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Anarchist Prisoner Amadeu Casellas Receives Provisional Freedom (Spain)

Tuesday, May 19th, 2020

Statement by Amadeu Casellas, after his release

Salud compañerxs,

Yesterday, May 14, I received provisional freedom, awaiting an acquittal or conviction. As you already know, justice in this state is not impartial, depending on whether the prosecutor has been military, fascist or ecclesiastical, that is already a problem for the working class. The same is the case with presidents, magistrates or judges, who depending on their ideology, can also be condemnatory or acquittal. I no longer want to talk about the state hitmen, also called Mossos d’Esquadra [police force in Catalonia], who are manipulative, corrupt and pathetic.

In any case, as you can imagine, I am very happy with my freedom, after the two years I have been unjustly locked up in prison.

But this is not over yet, because I have to go and collect the conviction or acquittal, and as you can imagine, if it is condemnatory I will have to appeal it. Among other things, because the state’s hired killers, the Mossos d’Esquadra, manipulated evidence, which was demonstrated in the trial that took place on the 5th and 6th, as well as other evidence that was manipulated by themselves.

I want to thank all the Grup de Suport for all the help they have given me during these two years, which has been a lot, and I hope that the next few days we can all stay together and celebrate my freedom.

And to be able to start, for those who want to participate in new struggles against the many abuses that are inside the prisons, the fact that I have come out does not mean that this has ended.

The struggle continues, because there are many Amadeus in prisons and many fascists that watch over them, torture and humiliate them. For those who want to continue organizing the struggles of the prisons in the Catalan and Spanish death centers, we will be in contact.

Thanks to everyone for your support.

Salud and Anarchy

Amadeu Casellas

Source, via AMW.

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“A goodbye, or maybe, a goodbye…” by La Rebelion de las Palabras

Sunday, May 17th, 2020

The counter-information site La Rebelion de las Palabras recently discontinued their blog. Below is a translated statement about their reasons to do so.
Since the emergence of what is termed the International Network of Counter-Information and Translation in the anarchic sphere, a multitude of individuals and groups construct and maintain regular and not so regular transmissions, crossing borders and bringing news of resistance and repression further than before. The limits of these new-medias, not so new after years of development and recuperation, are increasingly being known, and many counter-information groups have added to the debate with their contributions, ongoing or usually at the closure of their site with their own reflections.

Hello everyone.

For some time now, we have been internally questioning the real usefulness of this blog for social movements, or revolutionaries, in our environment and beyond. We have tried to review which were really our contributions to the fight and which, on the other hand, only contributed to the spectacle, the folklore, and a purely aesthetic radicalism. We wanted to look back, see the changes in the news and materials, the drifts we had taken, a little driven by our own criteria, but also by fluctuations in the type of content that came to us. Through this exercise, we realized that we also had another need. It had to do with the way in which certain movements or spaces of struggle perceived us and did or did not count on us as a space for dissemination of their initiatives, calls, projects or reflections. And this, in turn, led us to the situation we have now. (more…)

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Anarchist comrade Gabriel Pombo da Silva extradited to Spain from Portugal

Thursday, May 14th, 2020


Our comrade has been handed over to the Spanish State this morning (May 13) and is currently in the Badajoz prison (Extremadura). He is well and strong as always. Surely he will have to stay 14 days in a mandatory quarantine and then, supposedly, be transferred to another prison. In that sense, more information will follow.

Even if we have no guarantee that the mail will work regularly, it is obvious that it will not be a virus that is responsible for the fact that the letters of your loved ones and solidarity may not reach him! So it would be better to send registered letters (also as a result of recent problems that occurred in the Porto Judiciary Police jail where Gabriel was able to receive the correspondence only by documented registered shipments).

[updated corrected address 27/5/20]

Gabriel Pombo Da Silva
Carretera de Olivenza, km 7.3
06011 Badajoz


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Estado Español: Nº9 del periódico anarquista “Aquí y Ahora”

Tuesday, May 12th, 2020

PDF: Aqui Y Ahora #9

Una pandemia se instaura en nuestras vidas, adueñándose de nuestra libertad más básica, poniendo todo patas arriba, paralizando la economía mundial y avisándonos de que, las consecuencias que tendremos cuando
volvamos a la “nueva normalidad”, las pagaremos a un alto precio. Es una pandemia llamada autoridad, que funciona aumentando poco a poco esta olla a presión que estallará en cualquier momento. Este nuevo número del periódico, no se quedará en internet. Nos veremos en las calles.


