-mutilations. We encourage you to write to Artur. The fact that he receives a lot of letters means Artur’s treatment by prison screws and his conditions have improved. Artur hasn’t given up and here he describes a big bit of his life in a really moving way, his life which is one of almost 100,000 lives behind the prison bars in Poland.
Until all are free, we’re all imprisoned.
ABC Poznan

Artur Konowalik
Zakład Karny
Załęska 76
35-322 Rzeszów


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