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Report by Anarchists on the Revolt in Chile: November 29-December 6

Thursday, December 19th, 2019

November 29th
42nd Social Revolt Day


“We are facing a powerful and implacable enemy, who does not respect anything or anyone. He doesn’t respect the lives of human beings, he doesn’t respect our heroes.” The phrase is repeated again and again by the President of the Republic, this time at an early graduation of police.

FEAR is one of the most powerful weapons of power, so it continues to encourage a climate of paranoia to demobilize and divide the oppressed.

The State redoubled its efforts to approve its “Anti-hooded Law.” Piñera points to Anarchists, Barras Bravas [organized supporters of football teams] and drug traffickers as a coordinated trident that unleash violence.

The media plan is to exacerbate the coverage of looting of small stores. The capitalist press launches a powerful emotional charge to delegitimize the Social Revolt.

There is an obvious complicity (by action or omission) between the police, home owners and traffickers, individuals without codes who are not interested in those who are harmed by their actions.

Undoubtedly, private property is part of what we want to destroy, but today our objectives are full of strategic symbolism. If the attack on any premises needs explanation, it is not symbolic enough.

A provisional solution would be “self-defense committees,” but our inexperience and ineffectiveness in these practices allow the “yellow vests” to begin to arm themselves with an undeniable fascist affinity. Let the militia return to the street! It is the speech repeated by the lovers of the neoliberal system, although in their pockets the bills have always shone by their absence. (more…)

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Santiago: Atentado explosivo contra sede de carceleros habría culminado con un indigente muerto ($hile)

Friday, December 12th, 2014

English translation via actforfree.

[Noticias de la guerra social]

Durante la madrugada del 25 de Septiembre del 2014, una explosión remece
el barrio Yungay en pleno casco histórico de Santiago. La explosión, le
causa graves heridas y quemaduras a Sergio Landskron de 29 años de edad,
quien tras en un primer momento es acusado de haber instalado el
artefacto explosivo siendo dejado morir por la policía y fotografiado
agonizando por parte del personal medico.

Antes de morir y aun agonizando, la policía prohibió que los vecinos
intentaran socorrerlo, mientras que fascinados por tener a un “supuesto
anarquista” en su poder decidieron realizarse una “autopsia en vida”
extendiendo y profundizando su agonía.
Con el pasar de los días se descubrió que Sergio Landskron, era un
adicto a la droga e indigente del sector que simplemente había recogido
y trasladado el bolso por cerca de 10 minutos desde el lugar en que lo
habría encontrado. (more…)

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