1.- La salud como proceso: carta de una enfermera familiar y comunitaria
2.- La pandemia de la represión y el estado de alarma
3.- Huelga internacional de vivienda
4.- Historia y significado del 1º de mayo

Anexo: ¿Por qué okupamos? II

Noticias breves / Convocatorias / Recomendaciones / Proyectos de la zona

Puntos de distribución fijos:

– Local Anarquista Motín, C/ Matilde Hernández, 47
– Casa Auto-gestionada del Barrio de Aluche, La CABA, C/ Quero, 37
– Ateneo Libertario de Carabanchel, 2ª planta del Centro Social Okupado
“EKO”, C/ Ánade, 10
– Espacio Social Liberado Autogestionado EKO. C/ Ánade s/n
– C.S.O.A. (Centro Social Okupado Anarquista) La Gatonera. C/ Antoñita
Jiménez, 60
– Bar Río, C/ Halcón, 6

Otros puntos de distribución:

– En los metros de Aluche, Carabanchel, Carpetana, Oporto y Vista Alegre
– En centros culturales, bibliotecas y demás espacios públicos
– En algunos bares y comercios del barrio

Si quieres distribuir, sugerir, aportar o contactar:


Para descargar todos los números y consultar los artículos:


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Porto, Portugal: Words from Gabriel Pombo Da Silva

Sunday, May 10th, 2020

1. EN/ES: Update about the situation of Gabriel Pombo da Silva

IT | ES | FR

Translated from Italian by Act For Freedom Now!

As our comrade Gabriel hasn’t written any official communique so far, these words intend to be precisely a communique/diary and a way of sharing with people and comrades in affinity what he thinks in regard to certain questions.

Gabriel explicitly asked his comrade/partner to select the passages (from letters he sent to her) where he reflects/analyses and/or speculates on interesting issues related to the current situation: «coronavirus» in prison, his judicial situation and the circumstances of his imprisonment.

Gabriel is in good health and spirits and he’s ready for the war he’s expecting in the jails of the Spanish State. In spite of the sentence issued by the Supreme tribunal of Lisbon confirming his consignment to the Spanish State, we still don’t know whether the «authorities» will extradite him without taking into account the «state of emergency» declared following the «Covid-19» «pandemic». As a matter of fact, the «state of emergency» itself (theoretically) is preventing prisoners from being extradited to other countries as long as it lasts.

More information to follow.

Gabriel free!
All free!
Long live anarchy!

8th March 2020

Yesterday, as I was listening to (watching) TV, I had already guessed that these scum would leave us without visits and today… well today was a crap day…

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To Be Released

Saturday, May 9th, 2020

Weeks after our initial incarceration we are finally being released, little by little. Released, we say, because very few stayed indoors of their own accord. Of course some did, but most had no choice. Media hysteria censured of any alternative, fines, police intimidation and beatings are enough to keep even the most rebellious souls locked up. The monster came out of the mist only to retreat again, no one knowing when it might return to rear its ugly head.

Yet, here in southern Europe, we were not abandoned during quarantine. Not forgotten like the dead. Carrefour kept its shelves stocked. If one persisted toilet paper could be found and hoarded. Amazon never let us down, but at $10,000 a second that’s hardly surprising. Orange supplied in times of need, but with society’s upsurge in demand on telecommunications an upgrade from this archaic 4G is essential. In a period of hibernation, as they have chosen to label it, big industry enjoyed a midnight feast while the others were forced to sleep. It would appear that Holzmann’s ‘creative destruction’ is exactly what we’re witnessing: a good old deep clean, forcing the clutter into the corners to make space for the elegant new furniture.

