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DAF: 'Revolutionary Anarchist Action' – Demo in memory of Berkin Elvan (Turkey)

Thursday, March 12th, 2015

Berkin Elvan was a 15-year-old Turkish boy who was hit in the head by a tear-gas canister fired by a police officer in Istanbul, while the boy was out to buy bread for his family during the June 2013 Gezi park protests in Turkey. He died on March 11, 2014. Widespread demonstrations erupted following Berkin’s death. Gezi park remains heavily monitored by secret police.

We received the following report from DAF of an action taken to commemorate Berkin. In the video you can see and hear small explosives and fireworks being used against the police and to create a rupture in the city. Here is the communique we received:

DAF action for Berkin Elvan

One year ago, murderous police killed our brother Berkin Elvan who was 15 years old. DAF was on the streets in the first year of his murder. We are not afraid of the murderers. We will keep on fighting. Murderous Police, Terrorist State will pay for these massacres.

Berkin is here, We are here!



On the first anniversary of the death of Berkin Elvan, the comrades from LAF (High School Anarchist Action) also opened a banner on the stairs of Gezi Park. On it was written the slogan “Berkin is here”. They poured red paint on the stairs to the Gezi Park, shouting “If the government is thirsty for blood, then take it.” Our 8 comrades were then assaulted, abused and taken into custody, handcuffed from the back.

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Istanbul: Gezi park – Not about trees, but not about democracy either! (Turkey)

Friday, June 28th, 2013

For more than three weeks now, Turkey is being shaken by massive proletarian revolt, that at its peak so far have driven into streets almost 5 million demonstrators all around the country. The movement’s immediate spark was a brutal state repression, i.e. when police crushed a demonstration against destroying and redevelopment of Gezi park in central Istanbul (right next to Taksim square, a place of infamous massacre of workers in 1977 and highly symbolical for proletarian movement in Turkey). (more…)

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Fault line of Istanbul – photos and videos – Insurrection Notes from Taksim (Turkey)

Saturday, June 15th, 2013


Actually it was NOT totally unpredictable, but we somehow couldn’t see it was coming. What have people of Turkey being doing until this revolt?

Students have beaten up the teachers , who gave them grades lower than they deserved.

People stabbed doctors, who neglected their loved ones.

They shot sergeants to run away and deserted obligatory military service.

They crashed police stations and beaten up abusive police officers.

After courts gave their verdict, people gave a taste of their own verdict at the hallways of courts. (more…)

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Istanbul: Resistance and repression – Taksim Gezi Park (Turkey)

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013


Click on video above.

Sosyal Savas – Turkish insurrectionary blog.

Turkey: Raw news from the Taksim Gezi Park struggle and ongoing riots

Turkey: Few slogans chanted in the streets of İstanbul – Ongoing street protests and police repression on June 1st

İstanbul, Turkey: Raw updates from the occupation at Taksim Gezi Park





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