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Solidaridad con Prisioneros del Movimiento Estudiantil (Colombia)

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Prisioneros del Movimiento Estudiantil continúan en pie de lucha frente a ineficiencia de la justicia colombiana

Importante asistencia de familiares y compañeros y un buen estado de ánimo, pese a la cancelación de las audiencias programadas en el proceso judicial que tiene desde hace 1 año y 3 meses presos a estudiantes del sur del país. (more…)

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Clashes in London outside Parliament (UK)

Friday, December 10th, 2010

From mainstream media:

IndyMediaCentre Coverage 1 & 2

Royal Parasites Attacked – Prince Charles and Camila

The Royal couple were attacked in their vehicle by the rioters.

State Treasury attacked by Rioters:

This is only the beginning…

Soon the revolutionary violence will encompass broader sections of society as the fightback against the weak Coalition government gathers pace. These initial clashes will pale in comparison to the coming social struggle which will make serious attacks on the British establishment, the Rich, and their way of life. The barriers between those in struggle are coming down, our violent resistance finds new accomplices ready to attack the conditions in their life which make them miserable: State & Capital.

Cops, prisons, politicians, bosses, work, nationalism, dead-time : All must go – Ignite the peripheries of conflict and widen the struggle into new areas.

Decades of racist and brutal policing against the young people of the UK will spread a far-reaching fury burning with a new intensity, spreading through the generations, fueled by the anti-political sensibilities of a new generation of radicals who will not regurgitate the recuperative lies and deceit of the social activists or the political Left, and who will seek to attack directly the class enemy, organising themselves as they see fit.

For future attacks against capitalism, monarchy and the state – For social insurrection.

Solidarity with all imprisoned fighters everywhere.

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