The scientific bombardment shows little sign of slowing up. The facts, figures, graphs, lofty titles and even heftier wallets continue to force upon us a story that must be accepted. Our ideas, experiences and lives are nothing but fake news in a New Normality where the only trustworthy sources are the party-pledges of our favorite periodicals. Everyone’s got an opinion yet to refuse the transcribed plot is to be in support of murder. Numbers skyrocketed, then relaxed, but death continues to rain down, yet all we see on the bleak walk to the shop and back are the faces we once smiled at, averting our gaze.

The life we are now living was drawn from a model that transitioned us from fascism, says the cop, gun pressed gently into the lower back. We’re lucky to have had this time together, says the husband, brushing his wife’s hair across the bruise beneath her eye. Many countries won’t have had the privileges granted to us, announces the director of an NGO, looking out of his window over the Madrid skyline. (more…)

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Estado Español: No somos héroes. Somos explotados. Somo explotadas.

Friday, May 1st, 2020


No somos héroes. Somos explotados. Somo explotadas.

Recopilación de paros, huelgas y conflictos varios en los centros de
trabajo bajo estado de alarma.

Por la extensión del conflicto. Por la solidaridad y la acción directa.

El trabajo no ha parado a pesar de la pandemia del coronavirus. Desde el
comienzo del confinamiento los trabajadores y trabajadoras de todo el
mundo hemos sido y seguimos siendo golpeados duramente por las
decisiones que empresas y gobiernos toman sobre nuestras vidas. Sea
porque tenemos que acudir a nuestros puestos de trabajo por ser
considerados esenciales, sea porque trabajos que no lo son mantengan su
actividad, sea porque hayamos sido despedidos y despedidas o porque un
ERTE sea la solución de muchas empresas, sea como sea, somos quienes
sufrimos una de las tantas consecuencias agravadas por la pandemia: la
dominación del trabajo asalariado. Dominación que ya sufríamos antes de
la aparición del coronavirus por la mayor pandemia, el capitalismo.

Seguimos produciendo bajo unas condiciones míseras de seguridad, con
mascarillas que no protegen apenas, si es que las dan y no las tiene que
llevar el trabajador, sin guardar la distancia de seguridad recomendada,
mientras seguimos sufriendo accidentes o muertes en el trabajo. Nos
jugamos la salud y la vida. Pero ante esta situación cientos de
trabajadores tanto en el Estado español como en otros países del mundo
se han levantado contra los explotadores en momentos puntuales de la
pandemia. Aquí se recogen algunos casos en los que los trabajadores y
trabajadoras han exigido mejoras en sus puestos de trabajo, han parado
la producción en sus empresas o declaran jornadas de huelga para
enfrentar la miseria a la que nos condena el Estado y el capital.

En España, trabajadores de diferentes empresas se han rebelado mediante
plantes o huelgas ante la falta de medidas de seguridad tomadas frente
al coronavirus:

Desde comienzos del Estado de alarma…

Valladolid, 16 de marzo. En Iveco los y las trabajadoras de esta
fábrica, donde se producen vehículos, paran de trabajar para exigir el
cierre de la misma por la falta de medidas de seguridad frente al
coronavirus y en vista de que otras fábricas de la misma empresa han

Vitoria, 16 de marzo.
Trabajadores y trabajadoras de la fábrica de
Mercedes paran la producción mediante una concentración frente a la
cadena de montaje exigiendo su paralización total y no parcial ante el

Rubí-Barcelona, 17 de marzo. Unos 600 trabajadores y trabajadoras de la
fábrica Continental, dedicada a la automoción, paran la producción
concentrándose en la puerta y negándose a trabajar ante la falta de gel
hidroalcohólico y mascarillas.

Ciudad Real, 17 de marzo. En la fábrica de Vestas, que produce aspas
para molinos eólicos, unos 800 trabajadores protestan improvisadamente
plantándose y parando la producción ante las insuficientes medidas de
seguridad sanitaria tomadas por la empresa.

Illescas-Toledo, 17 de marzo.
Una gran parte de trabajadores y
trabajadoras de Airbus no acude a la fábrica a trabajar por falta de
medidas preventivas ante el coronavirus.

Zaragoza, 17 de marzo. Los operarios de Balay en Montañana paran la
producción, ante las amenazas de la empresa, por la falta de gel
desinfectante y mascarillas.

Jerez, 17 de marzo. Trabajadores y trabajadoras de Correos denuncian que
trabajan sin medidas de seguridad para protegerse del coronavirus.

Vigo, 18 de marzo. Los trabajadores y trabajadoras de una oficina de
Unísono, dedicada a call centers, abandonan su puesto de trabajo por la
falta de medidas de seguridad frente al coronavirus. La empresa amenaza
con sancionar a quien no acuda a trabajar.

Asturias, 18 de marzo.
Trabajadores del astillero de Armón se plantan
por la falta de medidas de seguridad ante el covid-19. En numerosas
empresas aumentan las denuncias de trabajadoras y trabajadores por el
mismo problema en la región.

A Coruña, 22 de marzo. Empleados y empleadas de Zara exigen mascarillas,
guantes y gel desinfectante.

Barcelona, 23 de marzo.
Repartidores y repartidoras de Glovo denuncian
trabajar sin protecciones frente al coronavirus.

Madrid, 25 de marzo. Convocan huelga indefinida a partir del 30 de marzo
en Airbus por no considerar suficientes la medidas de seguridad
adoptadas por la empresa. Son 120 las personas contagiadas en esta
planta de Getafe, 101 las que están de baja por presentar síntomas y 430
las que están en cuarentena sin síntomas.

Álava, 26 de marzo.
Convocan huelga indefinida en Aernova
Aeroestructuras por la falta de medidas de seguridad frente al

Algeciras-Cádiz, 1 de abril. Cerca de 1.800 trabajadores y trabajadoras
del puerto de Algeciras no acuden a su puesto de trabajo durante varias
horas ante la negativa de las empresas estibadoras de pagar pluses.

Madrid, 14 de abril.
Convocan una segunda huelga en Airbus por la
reapertura de las plantas de Getafe, Madrid capital, Illescas y
Albacete, continuando con la falta de medidas de seguridad para los

Madrid, 16 de abril. Los “riders” de la empresa Globo protestan por la
reducción de recogida de 2,5 a 1,2 euros por recogida. Una manifestación
con decenas de motos y bicicletas recorre algunas calles de la ciudad en
pleno estado de alarma. Trabajadores y trabajadoras de esta y otras
empresas de reparto convocan una huelga internacional para el día 22 de

Zaragoza, 14 de abril. Una decena de trabajadores de Telepizza son
sancionados con 20 días de empleo y sueldo por negarse a trabajar sin
equipos de protección individual referentes al coronavirus. Como
respuesta se convoca huelga para el día 18 de abril.

En otras partes del mundo los trabajadores y trabajadoras le plantan
cara a esta situación usando una de las herramientas de los explotados:
la huelga.

Italia, 23 de marzo. Obreros y obreras de diferentes regiones de Italia,
como Lombardía o Lazio, convocan huelga ante la falta de medidas de
seguridad frente al coronavirus.

Zimbabue, 25 de marzo. Trabajadores y trabajadoras médicos anuncian una
huelga para denunciar la falta de medios de protección para tratar el
coronavirus. Las enfermeras dejan de trabajar hasta que se cumplan sus

Camboya, 25 de marzo. Cerca de 1000 trabajadores y trabajadoras del
sector textil, hacen huelga y protestan a las puertas de la fábrica de
Canteran Apparel por el impago de su salario.

Staten Island, EEUU, 30 de marzo. En Amazon convocan huelga para exigir
el cierre de la planta y su desinfección, también para que los
trabajadores cobren.

Malaui, 16 de abril. Huelga de los trabajadores sanitarios del hospital
Central Reina Isabel para exigir al gobierno la contratación de más
sanitarios, la revisión de su salario y denunciar la falta de recursos
frente al coronavirus.

Ecuador, 17 de abril. Decenas de trabajadores y trabajadoras de Glovo se
concentran a las puertas de la oficina de la empresa con sus motos
exigiendo medidas de protección contra el coronavirus y denunciar que no
se estén respetando las tarifas acordadas hacía unos meses.

Estados Unidos, 21 de abril. Trabajadores y trabajadoras de 71 almacenes
de Amazon van a la huelga durante los próximos días a causa de la mala
gestión del coronavirus por parte de la empresa.

Argentina, 22 de abril. Más de cien trabajadores y trabajadoras de la
empresa frigorífica Penta cortan el puente Pueyrredón para exigir la
re-admisión de 240 empleados despedidos y el pago de los salarios de
hace un mes.

Argentina, Perú, Guatemala, España, Costa Rica, 22 de abril.
Riders de
diferentes empresas como Glovo o Uber, llaman a huelga internacional
para denunciar la explotación laboral a la que están sometidos.

¡Por el conflicto de los y las explotadas contra los explotadores en
todo el mundo!

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PDF: Madrid Cuarentena City nº2

Friday, April 17th, 2020

PDF: Madrid Cuarentena City 2

2º de “Madrid Cuarentena City”, mediados de abril, publicación por la guerra social en tiempos de estado de alarma.
En este número podéis encontrar:
-Todo va a ir bien.
-Trabajo, producción y consumo. La rueda de la explotación continúa.
-Crónica de la guerra social en estado de alarma.
-La solidaridad como arma.
-La ciudad: caldo de cultivo para enfermedades y control social
-De aquellos fangos estos lodos.
-Llamamiento a extender la okupación: “Okupa la cuarentena” (more…)

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PDF: Mundo Covid #2 – Las Epidemias en la Era del Capitalismo

Friday, April 17th, 2020

PDF: Mundo Covid #2

Corrected: “Primavera silenciosa” [silent spring], Resistenze al nanomondo, (Italy)


Recopilación de textos. Análisis internacionales durante el estado de alarma.

– Más información: contratodanocividad.espivblogs.net

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Solidarity with the accused in Operation Arca (Spain)

Saturday, April 11th, 2020

On May 13, 2019, two comrades were arrested in Madrid; their houses and the squatted anarchist space La Emboscada were searched by the police. Since then, they have been awaiting trial under the accusation of terrorism, being investigated in relation to different actions against repressive bodies, banks, political parties and real estate.

We do not care if they are innocent or guilty, if they are criminals or terrorists. We do not want to legitimize their spectacle, nor a judicial and political system that the State has created for it’s own interests. The only definition that we recognize, and in which we recognize ourselves in complicity, is that of being anarchists. Because we fight to recover our life and our autonomy against this authoritarian system.

For us, the best way to show solidarity is to continue with the struggles we share, that is why so many companions, beaten daily by the system, are present in them and inspire them. A wink of complicity, be they criminals, terrorists or simply anarchists.

Their cages don’t stop us


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Covid-19: Murder at the Hands of Capital

Friday, April 10th, 2020

Translated from The Plague and The Fire:

People locked up. Hospitals and intensive care units that cannot cope. Nursing homes converted into morgues. Breweries and aircraft factories open. New construction sites empty. Gardeners in the parks and public transport full of workers. The military patrol whilst police arrest, fine and raid the immigrants gathered in squares.

We are witnessing the acceleration of an historical era. The coronavirus hasn’t invented anything. It’s a pandemic caused by the logic of capital and in turn is speeding up the systematic crisis of capitalism. It seems important to us to weigh up the catastrophe that we are currently living.

That which concerns every government is not the people but the health of its national economy. That’s why, from the beginning, they trivialised the virus saying that by April it will have been forgotten by the whole world, insisting on the continuation of normal life. That of production and commercial activity; that of work and consumption; that of public demonstrations or sporting events. Everything is fine in the kingdom of trade, Ada Colau told us whilst insisting on celebrating the Mobile World Congress.

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Madrid, Spain: About the Attack on Our Personal Relationships

Thursday, April 9th, 2020

Translated by Anarchists Worldwide, from Madrid Quarantine City:

“I’m looking out for mine and you’re looking out for yours, listen to your watch, its ticking is a murmur”

Confinement has disastrous consequences for one of the most important pillars of our lives: personal relationships. These are being forced to distance themselves, to break down, to replace the contact of the flesh with the isolation of bits and screens. It is not like when someone you love marches through life situations to some remote place, where you are certain that the bond will surely be dusty but intact on return, or that it will live on in memory; but there you have the support of all the other relationships on which we rely in our daily lives. This quarantine situation has forcibly interrupted the course of our social interactions overnight, confining our lives to the isolation module. Some people are lucky, and at least (at least because it doesn’t fill the gap left by estranged ties) they can get through the confinement with people they love and on whom they can rely on to support each other, but what about the people who live alone? Who will hear their cries for help when anxiety-ridden suicide knocks on their door? What about the women who have their own jailer at home? It is said that the police will be on the lookout for calls about gender-based violence, but we cannot expect the police to solve these problems, even less so when we know that most of the time they contribute to the humiliation and vexation of the abused woman. Besides, will you really be able to pick up the phone when you’re locked up with someone who dominates you, will you be able to go outside? The femicide figures show us that the answer is no. And what about those who don’t have a place to live? The ones the military will “help” and “relocate”. We shouldn’t trust anything the army says they’ll do when we’re not looking because we’re locked up at home.

And to add another rock to the rucksack, social panic has not only caused individual people to break their bonds, but to try to break those who try to resist. You scold from the balconies for walking together in the street, for shaking hands, hugging, kissing… Collective anxiety on the basis of “I’m staying at home and you’re taking it as a joke”. But talking about whatsapp, skype, social networks and other alternatives provided by technology is not even remotely valid to escape from the swamp of anxiety and madness in which we have been sunk. You need contact, you need to walk with someone without thinking that a patrol car is going to give you a ticket for keeping friendship ties and not falling into hysteria.

What will happen when we can go back out on the street and we don’t know how to relate in a group, face to face in the square? When social anxiety is widespread and we have to unite and fight against the shitty world we live in?

Let’s not let social panic and state control destroy the most valuable things we have, let’s strengthen our bonds to be unbreakable chains that sweep away domination.

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To Unknown Waters

Tuesday, April 7th, 2020

Translated by Enough 14 from Madrid Cuarentena City:

We’ve been in a state of emergency for over a week now. The destructive capacity of the virus is no longer in question. But we would like to make some notes on its non-clinical consequences and on its origins.

Whether the COVID-19 virus came about because of a bat or an American attempt that has gotten out of hand, to disable the Chinese economy, we think is irrelevant now. This virus, like others before in history that massacred entire populations in the Amazon, Mesoamerica, Africa and Oceania, is a biological phenomenon. But the context in which it was born, how it spreads and how it is managed are social issues. This virus is the result of a system that commodifies every process, object, relationship or living being on earth. Spread rapidly across the macro-concentration of labour and the consumer corpus of cities, which feeds itself from agro-industry and intensive livestock farming. A flow of human assets (5 billion people fly around the planet each year) at frenetic speeds, reflected in 200 characters and 5000 likes.

It is precisely this effort to artificialize everything, even our emotions, everything being driven by profit, seeing the world through a screen, allowing our mind to be colonized by “efficiency”, which has led to a gradual loss of the “human”, of the “living”. Facilitating such extreme measures, in which there are only two reasons to get out of the house (work and consume) have entered in a way that is not exaggeratedly traumatic. At the same time, it is proposed to us as a way to escape the same technophile dynamics that have led us to disaster. If we add fear to it, the rule of fear, we end up losing our way and reinterpret concepts like responsibility or solidarity.

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Friday, April 3rd, 2020


Corrected: “Sus virus Nuestros muertos” [their virus our deaths], Pieces et Main d’oeuvre (France)


– Recopilación de textos de análisis internacionales durante el estado de alarma.



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ES/EN – Lanzamiento de campaña para la Huelga de Vivienda en Madrid (Estado Españya)

Sunday, March 29th, 2020


Salud compañerxs!

Esperamos que todxs os encontréis lo mejor posible, dada la nueva situación de “pandemia” y Estado de Alarma, con el siguiente recorte de libertades, que nos está tocando vivir.

Por aquí hemos estado dándole vueltas a cómo podemos responder de algún modo ante esta nueva coyuntura política, económica y social que afecta a todo el mundo en su globalidad.

Y nos ha parecido acertado, para empezar, sumarnos a la convocatoria internacional de huelga de alquileres e hipotecas, convocada para el día 1 de Abril. (more…)

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